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Cars Similar To Jeep Wrangler : 17 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar To Jeep Wrangler : 17 Alternatives To See

If you happen to be an off-roading enthusiast, you would definitely value the Jeep Wrangler. With its superior off-roading powers and the classic boxy design, this car continues to dominate the list. The iconic vehicle refuses to fade away, with car enthusiasts vouching for its latest models.

However, how about exploring some of the Jeep Wrangler alternatives? You might come across one of these cars offer a similar set of functions at a lower price. So, it’s time to explore some of the best Jeep Wrangler alternatives that offer similar features and functions.

Cars Similar to Jeep Wrangler

Considering all the standard parameters like engine power, mileage, interior design, comfort, and drivability, among others, we have presented you with this list of cars similar to the Jeep Wrangler.

1. Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a legendary off-roading vehicle that comes closest to the Jeep Wrangler. Moreover, if you rely on Toyota cars, you can easily fall for the 4Runner. This is Toyota’s one of the most powerful brands, besides being a leader in its niche.

Apart from being a capable vehicle for tackling off-roading conditions, the 4Runner is spacious enough. The rides are pleasant, and drivers enjoy the easy handling of these cars. Although the 4Runner looks like an SUV, it is a purely off-roading vehicle. It comes with a 4.0 L V6 engine, along with 270 -hp.

The Toyota 4Runner has some definite perks, including its offering of an extensive array of configurations and lots of cargo space. Besides, it has a good towing capacity and powerful off-roading features. Other than these two drawbacks, the 4Runner seems to be a perfect match for the Wrangler.

2. Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a dependable vehicle that can fit the boots of the Jeep counterpart. With the legacy that Ford carries, you might consider exploring the amazing car. Interestingly, the Bronco is a newer car than the Wrangler, as it just hit the streets in 2021.

Compared to the Wrangler, the car looks quite similar. Both of them are SUVs in the mid-size category, having both four and two-door configurations.

With the Bronco, you have a powerful and capable engine. It has a 2.7 L V6/ 2.3 L 4-cylinder engine, while the horsepower varies between 270-hp and 310-hp. Compared to the 4Runner, it delivers a better mileage, with 22 mpg on highways and 20 mpg on city roads.

Thanks to the twin-turbo engine, the car can perform impressively in off-roading conditions. Besides, the SUV has a body-on-frame design. This makes the car durable and robust.

Ford has carefully developed its Bronco like a tank, ensuring that the frame won’t sustain bends. Coming to the drive configuration, one can juggle between 2WD, 4WD auto, 4WD low, and 4WD high. This makes the Ford Bronco an ideal pick for beginners.

Ford has priced the Bronco close to the Jeep Wrangler. The only drawbacks of the car include the lack of adequate space at the rear and moderate quality of the materials in the interior.

3. Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender naturally makes its way to our list of best alternatives to the Jeep Wrangler, thanks to its amazing off-roading capabilities. Interestingly, Land Rovers happen to be the first cars that the manufacturers developed for the purpose of off-roading.

You can choose the Land Rover Defender from a number of available configurations in terms of wheelbases. The older models are particularly in high demand, and these cars offer a good value for your money. Even if you decide to get a used Land Rover Defender in good condition, the car would serve you well.

However, the Defender is an agile vehicle, so make sure not to keep it idle in your garage over prolonged periods. You can choose between the 3.0 L 6-cylinder and 2.0 L 4-cylinder variants of this car, both of which deliver 296-hp.

As for the mileage, it looks average with 21 mpg on highways and 18 mpg in cities. The Defender costs more than some of the other models we have listed for you. The interior quality could have been better. Most interestingly, one can choose from as many as eight configurations.

You would love the smoothness and safe handling during the drives. Besides, the SUV brings you a sizable list of safety features

4. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a high-end car offering rides and integrations similar to the Jeep Wrangler. Most of the configurations that are currently on the market come with two-tone bodies. You can navigate this car across almost all terrains with any kind of ground clearance.

Coming to the engine variants, one might choose from the 3.0 L V6 diesel engine, 5.0 L V8, 3.0 L 6-cylinder, and 2.0 L 4-cylinder engines. With the horsepower ranging between 254-ho and 575-hp, these cars deliver powerful drives across all terrains.

The mileage of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport looks better than many of the cars we have listed for you. On highways and cities, it can clock 28 mpg and 22 mpg, respectively.

With the new model that the brand launched in 2021, the owners can cherish a posh interior, strong performance of the engine, and good handling. Besides, the infotainment system in this car looks sophisticated. You would also appreciate the luxurious cabin space, which justifies its high price.

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Well, if you happen to be a loyal Jeep fan and find it difficult to let go of the brand, here’s another powerful off-roading vehicle for you from the same manufacturer.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is similar to the Wrangler, and it serves as a cheaper alternative. In fact, the Grand Cherokee had gained popularity among off-roading enthusiasts long before the Wrangler rose to the limelight.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has got four doors and offers a larger interior space compared to the Wrangler. This justifies why it directly competes with a popular SUV from the same brand. Owners also appreciate its powerful 4.0-liter engine.

The Grand Cherokee bounced back to attention when rigs became popular. In case you are looking for a similar car to the Jeep Wrangler but on a lower budget, you can easily settle for the Grand Cherokee.

The SUV delivers a mileage of 26 mpg on highways and 19 mpg in the cities. Depending on the configurations, the horsepower of the Jeep Grand Cherokee ranges between 293 and 707-hp.

However, one of the downsides of this car is the low safety score, considering the purpose of the vehicle. Although it has a good interior space, the cargo space is small.

6. Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback finds its name on our list, thanks to its impressive ground clearance. Although this car isn’t as good as some of the other models when it comes to rock climbing, it continues to be a formidable car.

In terms of looks, the Outlook doesn’t have the same boxy shape that you find in the Jeep Wrangler. However, it does have AWD and roof rails. Besides, the car delivers a generous mileage, with 33 mpg on highways and 26 mpg in the cities. This is where the Outlook beats many of the other SUVs we have listed in this article.

The engine comes in two variants: the 2.5 L 4-cylinder, and the 2.4 L 4-cylinder. Besides, the horsepower of the Subaru Outlook ranges between 183-hp and 260-hp.

Whether you sit in the front or the rear, the leg room would be adequate. Apart from this, the Outlook warrants a smooth ride.

Particularly, you would love the luxurious finish in the interior, that lacks in many of the cars we have listed. The off-road handling looks decent, and most importantly, the base model comes at an amazingly low price.

The amount of cargo space is adequate, and the car brings you a good number of safety features. So, leaving aside the lack of power in the base engine and slow acceleration, you have an affordable choice in this car.

7. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes Benz has come up with a robust off-roading vehicle with its G-Class. Mercedes never makes a compromise when it comes to luxury and comfort.

Due to the high brand value, even the used models would cost you quite high. Nevertheless, it impresses luxury car buyers who love exploring rough terrains and off-road.

In case you are looking for an expensive SUV offering the same functional features as the Jeep Wrangler, the Mercedes Benz G-Class should be the right pick for you.

The G-Class comes with a powerful 4.0 L V8 engine. The horsepower varies between 416-hp and 577-hp. The mileage seems fine for a luxury car, as it can travel around 19 mpg on highways and 17 mpg in cities.

The manufacturer has seamlessly blended sophisticated technology, power, and comfort for luxury car owners in this model. The rides are gentle, but the cargo space could have been higher.

8. Toyota FJ Cruiser

For a cost-effective Jeep Wrangler alternative, you should seriously consider the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It looks similar to the Bronco, but comes at a much lower price.

Nevertheless, it fares pretty same as the Wrangler in terms of performance. You would also appreciate the retro-futuristic appearance of this car. If you are willing to replace your Jeep Wrangler with a similar off-roading car, you must consider the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Performance-wise, the Toyota FJ Cruiser delivers a great performance that you would find similar to most cars on this list. You can easily overcome the obstacles that the terrain presents you with.

This is the primary reason for the extensive popularity of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. However, Toyota has discontinued this car, which implies that you need to settle for a used car in good condition.

This car has four doors, but the rear doors are half size. Compared to the Jeep Wrangler, you would have more space in the rear seats in this car. Another drawback of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is the poor aftermarket support. Finding the spare parts for this particular model might turn out to be a challenge.

9. Jeep Gladiator

Jeep has strategically designed its Gladiator as a combination of a pickup truck and the Wrangler, offering features of both these powerful cars. However, the Jeep Gladiator has a better towing capacity.

Besides, you would appreciate the impressive cargo space in this car. The doors are removable, just like the Wrangler, which makes it an idle car for off-roading. In a nutshell, you would find all the features of the Jeep Wrangler in the Gladiator, along with some additional perks.

The Gladiator is not an old model, as the brand just launched it in 2020. Therefore, you can fancy the chances of purchasing one of these cars from the second-hand market at a lower price.

The Gladiator is more of a pickup truck than an SUV. Technology-wise the car largely imitates the Wrangler, and this explains why we have included it on our list.

Coming to off-roading capabilities, the Gladiator wouldn’t disappoint you. With its V6 Pentastar engine, the pickup truck delivers an impressive performance. Moreover, one can also settle for the diesel version of the car.

This engine features an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. You can also get one with a 6-speed manual transmission. To get the best experience from the Gladiator, go for the manual transmission version.

10. Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai (originally Suzuki Jimny) stands out from the crowd with its aesthetic appeal. This car closely resembles the Jeep Wrangler.

However, this car wouldn’t be directly available in the US. So, you need to get the car imported from Japan or any other country having a left-wheel drive.

Nevertheless, you can use the car in the US, and that’s the reason we have listed it here. Most US citizens get these cars from Mexico. Before you go for one of these cars, it makes sense to know the norms so that you can adhere to the same.

The Suzuki Samurai is a powerful off-road vehicle, and has earned a strong reputation due to its impressive power. The manufacturer had designed the Suzuki Samurai, particularly considering its off-roading capabilities.

This makes the car a strong contender for the Jeep Wrangler. Even when you closely look at both these cars, you can spot their similarities.

The Samurai comes with a powerful 1.5 turbocharged engine. The transmission can be 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual. This car has a body-on-frame design, adding to its durability.

No wonder, why it can tackle the hindrances with ease. If you are looking for a viable replacement for your Wrangler, you should consider the Suzuki Samurai.

11. Ford Bronco Sport

Ford has come up with its Bronco Sport model, and it is somewhat different in terms of looks from the Wrangler. However, when you compare their off-roading capabilities, they compete well with each other. Besides, the generous ground clearance of the Bronco Sport makes it a good pick as an alternative to the Jeep Wrangler.

However, when you go for the Ford Bronco Sport, it won’t give you the removable roof option. This car comes at a reasonably lower price. So, if you are looking for an economic alternative for your Wrangler, you can vouch for the Bronco Sport.

Depending on the configuration, the owners can choose from the 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine as well as the 1.5 L 3-cylinder one. The horsepower ranges from 181-hp to 250-hp. You would be happy with the Ford Bronco Sport’s fuel economy.

On highways and city roads, the SUV delivers 28 mpg and 25 mpg, respectively. It is easy to customize the Bronco Sports, as Ford has come up with these models in five configurations.

What people like about the Ford Bronco Sport is its composed handling, easily usable features, and reliable engine performance. However, you might get a vague and light feel with the steering.

12. Jeep Cherokee

This is yet another model from the same brand, Jeep, that happens to share some similarities with the powerful SUV Wrangler. However, car owners on a budget or looking for an alternative for the Jeep Wrangler at a lower price can go for the Jeep Cherokee.

This is a four-door SUV that comes with a 4.0-liter engine. It comes with powerful axles in both the front and the rear that enables the drivers to navigate through challenging terrains.

In fact, adventure enthusiasts largely used to rely on the Jeep Cherokee before the Wrangler hit the roads. Compared to the Wrangler, the Jeep Cherokee offers more space in the interiors. The car has got four doors, and continues to be a budget off-roading car for the owners.

13. Nissan Xterra

While looking for a viable replacement for your Jeep Wrangler, you cannot possibly miss out a Nissan Car. The trusted automobile manufacturer has come up with the Nissan Xterra, which poses a direct competition to the Jeep Wrangler. Particularly, car enthusiasts love the boxy body of the car, and the performance is impressive.

The Nissan Xterra comes with a VQ40DE V6 engine (4.0-liter), along with a manual transmission system (6-speed). However, owners do not have the provision of removing the top in this Nissan car.

So, the wind won’t be disturbing your hair when you drive this car. The Nissan Xterra is capable of providing all sorts of off-roading capabilities under every condition.

Apart from the enhanced drivability, the owners love the powerful engine with 261-hp. In case you are an automobile enthusiast who cherishes the retro or old school essence, you can settle for the Nissan Xterra. Most importantly, it would cost you lower than the Jeep Wrangler.

14. Lexus X460

Well, this is yet another car similar to the Jeep Wrangler, and it comes from none other than the established automaker, Toyota. The Lexus X460 is a competitor of the Jeep SUV.

Thanks to the impressive off-roading features that Toyota has integrated this car with, it stands out as an impressive option for you to go for. The UR-FE V8 engine in the Lexus X460 is 4.6-liters.

Integrated with a complete suite of sophisticated features, this car proves to be a powerful commuter vehicle. Besides, you can enjoy your off-roading adventures with this car. And yes, you can be at ease when you use this car for rock crawling and other adventures.

Although the X460 shares some similarities with the FJ Cruiser that we have listed earlier, the former holds its value better.

In a nutshell, this is an impressive SUV that brings you all the desired features, besides being a competent off-roading car. Considering the reliability and comfort, you can decide to purchase this SUV from Toyota.

15. Jeep Renegade

If you prefer to remain within the same brand, the Jeep Renegade would be a viable option to go for. Particularly, if you want to go for an off-roading car, this subcompact SUV might fulfill your needs.

It is a cheaper model, costing you almost $7,000 lower than the Jeep Wrangler. Currently, many adventure lovers in the US are opting for the Renegade as an alternative to the Jeep Wrangler. Due to the high build quality and top performance, this car has quickly gained attention.

The Jeep Renegade is an efficient, reliable, and practical commuter car. So, purchasing this model from Jeep rather than the Wrangler would be a smart move.

These cars have a 2.4-liter engine, and all the trims starting with the Jeep Renegade Latitude come with a large touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and other sophisticated infotainment features.

Particularly, the Trailhawk attracts off-roading enthusiasts with its 4WD. Some of the other features you would come across in this car include hill descent control, low-range gearing, skid plates, tow hooks, and all-terrain tires.

16. Hummer H2

Ever since the Hummer H2 hit the roads back in 2002, it has achieved its iconic status with its decent off-roading capabilities. This car comes with a military-vehicle look, and you would find the straight lines impressive enough.

It is a sturdy car offering a luxurious interior. However, the manufacturer discontinued the H2 in 2009, so you might find one of the used models in good condition. Moreover, the brand has plans to launch an electric version of the Hummer H2 sometime soon.

The Hummer H2 users are satisfied with the off-roading powers of the car. You can seamlessly navigate with this car through the ledges, rocks, mud, and steep declines.

Besides, the Hummer H2 delivers impressive comfort while driving. The car generates a good amount of traction that helps you navigate through off-road terrains.

However, when you go for off-road adventures, look out for the tires. In case you travel through muddy terrains, get a branded mud tire. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable alternative for your Jeep Wrangler, you can go for the Hummer H2.

17. Isuzu Vehicross

The Isuzu Vehicross is an underrated vehicle that you might consider as an alternative to the Jeep Wrangler. The manufacturer had come up with limited production for this car, and some of these came to the United States.

Well, the car looks strange with its bumpy appearance. However, as an off-roading vehicle, the Isuzu Vehicross happens to be a capable vehicle.

The Isuzu Vehicross has a V-6 engine (3.5-liters) that comes with 215-hp. It also has 230 pound-feet of torque. Considering the size of this SUV, these figures look decent.

This car has been around since the 1990s and used to be a much heftier SUV. It also features an on-demand four-wheel drive to maximize the traction as needed.

Well, finding one of these cars in the current US market might be a challenge, with the low number of SUVs available. Nevertheless, they come on the cheaper side, and if you love vintage vehicles, you might go for the Vehicross as an alternative for your Jeep Wrangler.


We have carefully listed these powerful cars similar to the Jeep Wrangler so that buyers with different preferences can find a suitable pick. Besides, we have included both low-and high-end cars to suit every budget.

Depending on your desire for luxury and off-roading capabilities, you can now make a call. Using your discretion and prioritizing your specific requirements, this list would ease up your decision-making process before you purchase the car.