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Cars Similar to Kia Telluride : 11 alternatives to see in 2022

Cars Similar to Kia Telluride : 11 alternatives to see in 2022

When the talk is about the best mid-size SUVs on the market, Kia Telluride appears on the top. The car has won many awards like North American Car of the year, driver’s 10 best, and many more.

Also, a good midsize crossover SUV should have a brilliant engine, efficient safety features, and decent haulage. And Kia Telluride offers you all this starting from the price of $33,390.

Since the models of Kia Telluride are high in demand, most of the time it is quite difficult to track them down. These cars we have selected for you will work in the same capacity with most parts just like Telluride.

Cars Similar To Kia Telluride

Many companies are dying to sell you their worthy cars similar to Kia Telluride. And you have a profit in that because arranging Kia Telluride may cost you many bucks with its high cost. We have alternatives for you which are reliable, user-friendly, and cheap on your bank account. Some of the cars similar to Kia Telluride are – Toyota Highlander, Kia Carens, Honda Pilot, Sorento, and others.

1. Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

The biggest advantage that Toyota Highlander provides is that it has no big disadvantages. Having said that, Highlander has excellent cargo space and an economic engine. Both these advantages are also prime in Kia Telluride.

Wider Space In All Parts – Toyota Highlander has wide and deep cargo space in the rear. The rear seats are foldable to give additional space to put more luggage. Also, the seats are quite wide covering the maximum area it can in the front and the back. Additionally, the bigger space factor also gives you better headspace and leg space to let you stretch on long rides.

Engine Is The Star – Engine type is a very important question that occurs in the mind of most customers. Well, Toyota Highlander and Kia Telluride both have V6 engines embedded.

V6 engines are more durable and make the car more gravity-free from the nose. Also, the horsepower output from the V6 engine is quite standard.

2. Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade

Even though Hyundai Palisade is a mid-level SUV, it gives an impression of luxury from the outside as well as inside. There is a noise problem with most of the crossover SUVs at high speed. But it is not the story of Hyundai Palisade! It cancels the noise with its air-tight cabins.

So, if you are someone who likes calmness, then palisade is just right for you under the category of “cars similar to Kia Telluride”.

All Wheel Drive To Assist Greatly – If you are an adventurer then Palisade is spot on. Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride both have an all-wheel-drive assist that handles wheels like a pro. It doesn’t let the wheels slip at the time on harsh roads, uneven terrains, mountains, or sand.

Engines Are The Key To Reliability – In both the comparable cars i.e. Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade, you get the same engine functions. From the horsepower to fuel economy every capability is a copy of each other. Overall, the average MPG is 23 which gives the horsepower of 291.

3. Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento comes from the same parent company as Telluride and is a medium crossover SUV. The car comes with 4 types of engine options to boast about its versatility.

More than all the things, it looks dapper as well as speaks royalty from its external appearance. But the main question is – how much is it similar to Telluride and is it full flexed family size?

The Dashboard Is High Quality And Well Arranged – Just by looking, you can analyze that the dashboard has been made with brilliant quality plastic. In Kia Telluride and Sorento, the steering, screen, and infotainment system are at a similar place and level. Everything is well fixed to let the driver have control of all the systems easily.

Safety Features Are Loaded – In the former and the latter, the safety features are jampacked as they should be. Both have pedestrian sensors, a back seat alert system, a driver alerting system, and a lane replacement system.

Even the doors have sensors that detect someone coming from behind.

4. Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

Just like the name suggests, Ford Explorer provides true adventure with its drivetrain, space, and flexible nature. It has been tech-friendly in such a way that you can take Ford Explorer out in all the road conditions whether it is snowy, rocky, or plain. Let’s see now how it fits inside the bracket of cars similar to Kia Telluride.

Transmission That Provides Maximum Benefit – Ford Explorer and Kia Telluride, both have automatic overdrive transmission. The overdrive will save a lot of your money by providing lower revolutions per minute.

Decent Space To Sit – Space is a big factor that people often take into consideration before buying an SUV. Consequently, Telluride and Explorer vehicles have ample headroom, legroom, and shoulder room to have a pleasant journey.

In Kia Telluride, the headroom is 40.9 inches, and in Ford Explorer, the same stretches to 40.7 inches. Also, the seats are extremely adjustable to go downright and upright which gives even more space to travel.

Whether you are going to camp, on a trip or a vacation, both the above cars will give you travel satisfaction.

5. Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival has an appearance of an SUV but it is considered a mini-van. So, one can say that it provides the benefits of both. Furthermore, this car has a reputation for being user-friendly with its advanced tech features and assisting mechanisms. But are these characteristics matchable with Kia Telluride?

Exteriors Are The Heart – Although Kia Carnival is advantageous from the front to the rear, it’s the exteriors that do wonders to its sales. Firstly, it has a sliding sunroof just like Kia Telluride which adds to an even more comfortable journey.

Secondly, the headlights, and front and rear mirrors are what sets apart Kia Carnival. Consequently, the exterior is what makes Kia Telluride and Kia Carnival the twins.

Power Is Enough To Cheer The Driver – Both, Kia Telluride and Kia Carnival are extremely smooth to run on roads. You get 290 HP in Kia Carnival and 291 in Kia Telluride which is not bad considering the fuel they are burning. Factually, Kia Carnival brings itself to power up to 19 MPG and Kia Telluride at 20 MPG. What else you can ask for?

Also, both automobiles have an eight-speed automatic transmission which is super friendly to the engine. With this transmission, acceleration improves greatly and the engine performs at its finest.

6. Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

Do you know what separates Honda Pilot from other cars under the banner of “best alternatives to Kia Telluride”? It’s a well-thought storage area. You can always fix your long journey luggage and other tiny things in the different corners of Honda Pilot.

Standard V6 Engine To Get You Going For Long – The foremost advantage that comes with a V6 engine is that it saves a lot of fuel.

Accordingly, Kia Telluride and Honda Pilot both have V6-based engines. Also, this type of engine mechanism works continuously to give more MPG in one cycle.

Exterior Measurements Are As Strategic As It Can Get – The overall length of Kia Telluride is around 196 inches and of Honda Pilot, it is 196.5 inches. This measurement directly put in the plate a better headroom and legroom.

7. Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner comes in many shades including silver and white which are the most sold colors. Along with many internal appropriate specs and options, Fortuner has to offer you a great detailed outside body. But can it come shoulder with Kia Telluride in terms of many features including the exteriors? You have to keep reading to know!

Brilliant Infotainment System – Both the cars i.e., Fortuner and Telluride have an 8-inch touch screen which offers great connectivity to outside devices like android, apple, etc. And this too happens without delaying a second. So, if you are investing in Toyota Fortuner and Kia Telluride, you will surely get entertainment.

8. Kia Carens

kia Carens

Since the time Kia Carens was launched in the market, it has upgraded from a traditional minivan to a more modern minivan cum SUV. Although Kia Carens is a mixture of MPV and SUV, the SUV section of the car has more importance.

Benefit Of Universal Colours Just For You – In both the former and the latter, you get many car color options. But 3 colors camouflage beautifully with the details. And these options are gray, white and silver. This approach to the exterior is what binds the vibe of Kia Carens and Kia Telluride.

Good Seating Arrangement – In Kia Carens as well as Kia Telluride you get not only plush leather seating but nearly 5-7 people can fit easily. Kia is rocketing with their customer satisfaction goal.

9. Kia Mohave

Kia Mohave

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Kia Mohave makes for a perfect mid-size compact SUV. It has a brilliant safety system including many airbags and is also more eco-friendly than other wheels. Now the question arises – is it an underperformer in front of Kia Telluride or is the car similar to Kia Telluride?

The More The Upgradation, The More The Convenience – Both Kia Mohave and Kia Telluride have been given a makeover since they were first introduced in the market. These mid-level SUVs are now manufactured keeping in mind the customer comfort that’s why both the cars are semi-self-reliant.

As a consequence, a driver is free from any tension at the time of high acceleration or uneven surface.

10. Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent is the most legit car among a different lot of vehicles ever produced by Subaru. There is one more good news Ascent is enough capable to move off-road. It has an upper ground clearance that helps the car not get affected by terrain interruptions.

Excellent Wheels That Save Other Parts – under the body of Subaru Ascent and Kia Telluride, the wheels that are fixed are worth every penny. The wheel size is 18 to 7.5 inches and is made from the alloy in both car models. As these wheels are super sturdy, the pressure of the car doesn’t get to the wheels.

MPG Is Greater Than Expected – The average MPG for a full-size SUV is 60. So calculating this, the MPG of Subaru Ascent should be around 30 MPG and so it is. Subsequently, Kia Telluride and Subaru Ascent both have the Miles Per Gallon of 21 and 22 to boost the fuel economy.

Towing Capacity Is Above Standard – While hauling themselves, both KIA Telluride and Subaru Ascent can tow up to 5000 lbs. This in return will keep the car safe from any accidents while going up a hill or a downward slope.

Now, this is one of the facts that you are purchasing A mid-capacity SUV for luggage space. You can fit up to the above volume without really worrying that you are overloading the car. This towing feature is the best of Subaru Ascent and that’s how it becomes the number one candidate on the list of “topmost alternatives to Kia Telluride”.

11. VW Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas

When you are looking forward to bringing Volkswagen Atlas home you are bringing an SUV blessed with a brilliant transmission. Plus, the exterior of Atlas is to die for as it has beautiful LED lights and a distinct-looking grill. But is it matchable to Kia Telluride?

Intelligent and Detailed Exterior Design – When kept next to each other, both Kia Telluride and Volkswagen Atlas look like identical brothers.

To be precise, the grill that is fixed at the front is long in the former and the latter. The width of both these fantastic SUV’s 78.3 inches and the height also ranges between 68 inches to 70 inches.

From the sides, the front windows are the biggest in comparison to the second and the third row. On the back side, the middle part is given a bump to make both cars more detailed as well as edgy.


We have more cars to show you that are good alternatives to Kia Telluride but we have narrowed down just the perfect ones. Even when the above automobiles do not match totally with Telluride, they match with most parts.

Hope you will soon go to the marketplace and select the best alternative to Kia Telluride for you!