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Cars Similar To Genesis G90 : 8 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar To Genesis G90 : 8 Alternatives To See In 2022

Genesis 90 stands out among its peers because of its exclusive design and inbuilt technology. The car has brought a revolution in the car industry by becoming the star overnight. Nonetheless, car enthusiasts, car buyers, and manufacturers all have one question “are their automobiles similar to Genesis G90?” If yes, of what brands and therefore are they apt for today’s lifestyles?

Let’s dig deep into the world of cars similar to the Genesis G90. Also, find out are these car models comparable to only some extent or most.

Cars Similar To Genesis G90

Genesis G90 is the most approachable car with a good engine, pleasant interior environment, and good-looking exteriors. But are their cars that have similar features with a different twist? The answer is yes.

1. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

Although Genesis brags about its G90 series. That is how much the price has plunged with what they offer as compared to other cars of a similar caliber. But BMW 7 Series offers somewhat similar features to G90 hence coming in the list of “similar cars as Genesis G90”.

  • Luxurious Sedans – BMW 7 Series and Genesis G90 models speak luxury just by getting under the category of sedans. Precisely, sedans are quite different and advantageous from other categories. They provide extra space for luggage and are bigger in every way possible. One similarity that makes these closer to each other is their color options. Both these cars have many color options such as silver, blue, black, etc.
  • Comfort for passengers – As BMW 7 models and G90 Models are sedans they offer great comfort to passengers. The height of both these cars is the same thus these models give a lot of headspaces as well as leg space. According to research “experience of sitting in both, these cars feel like people are sitting on their beds”. Overall, people can one out of two of these cars if they are looking for “that comfort factor”.
  • Engine Options –That’s what the engine system of BMW 7 models and the G90 series looks like – 3.3-liter turbo V6 and 3.0-liter turbo I6. It means Genesis company’s G90 has 6 cylinders inside the engine cave through which the power cycle ends with 3-4 liters of fuel. Being equal to G90, BMW 7 series also has 6 cylinders. This automatically par these cars because of the efficiency.
  • External Design And Measurements – Genesis G90 has beneficial width of4 inches which is measured as equal to the width of the BMW 7 series. BMW 7 series proposes a width of 74.9 inches. Although the front of both these cars is different for the requirement of a brand, they still stand similar in their shape. Even the rearview mirrors of these cars are identical. These cars speak their brand loudly but have a down-to-earth structure from the outside as well as inside.
  • Good Fuel Economy –Since the engine is hybrid for BMW 7 and Hyundai’s Genesis G90, the Miles Per Gallon of both these cars will be higher. This is good news because this will save a lot of money for consumers who are making up their minds on the former cars.
  • Bigger Headlights – Both these car options have the supreme light facility. The headlights are as big as they can get and at the same time contribute to their intricate build. Of course, the inner design is different from the lights and also their inbuilt lighting can vary in colors. But the headlights and backlight of the BMW 7 series and Genesis G90 look kind of distant twins at first glance.
  • Sensor technologies – Manufacturers of BMW 7 series and Hyundai Genesis G90 have taken a big leap by introducing maximum sensory-driven accessibilities.

2. Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class is that car that created a lot of buzzes when it was launched. The reason was it made some mark by becoming a part of the sedan family and also the brand’s name is giant. But what are the features that are similar to Genesis G90? Is it a close match? Let’s find out.

  • Unmatchable Wheels – The wheels that become the highlight of car design are superior in the Mercedes Benz S and Genesis G90 models. They are made of rich-looking aluminum and their size is 19.5*9.5 and 20*9.5 from the back. In front, the wheels are measured at 19*8.5 and 20*8.5 which backs a good balancing speed.
  • Safety Is A Big Yes – There is good support for safety in both car models. Whether it is about driver airbags, Passenger airbags, or glass airbags, all are highly attached to the sensors. Likewise, an Anti-lock braking system makes the Mercedes Benz S Class and Genesis G90 great options to buy. You can invest in either of them if your prime concern is safety while buying a sedan car.
  • Favorable Fuel Economy –fuel economy depends a lot on speed, engine capacity, and car functioning. Accordingly, MPG for Mercedes Benz S Class is 24 and for genesis, it takes a little fly with 28. It’s about the brands and consumers too – how they prefer to use these cars. When your speed will be lower than the maximum that’s when Mercedes Benz S Class and Genesis G90 will give their best mpg. Mercedes Benz S Class fits nicely under the title “cars similar to Genesis G90”.
  • Abundant Screens – There are many screens as soon as you enter both the car models i.e. Mercedes Benz S Class and Genesis G90. An augmented screen makes navigation easy to see, giving the driver one of the many comfort-stricken options. There are touch screens at each passenger seat so that they can adjust the climate and their seats. One can also adjust their recliners like leather seats with the directions given on-screen. Even if a person is bad with screens, both the former and latter car touch screens are extremely accessible.
  • Comfortable Ride – There is a precision to details when it comes to Genesis G90 and Mercedes S Class. When a person will ride them both, they would be able to feel the details. These details do not only boast about each company but also give immense comfort to people who are riding or sitting in these car models. The acceleration is standard and appropriate for everybody discarding any kind of uncomfortable moment. Both these automobiles have air suspension that gets curled up to the level of 0.4 inches approximately. Structurally, sensors take care of these suspensions 100% of the time.
  • No-Problem Gears – Genesis G90 models have 8 gears and the Mercedes Benz S Class is made with 9. All the gears have a standard ratio which makes the transition very buttery.

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3. Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Ghibli in Maserati means hot desert wind and that’s how the car works. Maserati Ghibli is one sporty vibe sedan that is closely similar to Genesis G90 so it’s time to dig their similarities.

  • Relaxing Seats –Genesis G90 and Maserati Ghibli have comfortable leather seating arrangements. These arrangements can be made flexible according to the temperature. Significantly, people can cool down or up the seats according to their necessity.
  • Par Fuel Fulfilment – Both cars can hold 21.1 and 21.9 gallons of fuel. This feature reduces the hassle of taking your car to the fuel station again and again.
  • Good Price – The price of both these cars must be touching a sky little but they are the closest as it can get. Maserati Ghibli is priced at $71600 and Genesis G90 costs $72200 which is quite good looking at the economical characteristics of these cars.
  • Exterior Is Charming – Maserati Ghibli and Genesis G90 become the appropriate choices for the people who want to invest in visually attractive vehicles. Charmingly, the exterior of the former and the latter look like the car is smiling. It is adding to the value of the automobiles but also giving them a standout look.

Both the cars have sunroofs that can be slid. The slides make the sunroof durable and long-existing. The wheels are quite exemplary and give a flower-like appearance from the side.

  • Safety To The Point – Maserati Ghibli has an ABS as well as driveline control just like Genesis G90. ABS controls the wheels while there is some pressured brake activity while Driveline controls the system when wheels are speeding up. Also in cooperation, the cars have standard lights in the front and the back that adjusts themselves sensing the dimness. In a study done by Euro NCAP, this car was considered one of the top safety-proven cars.

4. Volvo S90

Volvo S90

Volvo S90 may not have a similar appearance as Genesis G90 but it is very convenient. Its interiors speak loudly about the similar comfort factor as Genesis G90.

  • Standard Interior Space – Whether it is about enough headroom or legroom or seats, both the cars hold a strong bond here. No matter whether passengers are sitting in front or back, huge space is a major factor in both – Volvo S90 and Genesis G90. Overall, if you are investing in Volvo S90, you will feel light and not tired even after traveling for hours and hours.
  • Sufficient Luggage Space – There is a plus point with Volvo S90 being lengthy. Both the Genesis G90 and Volvo S90 give ample space for cargo. Genesis G90 model gives 15.7 feet and Volvo S90 gives 13.5 feet. Accordingly, this space has not been substituted for front seats. Every comfort factor has been given equal stress.
  • One Drivetrain includes all wheels –In Volvo G90 and Genesis G90, the drivetrain drives all wheels at once. When the drivetrain pushes the whole system it is easy for other functions of the car such as engine, sensors, etc. Also, it aids the car to move easily in any direction without any limited components.

5. 2020 Kia K900

Kia K900

Image credit: Wikipedia

2020 Kia K900 and Genesis G90 are the prestige babies of the same company i.e. Hyundai. Amongst some of the differences, these cars have good price differentiation. Moreover, price distinction doesn’t diminish the many factors that both these vehicles have.

  • Investing Warranty – Warranty holds to power to change the facet of the car. The news will not disappoint people that the Warranty of both Kia K900 and Genesis G90 is 5 years. This was expected coming from the same parent company but still, it is extremely overwhelming.
  • Up To The Mark Fuel Economy – 2020 Kia K900 matches the best with Genesis G90 with its fuel economy factor. Kia uses a slightly higher fuel per mile when compared to Genesis G90. Both these automobiles hold their priced economy at 17mpg and 18mpg. It also benefits people who are environment lovers because of the less emission of poisonous fuel.
  • Interiors are Top-Notch – Safety and convenience top the list of factors when people are buying a car. 2020 Kia K900 and Genesis G90 have an alarm system, anti-theft sensors, weather sensing wipers, and much more. There is a comfy and feature-packed steering wheel even for drivers’ comfort handling.



Lexus LS equals Genesis G90 when the question comes to space and comfort. The car speaks class from every inch of its made.

  • Different Class Yet Similar – Lexus LS may be a car that belongs to Mid-size sedans but it is made keeping the thought of something splendid. The length of Genesis G90 extends to 204.9 inches and of Lexus LS is 206.1. Now the perk of a long car is little details. The height of Genesis G90 is 58.9 inches which are of standard size. Lexus LS is standing tall at 57.5 inches when compared to the former. This feature makes the car more expensive.
  • Design And Style – Externally and InternallyLexus LS has the rich look as Genesis G90. Lexus LS is a tad bit wider from the back it is standard. The car is sleek and edgy minus any unnecessary add-on. From the inside, the vehicle has contrasting seats that just lighten up the ambiance thus making the car more appealing. All the driver controllers are magnificent and can be fairly distinguished.
  • Price Is Good For Features – Lexus ls is priced at $72,911 and genesis g90 has a price tag of $71,250. As one can see, the price differentiation is not that dramatic. This price point seems fair because a person is getting a drivetrain for all wheels, the same level of suspension, similar brake usage, and much more.

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7. Audi A8

Audi A8

The name is enough when the talk is about Audi. But the question arises – Does Audi A8 have wholesome features that can give a competition to the breakthrough Genesis G90?

  • Effective Transmission – 8-speed automatic transmission is placed in both these similar cars – Genesis G90 and Audi A8. What this transmission mechanism does is plunge fuel usage. Believe it or not, this plunge is indirectly connected to flying up the car’s speed. This kind of transmission creates a fulfilling experience for a buyer.
  • Powerful Fuel Economy –Genesis G90 and Audi a8, both automobiles have a strong fuel economy. Genesis G90 takes pride in having a fuel economy of 19MPG and Audi A8 pars a little, standing at 17MPG. Fuel economy makes both these cars ahead of their time because fuel is burnt with a deficit standard quantity.
  • Exquisite Colour Options –Both the cars, Genesis G90 and Audi 8 are available in two similar color patterns that are grey and silver. These colors have a universal appeal. This is why both parent companies kept this down-to-earth color scheme in mind.

8. Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus

Genesis G90 and Hyundai Equus are from the same parent. Equus may be a little old model but it stands out in terms of over luxurious factor. Factually, these cars are similar and distinct from one another.

  • Wheels Are Great – Genesis G90 and Hyundai Equus both have rear-wheel compatibility. Rear-wheel based car is better than the FWD ones because it helps the car to push forward faster. Strategically, it not only aids to keep the speed faster but also makes the driving controls better

The wheels of the above cars are made of finest quality aluminum thus maintaining the value of the car overall.

  • Suspension Is The Highlight – Hyundai Equus and Genesis G90 are jampacked with multi-link suspension controls. Many noise absorbers, control legs, coils, and others are included in different robots. This suspension is placed at 4 equal levels of the cars so that the vehicle may not touch the ground.
  • Sleek Appearance –Both these cars have common look but just have the minus grill and width. The headlights, front fender, shield, tail light and indicator light, etc. of the former and the latter are perfectly identical.

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The above cars are a closer match to Genesis G90 backed by the features that are mentioned above. Some of the cars give better efficiency than Genesis G90 and some are a little less performing. It doesn’t mean these cars lack in every aspect.

Where BMW 7 series is a prospered car both from inside more, Mercedez Benz S shows its sedan level class with a richer outside look. Maserati Ghibli almost runs on par with Genesis G90 whereas Volvo S90 has a lot of space to boast about. Kia K900, Lexus LS Audi A8, and Hyundai Equus have a way to go but still, these cars withhold many of the Genesis G90 Features.