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Cars Similar To Mazda Cx-5 : 9 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar To Mazda Cx-5 : 9 Alternatives To See In 2022

As the new age of cars is already launching in the market with unique and futuristic features, the competition is becoming more challenging.

One such car is the Mazda CX 5, which is going to launch in 2023 with an approach of athletic handling and as well giving a taste of luxury through its interior and exterior. 

Mazda CX 5 comes under the range of small SUVs. The company is launching a sibling to the same car the following year, the 2023 Mazda CX 5.

However, if by any chance, Mazda CX 5 is not your option, but if you are planning to buy a car close to it, whether regarding interior, exterior, then this written piece is for you. 

Mentioned below are nine cars that can be your alternative option to Mazda CX 5. 

9 Cars Similar to Mazda CX 5

Here are the 9 cars similar to Mazda CX 5. 

1. Cupra Formentor

 If any car can make you feel goosebumps in your body while driving, that’ll be Cupra Formentor.

With a fantastic speed of 250 km per hour, that gives you the feeling of being alive with the pure performance of the car. 

The engine of the car is 2.0-litre which produces 310 horsepower of energy, and the engine contains 4-Drive technology with the shift gearbox that is direct of 7-speed.

There’s also an option of a hybrid powertrains engine capable of creating 245 energy-horsepower.

The coupé SUV consists of the perfect mixture of the interior and exterior balance that makes the car more presentable in the market.

As for the reputation of Cupra, the vehicle is beyond that with sophisticated designs like lines that make the car look sculptured and the dynamic rear that makes the front of it more softened and increases the airflow.

Now talking about the car’s interior, there’s 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment available between the front and the center of the seats.

The size of the screen is quite splendid with its high resolution. 

2. Citroen C5 Aircross

Citroen C5 Aircross is a car that focuses on comfort with a revolutionary design.

This SUV is considered a game changer regarding flexibility and driving quality.

Of course, the cost can be a bit high for the Indian automobile market, which is 40 Lakhs (on-road), but the features do justice to the amount spent. 

The car is available in 3 different colors: pearl white dual tone, Tijuana blue, and Perla Nera black.

The vehicle stands out in the international market as it has a strong torque diesel engine, becoming quite rare as European brands promote petrol over diesel. 

One can experience smooth rides with Citroen C5 due to its 8-speed torque converter gearbox and diesel torque.

So you can enjoy your rides without any jerks, even in dense traffic.

Coming to the boot space offered by the car is quite spacious and can easily hold up to a large amount of luggage.

The car stays true to its benchmark of comfort as the driver’s seat is on point with not too soft/hard foam density.

A person can drive Citroen for 4-5 consecutive hours without much strain on the back.

However, the car did not pay much heed to the cabins in front.

 Now talking about the fuel efficiency then, it is pretty good with two liter-diesel which is much better than SUVs running on petrol. 

3. Fiat 500X

Fiat has never lacked in terms of delivering the perfect product and fully featured car in the market, with a satisfying interior and exterior.

As the company name and brand are to present the ideal and beyond vehicles, the new Fiat 500X is definitely up to the mark to fit the level of the company’s outcomes.

The car’s engine is a petrol 1.6-liter with 110 horsepower of energy that can be generated. It has front-wheel drive (FWD) with a five-speed but a manual gearbox.

But it also comes with the option of all-wheel drive petrol that is 1.4-liter, which creates the horsepower up to 170. 

With being called the all-rounder car, Fiat makes it easy for the buyer to choose it without any hesitation as the exterior makes it look sturdy and presentable.

Features like a chrome grille and circular headlamps. And the boot space is 350 liters which makes the car more spacious. 

The interior of the car has a 3.5-inch display in the middle pod, and that’s also available in three pod cluster instrument arrangements with an odometer and speedometer.

If you’re buying a trim level, the touchscreen systems will be 6.5-inch or 5-inch, all with a Beats audio system.

4. Holden Equinox

Holden Equinox is a mid-size SUV that took five years to get finally launched.

Being a midsize SUV, the car is quite spacious and well-equipped too.

Moreover, the vehicle is available in 4 different variants and two petrol engines, including the potent 2.0 Liter turbo.

The car has front and all-wheel drive and automatic emergency braking. 

This model replaced Holden Captiva, which was launched in late 2017.

As mentioned, the car came with two engine options: a 127kW/275Nm 1.5-liter turbo or a punchy 188kW/353Nm 2.0-litre.

Besides that, the vehicle offers a driving experience through 9-speed auto transmissions such as LS, LS+, LT, and LTZ to the premium LTZ-V version. 

In 2018, another car model with a 100kW/320Nm 1.6-litre turbo-diesel was launched.

All these models came with electronic safety aids, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, and Satnav. 

But sadly, car manufacturing ended due to drawbacks, such as no manual control over the gearbox, acceleration and brake paddle being too close, etc.

However, people can still buy the remaining car models and worry about whether the warranty and servicing will be given.

5. Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport 2020 is an SUV that has a sporty appearance and as well as performance with top-notch safety aids in the car.

The car has side-curtain airbags that help you have a carefree driving experience.

The car offers 4WD standard intelligence so that when the on-road conditions switch, it can quickly provide much-needed traction in several situations.

The exterior of the vehicle gives a lavish feel and is technology oriented. 

For setting the mood within the car, ambient lighting is available, and to experience a better view of the road.

Surroundings power moonroof option is available.t just that.

Still, the vehicle can have a unique rear swing gate and halogen projector headlamps. 

Another technology that gives an edge to this model is BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), with cross-traffic alerts.

The feature helps you locate vehicles in your blind spot, while the cross-traffic alert helps detect traffic behind the car while backing the vehicle.  

The powerful 1.5Litre Ti-VCT petrol engine gives excellent performance on the road.

The machine provides power at 122PS (90KW) and a torque of 149Nm with the help of a three-cylinder. 

6. Holden Acadia

Acadia was launched and marketed as a Holden-badged vehicle.

This seven-seater SUV, when founded in the year 2018, made a roar in the automobile market while giving tough competition to the few best SUVs.

It was launched in the market to replace the company’s old model of Holden Captiva. 

One distinct feature of this car is that it gives a choice to its owner between an all-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive.

Besides that, the vehicle is equipped with only one engine, i.e., V6 petrol.

Talking about the appearance, the car has a truck-like look making it quite eye-catching on the road.  

Regarding the interior of the car, it can be said that not much quality and effort were put into it.

The doors have molded plastic coverings, and hard plastic is used on the dashboard, which doesn’t help give the car an exquisite view. 

The towing capacity of the Holden Acadia 2020 is 2000kg which resembles its truck-like outlook.

The colors of the car are available in 8 different colors.

The vehicle’s fuel consumption varies from 8.9L/100km for SUV /ULP to the newest model launched in the year 2020. 

7. Holden Captiva

The Captiva was firstly launched in 2006 with a combination of styles and engineers from two countries’ designs, including Australia, mixed with the features derived from South Korea.

The initial models were presented with two seating arrangements: a five-seater, Captiva 5, and a 6-7 seater, more like an SUV. 

The car’s engine is the petrol powered by a V6 that is of all-wheel drive (AWD) and a 2.0-liter with a four-cylinder turbo.

There’s a diesel version also that is Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) of 2.4-liter petrol as an alternative. 

But the reputation of one highly accepted car is shallow nowadays as the performance and the ability to perform the basic drive instruction on the road are not done.

The maximum towing capacity of the Captiva is 2000 kg, per the newest model.

The interior of the Captiva is as per the standard, but in the seven-seaters, the boot space has a little to nothing area to it that makes storing or traveling harder.

Most of the interior of the car looks like a European Opel model. 

8. Holden Trailblazer

Holden Trailblazer is an updated version of the Colorado7 SUV launched in 2017.

Many features got updated, including a 2.8 Liter diesel engine for the new Trailblazer. 

The towing capacity of the car is 3000kg for the latest 2020 version of the vehicle.

The car’s interior is built so that it gives any viewer an impressive, lasting look.

The dashboard cabin is quite good, with an exceptional display screen. It is a seven-seater car. 

The car’s ground clearance is 213 mm, which works the car quite okay with a bumpy road.

Moreover, the vehicle is available in 7 different colors.

The car is powered by diesel fuel and has a fuel consumption of 8.6L/100km for SUV /Diesel, according to the latest 2020 version. 

This car makes it a compelling point to be in a race with Mazda CX 5 in all the departments, including the specs and features and the fantastic interior of this car.

If you’re thinking of buying something similar to Mazda, this car can be the savior.

9. Jeep Renegade

The company Jeep is known for its unique features in the car that make it easy to drive even in harsh temperatures and when needed, can help a lot while traveling with a large number of people.

On any road that you’ll go a Renegade, the looks are in your direction as the car attracts a lot of attention. 

The car’s engine is powered by a 2.0-liter diesel, also with 1.4-liter turbo petrol that creates 177 horsepower of energy.

The speed of the vehicle is a 6-speed manual with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The interior and exterior of the car are something that can be looked on for a long time with an 8.4-inch Uconnect infotainment system that too with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It also has LED head- and tail lamps, panoramic and removable sunroof, up to 18-inch wheels, and driving modes. 

The cars competing with Jeep Renegade are Renault Captur, rumored Nissan Kicks, Hyundai Creta, and Renault Duster.

All of these give the vehicle a challenging and compelling fight in the market that makes it more refined; it is up for growth in the future.


Ultimately, the cars that give Mazda CX5 the most challenging competition are Cupra Formentor, Jeep Renegade, Ford EcoSport, Fiat 500X.

The others stay behind a little bit on some part rather than be features of the car interior or exterior. 

Make sure you compare all the specs carefully before buying any car, making it a more effortless and perfect decision.

It can be a little tiring, but there will be no regrets left at the end if it’s done beforehand. 

Some of the cars, in comparison, are out of the market or not in the process of production, like Holden Equinox, so do look thoroughly before buying.