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Cars Similar To Honda Passport : 12 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar To Honda Passport : 12 Alternatives To See

The Honda Passport appeals to car enthusiasts with its amazing drive capabilities and engine power. In case you are preparing yourself to own one of these splendid cars, you might think of exploring its alternatives as well.

After all, the automobile market in the US looks competitive indeed. The Honda Passport is fairly fuel-efficient. The average mileage it can deliver is around 21 mpg. The Passport shares several similarities with the Pilot, and it comes with excellent interiors and a good powertrain.

In the crossover segment, there are several cars similar to the Honda Passport.

So, it makes sense to explore these amazing vehicles and make your purchase. In this article, you will get to know about some of the cars that share similar features with the Honda Passport.

Cars Similar to Honda Passport

We have considered some of the standard parameters that influence the overall drive experience while preparing this list. As a prospective buyer, you should be knowing the standard features of the Honda Passport.

It offers a decent acceleration. The car needs around 7.5 seconds to attain a speed of 60 miles an hour. It comes with a sunroof and heated roofs too.

The car can comfortably make room for five people. Now check out these Honda Passport alternatives and decide on the most viable model for yourself.

1. Ford Edge

In case you wish to go a bit cheaper, check out the Ford Edge. This car proves to be a bit low-priced as compared to the Honda Passport. Besides, the Ford Edge delivers better mileage than the Honda Car, offering 22 mpg. Moreover, this car has a better reliability rating.

This car has an edge over the Passport in terms of interior space. Besides, it would be fun to drive the Edge, as it offers better handling. So, if you are looking for a Honda Passport alternative for daily drives, it would be wise to settle with the Ford Edge.

However, before you decide to go ahead with this car, it’s worth noting that the Edge has a few downsides. You might struggle with emergency handling. Besides, the cargo space in the Ford Edge might prove to be insufficient. Nevertheless, you can obtain the car at a cheaper rate.

The Ford Edge would be an ideal family car. The 235-hp engine is sufficient to haul around 3,500 pounds. The base model comes at $28,720, while the price can go up to $43,720 when you vouch for the higher trims. You can choose from as many as three trims.

2. Nissan Murano

This 260-hp car happens to be a good alternative to the Passport. The fuel economy is around 21 mpg, which is similar to what the Passport offers.

However, when you consider the base models, the Nissan car proves to be a bit more expensive than the Ford one. While the Honda Passport costs around $32,790, you can purchase the Nissan Munro for $32,510.

The infotainment system and interiors of the Nissan Munro look appealing. Besides, owners would love the overall accessibility of the Munro. This explains why this car happens to be the most premium vehicle among all the three vehicles we have discussed so far.

The acceleration of the Nissan Munro is pretty close to that of the Honda Passport. It has a similar seating capacity, while the cost ranges between $32,450 and $49,450.

In terms of comfort and style, the Nissan Munro continues to be a prime choice. Besides, you would love the Bose sound system and the sunroof that comes with the car.

One can choose from as many as four trims. The manufacturer ensures adequate room for customization.

Besides, some of the safety features, including the blind-spot warning and lane departure warning are advanced indeed. Apart from these, the car also comes with cooled seats and a heated steering wheel.

3. Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is even more powerful than the Nissan model in terms of horsepower. At 290 horsepower, this car looks pretty impressive for families.

However, it has a slower acceleration and takes around 8.5 seconds to clock to 60 miles an hour. In terms of seating capacity, it fares equally with the other models we have discussed so far.

Besides, its mileage is similar to that of the Honda Passport, at 21 mpg. Therefore, you would notice quite a few similarities between these two cars.

The Honda Santa Fe comes in five trims, and the price ranges between $25,450 and $43,950 accordingly. Besides, one can select between the AWD version and the front-wheel-drive versions of the car. The model also features a sunroof and heated seats.

The Ultimate, SEL, GLS, SE, and the Limited are the different trims you can choose from. The Santa Fe owners appreciate the interiors, which are comfortable and elegant.

In case you wish to achieve a better fuel economy with the Santa Fe, it would be logical to go for its hybrid version. So, in terms of mileage and overall driving experience, the Santa Fe comes quite close to the Honda Passport.

4. Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 offers a similar kind of driving experience in terms of acceleration when you compare it with the Honda Passport. Suitable for five people, this car delivers a better fuel economy.

However, the engine power of this car is slightly lower than some of the other models we have listed in this article. The 176-hp engine has the capacity to tow around 1,500 pounds.

The Toyota RAV4 looks affordable enough, as the base price starts from $24,545. The car has got five variations, and the highest trim would cost you around $37,045.

The Toyota RAV4 is a feature-packed SUV, which makes it one of the best picks in the market. Thanks to its better fuel economy, you would be saving on your fuel in the long run.

Coming to the trims, the LE is the most basic version, while you can find most of the features in the Limited Trim. The other three trims include the SE and the XLE.

5. Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 has proven to be yet another car that delivers better mileage than the Honda Passport. Although it shares several similarities with the Honda car, the estimated mileage is 25 mpg. This ensures that the owners would enjoy lower expenses on fuel in the long run.

The acceleration of the Mazda CX-5 is pretty fast, but lower than some of the other cars on this list. It needs around 8.4 seconds to reach the 60-mile-per-hour mark. Suitable for five passengers, this car comes in four trims, which include the Signature, Sport, Grand Touring, and Touring.

Well, one thing that allures the buyers to this car is the stylish exterior of the Mazda CX-5. The car also comes with a power moonroof and a rearview camera. At 187-hp, the engine strength looks decent for family cars.

While the most basic trim is available at $24,045, the highest one would cost you around $30,845. In case you are looking for a car to navigate through the city seamlessly, the Mazda CX-5 would be a great option.

The car is not too big, so you won’t have any problem with parking it. Considering the standard seating features, it would be ideal for small families. You can choose between the AWD and front-wheel variants, depending on your needs.

6. Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is yet another model that brings you all the features that you get to enjoy in the Honda Passport. However, this car has some additional benefits in store for the owners.

Rather than five, the Nissan Pathfinder can accommodate seven people. Besides, the car has an incredibly high towing capacity, at 6000 pounds. So, if you are someone who prefers frequent outings or camping, you can carry your accessories in the Pathfinder.

The acceleration is pretty similar to that of the Honda Passport. The fuel economy is around 20 mpg, which makes it a close competitor to all other cars on this list. At 284-hp, the engine power looks decent.

Therefore, if you want an all-rounder in terms of performance, the Nissan Pathfinder won’t disappoint you. It is ideal for extended families too, and you would appreciate the additional features.

The Pathfinder comes in four trims, with the prices ranging between $30,395 and $49,095. The S trim is the most basic one, while you can enjoy advanced features like a sunroof and a Bose sound system in the Platinum trim.

Between these trims, you also have the SL and the SV models. With the powerful V-6 engine, the Pathfinder offers pretty decent performance.

7. Honda CR-V

Well, if you are one of those car enthusiasts who wouldn’t want to move away from Honda altogether, the CR-V would be a viable model for you.

It is similar to the Passport, both of which come from the same brand. However, the CR-V has a slower acceleration and needs around 9.7 seconds to zoom to the 60-mph mark. Therefore, drivers need extra patience when it comes to overtaking.

Both the cars have similar features in terms of seating capacity. However, the CR-V beats the Passport by a significant margin when you compare their fuel economies. The former offers around 27 mpg, while the Passport can deliver 21 mpg.

The CR-V comes with a 190-hp engine, which is enough for a family car that you would use on city roads.

The car comes in four trims, with the prices ranging between $24,045 and $31,045. So, if you are willing to go for one of the affordable family SUVs, the Honda CR-V should fit your budget. The exterior of this car looks modern with its sleek design.

The four trims across which this car comes include Touring, EX-L, EX, and XL. In case you are willing to explore the most advanced features like the power moonroof and leather seats, it would be wise to go for the Touring. You can also opt for the hybrid version of the Honda CR-V, which delivers a better fuel economy.

In case you are looking for a spacious SUV capable of accommodating five people, this would be one of the best picks. It prudently balances affordability, reliability, and performance.

8. Chevrolet Traverse

Looking for a car similar to the Honda Passport but with a greater seating capacity Chevrolet Traverse, capable of accommodating 8 people.

The car can achieve a 60-mph speed in a lap of 7.2 seconds. However, when it comes to the mileage, it slumps down to 17 mpg. Nevertheless, it offers a lot of space and can accommodate your family comfortably.

The car has an impressive 281-hp engine. Large families looking for superior features and a cool driving experience should settle for the Chevrolet Traverse. One can choose from four trims, and the prices range between $30,895 and $49,895.

In case you have a fascination for superior features like leather seats, it would be logical to go with the Premier trim. Apart from this, the other trims include LT, LS, and the L. Besides, some of the other features you would get in this car include a sunroof and a Bose sound system. Altogether, Chevrolet has come up with a great family car with all the standard features within your budget.

9. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Perfectly balancing speed and engine power, Jeep has come up with its amazing model, the Grand Cherokee, which can zoom to 60 miles an hour in just 5.5 seconds.

By far, this is one of the fastest accelerating models we have listed here. Although the car has a similar capacity in terms of passenger accommodation to the Honda Passport, you would enjoy a better quality drive.

The 360-hp engine is powerful enough to deliver such good acceleration. However, owners need to compromise with the fuel economy when they go for this car. At 17 mpg, the fuel economy looks a little dull. However, you can optimize this number with sensible driving habits and gentle acceleration.

Coming to the price, Jeep has fixed the cost of its Grand Cherokee between $31,695 and $64,090. So, if you are looking for a powerful and reliable SUV for your family, this car won’t betray you. Besides, it offers better engine power as compared to the Passport.

In case you are shopping for a reliable SUV with more-than-average engine power, this model would suit your criteria. Besides, the manufacturers have configured the Grand Cherokee with both the 4WD and two-wheel drive systems.

With a heated steering wheel and panoramic sunroof, you have a wide range of sophisticated features to enhance your drive quality. To enjoy maximum features, go for the SRT trim.

With this model, you would enjoy leather seats. Besides, you can opt for the hybrid version of the car to enhance your fuel economy. The other trims include the Summit, Overland, Limited, and Laredo.

10. Toyota Highlander

While checking out all the viable alternatives to the Honda Passport, you cannot possibly miss out on the Toyota Highlander. It offers an average acceleration power and is capable of reaching 60-mph in 8.1 seconds.

The Toyota Highlander has a strategic advantage over the Honda Passport in terms of seating capacity. While the Honda car is suitable for five people, the Highlander can accommodate eight passengers.

The estimated mileage of the Highlander is 20 mpg. It comes with a powerful engine (185-hp), that delivers the required energy. Based on the trim, the Toyota Highlander price ranges between $30,310 and $48,740.

So, with this Highlander, you have yet another family SUV with more than five seats.

Interestingly, Toyota has integrated both the 4WD and front-wheel drive features in its Highlander. So, you might think of venturing into off-roads with this car.

Toyota has also come up with a hybrid version of the Highlander. This car impresses its owners with a better fuel economy. Besides, one can choose the Toyota Highlander from five trims. These include the Highlander Hybrid, Limited, XLE, LE, and SE.

11. Ford Explorer

Capable of accommodating seven passengers, this car is slightly larger than the Honda Passport in terms of seating capacity. Ford Explorer is a decent purchase and happens to be a close competitor of the Passport.

Both the cars share similar features when it comes to acceleration. The Explorer has a slightly higher engine capacity in terms of horsepower (290-hp).

However, the Honda Passport has got a better fuel economy. At 17 mpg, the Explorer could have performed better when it hits the roads. The price ranges between $31,950 and $49,450, based on the different trim levels.

Besides, Ford has come up with a hybrid version of its Explorer, which assures better fuel economy to its owners. The five trims across which you can purchase the car include Platinum, Sport, Limited, XLT, and Base.

You, therefore, have a large SUV in the list in the form of the Ford Explorer. Particularly, the passengers would love the pleasant views along the road, thanks to the decent elevation that Ford has integrated into this vehicle.

Besides, the stylish and large body of the Ford Explorer looks appealing. Most importantly, the car provides adequate cargo space for families. So, if you are planning for vacations or trips with your car, the Explorer would be good to go with.

12. Nissan Rogue

High on mileage but low on acceleration, the Nissan Rogue brings you a balanced set of features. It is one of the viable replacements for the Honda Passport that you can go for.

Nissan has got a celebrated name when you consider its brand image. So, you can give the car a thought when you look for viable alternatives for the Honda Passport.

The acceleration, as stated, is slow and you would need around 9.5 seconds to reach the 60-mile an hour speed. When it comes to overtaking, you need to be a bit patient. The Nissan Rogue has a similar seating capacity as the Honda Passport, with both the cars comfortably accommodating five people.

However, the Rogue beats the Passport when you take the fuel economy into account. While the Passport delivers 21 mpg, the Nissan can clock around 26 mpg on the roads. The Rogue comes with a 170-hp engine, which looks pretty decent for cars of its class.

Whether you are looking for a family car, or one for single people, the Nissan Rogue would be a great pick. Besides, you would appreciate the affordability of the car.

The base model comes at a price as low as $22,790. On the other hand, owners need to shell out $31,760 for the highest trim. Some of the advanced integrations you would find in the Rogue include cross-traffic alerts and blind-spot warnings.

Coming to the trims, you can choose from five variations. These are the Diesel, Platinum, SL, SV, and S. To experience the best quality drive, it would be advisable to go for the highest trim, the Platinum.

Besides, the Nissan Rogue comes in a hybrid version as well. If fuel economy happens to be your priority, you need to settle with the hybrid version.


Although the Honda Passport continues to allure drivers and car owners, you can actually experience a similar quality of drive with one of these vehicles as well.

Particularly, when you need to accommodate more than five people in your car, it makes sense to go for one of the larger cars. Besides, some of the models we have listed offer a better fuel economy compared to the Passport.

Based on other parameters like acceleration, price, and engine power, you need to make your call. With these similar options available, you can now choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly.