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Cars Similar to Chevy Trax 2022 : 8 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar to Chevy Trax 2022 : 8 Alternatives To See In 2022

Chevy Trax may be a small SUV but its features are as grand as many luxurious cars. Chevrolet introduced a car i.e., Chevy Trax so that they can get the biggest revenue and so they did. According to Carsalesbase “the profit on Chevy Trax was the most compared to other versions”. Evidently, you can understand the holistic experience that the car delivers to its owners.

Moreover, Chevy Trax is not the only car that has good fuel economy, brilliant technology integration, and much more. So below are the options that you can explore if you are looking for Chevy Trax or cars similar to Chevy Trax.

Cars Similar To Chevy Trax

Chevy Trax has incredibly good features like multiple sensors and brilliant technology. Consequently, this allows for a great comfortability factor inside the vehicle. Also, it can be true that in the category of cars similar to Chevy Trax, many cars can outdo the wholesome factor of the automobile. Or else, they may stand opposite Chevy Trax with equal charm.

Let’s see if Buick Encore, Trailblazer, Equinox, Kia Sportage, and other cars are closer to Chevy Trax. If yes in what way?

1. Buick Encore

Buick Encore

Buick Encore is known for its less polluting capacity. The car has great fuel economy and creates less noise. All this is contributing to less emission of harmful gas.

Fuel Economy Is The Star – The fuel economy of Chevrolet Chevy Trax stands at 26 mpg and similarly for Buick Encore it is 25mpg. This is pretty impressive as it ensures that the engine is not overworked. One of the significant advantages of good fuel economy is it saves a lot of fuel and hence reduces any kind of harmful gas discharge. Factually, it is saving your money at the same time making one good citizen.

Maximal Exteriors – The grill part of both the former and the latter is the same in the hexagon shape. Also, the rear lights are quite mirrored, giving both Buick Encore and Chevrolet Chevy Trax an intelligent look from the front view.

When one looks at the side of both cars, each gives a similar refined look. What puts Buick Encore in the category of “cars similar to Chevy Trax” further is its long rear-view mirrors. Both the parent companies have invested a lot in exteriors to give justice to the league of small SUVs.

2. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V may not be a conventional-looking SUV but it has extremely efficient features that are only available in hefty SUVs. But the real verdict would come when it has many assimilations that come closer to Chevrolet Chevy Trax.

Clearcut Strong MPG – The miles per gallon covered by Chevrolet Chevy Trax and Honda HR-V have the parallel number. For Chevy Trax, it is 26 and Honda hr-v gives 28.

Clearly, throughout the years Chevrolet and Honda have evolved when it comes to making a point for the good fuel economy. And the result is hereby that today both the models – Chevy Trax and Honda HR-V have reached maximum vehicle safety. Standard MPG is directly proportional to less exhaustion of the engine.

Decent Mechanism Of Drivetrain – Honda HR-V and Chevy Trax, both have all-wheel and front-wheel drivetrains. Since the above automobiles have the advantage of both drivetrains, the grip on the road is tighter. Also, a wheel drivetrain provides special aid when a person drives the car on a mountain and rocky areas.

High Power Engine – Most small SUVs have 4 cylinders dominating engines that are quite efficient. The cylinders present in these optional cars give relaxation time to the engine as these cut down the fuel used. Similarly, the repair of the engine becomes easy because of the placement of the cylinders in one line. Overall Chevy Trax and Honda HR-V won’t drain away from your hard-earned money easily.

3. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer is quite new to the environment of the market if we will compare it with Chevy Trax. Although Chevy Trailblazer did not shake the automobile market in the beginning, it created a huge impact in 2021. All credit will go to Its outstanding features which stand somewhere equal to Chevy Trax.

Enough Room For Comfortable Environment – Both, Chevy Trailblazer and Trax are akin when it comes to appropriate headroom and legroom. The headroom in Chevrolet Trailblazer reaches the height of 39.6 inches and in Chevy Trax, it goes to 40 inches. Accordingly, this provides a lot of space to have a long journey of utmost ease.

Both these comparable vehicles also give a bonus through widened leg rooms. The legroom of the front seat measures from 40.8 to 40.9 inches in these ultimate cars. Hence, this gives the driver as well the passengers uncluttered space to move freely.

Sporty And Elegant External Body – The exterior of Chevy Trax and Trailblazer are similar in terms of length and height. The only difference which makes both these options a little unlike is the edgy details on Chevy Trailblazer.

The front facet of Chevy Trax and Chevy Trailblazer with a grill on the downside and thick headlamps. Likewise, the hood and spoiler of both the car models are of the same shape and quite a similar length. And these parts majorly give the Chevy Trailblazer and Chevy Trax definition of elegance.

Chevrolet Chevy Trailblazer is a blockbuster choice when one is looking for a mini-SUV just like Chevy Trax.

4. Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox

According to a reliable study “Chevy Equinox can more than 10 years if given proper fuel and put into right maintenance”. Considering that the above statement is right, the car should be having some pluses. Let’s look deeper into the features of Chevrolet Equinox and whether it stands hand in hand with Chevrolet Trax.

Cargo And Interior Seating – There is ample space in the cargo as well as in the seating arrangement in Chevrolet Trax and Equinox. And there is enough flexibility given in the seating recliners that you can expand and contract cargo space as peruse.

Overall, the cargo space in both Chevy Trax and Equinox can reach up to 63.9 feet. And trust the fact that this much backspace can carry family-size luggage.

Five seats are there in numbers but these seats can fit 8 people in their size. As per the changing weather, the reclining chairs can change their heating mode too.

No-Worry Transmission – Chevy Trax and Chevy Equinox are manufactured with 6-Speed AT transmission. Now the advantage of 6 gears is that the system can change gear with the working speed. All this will directly help you to keep the fuel system in the economy as it will keep the engine feasible.

5. Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

The pluses of Kia Shortage mostly include the exterior. Its exterior is like a dream – it has a honeycomb grille, stand-apart front-back body, and is very sporty. Now the question arises “how much of Chevrolet Chevy Trax matches with Kia Sportage”?

Dimensions And Shape Of Exterior Are Decent – When you take a sneakpeek into external parts of Chevy Trax and Kia Sportage, there seem subtle similarities. There are details on the doors that add to the car’s charm and give them a sporty touch.

The length and width of Chevy Trax and Kia Sportage are as expected from a compact SUV. Inevitably, In Chevy Trax, the exterior length is 167.2 inches, and Sportage is 183.5 inches. The taller the vehicle, the more exaggerated the space for technology and seating area will be.

Economically Satisfactory Fuel Use – Kia Sportage and Chevy Trax may be stressing the road but not your fuel economy. Both the comparable options run with the MPG of 32 which is great. Also, this is more than standard miles per gallon and will evolve the power of the engine with time.

6. Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona is one subcompact vehicle that is made with countless technological features. It can be easily connected to outer systems like Bluetooth, USB ports, and music systems.

Also, it is priced at 21,150 dollars which is a total steal considering the hinted features your read above. Now let’s see whether along with other features, the above advantages are available in Chevy Trax or not.

Safety Features Are Cherry On Top – Hyundai Kona and Chevy Trax are jampacked with safety features that make both these cars efficient for today. There are forward collision warning sensors in these comparable cars which sense the distance and speed of a car within one radar.

Likewise, both car options have Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist which prevents the car from colliding while skipping a lane. Apart from the above safety standard features, both ultimate cars are produced with Highway Drive Alert System as well as Driver Attention safeguard.

Headspace And Leg space Satisfaction – Of all the cars discussed here, Hyundai Kona is in closest proximity to Chevrolet Chevy Trax in terms of space. The Headroom of the Hyundai Kona is 39.6 inches which is an exact copy of the Chevy Trax. Correspondingly, the legroom of the Hyundai Kona is 41.5 inches which is a little deep than Trax standing at 40.8 inches. Both these qualified upgraded SUVs present the driver and passengers with standard space for the unlimited journey.

7. Ford Escape

Ford Escape

According to RepairPal “The rating of Ford Escape was 4.0 out of 5.0 by the customers as well as the cars enthusiasts”. And why it could be so? Because this car is reliable in every aspect.

Effective Drivetrain – Ford Escape as well as Chevy Trax both have the all-wheel drivetrain. They both include a front-wheel drivetrain which is again a plus. Considering the benefit, all-wheel-drive holds the vehicle during adversity like rough, slippery, and slimy surfaces. It is brilliant as well on the easy passages. On the other hand, front-wheel drive performs effectively on straight roads.

The above features are all in the driver’s and passenger’s favor. Hence Chevrolet Chevy Trax and Ford Escape are two options that you can choose from if comfort is your motto.

Outer Looks Are Quite Uncanny – Ford Escape may be a little big than Chevy Trax but that doesn’t change the fact that these look alike. Having mentioned that, the inner part of the wheels is of a silver ensemble in both these rival automobiles.

In Chevy Trax and Ford Escape, the grill is exactly placed in the middle with the brand emblems directly above it. This placement gives a unique touch to the former and the latter. Similarly, the rear lights and headlights are placed right where they should be.

8. Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue

There is nothing in Nissan Rouge that can go wrong! It has amazing fuel economy at the same time extreme comfort. And did you know that Nissan Rouge had also an exclusive Star Wars Edition? It was launched parallelly with the upsurge in the demand for the original Nissan Rouge. What does next in its favor that it falls under the list of cars similar to Chevy Trax?

Extreme Ease With Interiors – Just like Chevy Trax, Nissan Rogue has inside features that give comfort exactly like home. Both the comparable options have power switches for seat fixing, windows adjusting and door unlocking in the front. This allows for an environment that is totally in control of the passengers and driver.

Engine System Is Mind-blowing – Nissan Rogue and Kia Chevy Trax both run on gasoline as fuel. Manufacturers have produced both cars keeping in mind the necessity for a long time. Since petrol is the most widely and most used fuel type, you can fuel your car in almost all the places.

Nissan Rogue and Chevy Trax have a high compression ratio too. Precisely, it means that these cars produce sufficient energy within one round of piston moving. The above feature alone places Nissan Rouge in the rundown of cars similar to Chevy Trax.


Above cars speak volumes about their quality and characteristics. If you are someone who is looking for something similar to Chevy Trax, the above options are the best. Honda HR-V, Kia Sportage, Nissan Rogue, Buick Encore, and the above-mentioned cars have the major features closest to Chevy Trax.

Also, the above automobiles are a little or greatly parallel to Chevy Trax. In the end, it’s all up to you to pick out the option that matches your expectations.