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Cars Similar To Cadillac XT4 : 8 Alternatives To See [ Updated ]

Cars Similar To Cadillac XT4 : 8 Alternatives To See [ Updated ]

Cadillac started producing its XT4 in 2018. It has not been long, but car enthusiasts are keen to acquire these powerful vehicles. The crossover comes in the small luxury category.

So, before you settle for this car, it would be wise to scan the market and look out for similar models. Once you check the cars we have listed here, you can decide for yourself.

The XT4 comes with a four-cylinder engine (2-liter), capable of producing 286-pound feet of torque and 235 horsepower. The car has got a capable 9-speed transmission system that transfers the power to the wheels.

The XT4 has a decent acceleration, and it needs 7.8 seconds to reach the 60-mile/hr. mark. At $39,395, you can purchase the base model. In case you want to settle for the all-wheel-drive, you would need an additional $2,500.

The XT4 doesn’t come with a backseat. However, you would love the comfort that this five-seater car offers. No wonder, why this car manages to offer so much legroom. At 2,500 pounds, the towing capacity of the XT4 looks decent.

Cars Similar to Cadillac XT4

Considering the parameters that car owners usually prioritize, we have shortlisted some of the models that are similar to the Cadillac XT4.

1. Audi Q3

In terms of price and features, the Audi Q3 is similar to the Cadillac XT4. The base model would be available at $36,400, which is quite close to the Cadillac model. However, when it comes to the drive options, the Audi Q3 proves to be slightly different.

All the trims of this car come with standard Quattro drives, indicating AWD. In the Cadillac car, only the front-wheel drive is available in the standard model, while AWD is optional.

The Audi Q3 derives its power using an 8-speed automatic transmission from the engine. The horsepower and torque are 184-hp and 221-pound feet, both of which are impressive. However, the acceleration is slightly slower than the Cadillac XT4, as it takes around eight seconds to hit the 60-mph mark.

The seating configurations of the Audi Q3 are similar to that of the Cadillac model. Besides, both cars fare equally well in terms of fuel economy.

The Audi Q3 can manage 30 mpg and 23 mpg on highways and city roads, respectively. Considering all these similarities, it makes sense to place the Audi Q3 as an alternative for the Cadillac XT4.

2. Acura RDX Sport

The Acura RDX Sport would be a viable substitute for the Cadillac XT4 in terms of style and price. Besides, the Acura has a turbocharged engine (4-cylinder) that is capable of generating 280-pound feet of torque and 272-hp.

However, this car fares slightly low when you compare the gas mileage. On highways and cities, it delivers 28 mpg and 22 mpg, respectively.

Therefore, the combined mileage comes to around 24 mpg, which could have been better. Besides, when you power the remaining two wheels, the combined mileage further drops to 23 mpg.

The RDX is a five-seater luxury car, similar to the XT4. Besides, you can fold the rear seats in the car to make room for cargo space. However, the Cadillac XT4 can haul more load, as the RDX is capable of towing only around 1,500 pounds at the maximum.

In terms of acceleration, the RDX substantially beats the XT4. It requires only 6.4 seconds to strike a speed of 60 mph. This figure makes it one of the fastest accelerating cars on our list.

3. BMW X3 iDrive

The BMW X3 comes from the hands of one of the celebrated luxury automakers across the world. As expected, the X3 iDrive would be a high-end car, and you need to shell out $43,700 for the base model.

If the brand value is what you prioritize, it would be a logical decision to go for the BMW car. In terms of power and size, the X3 is similar to the XT4. Therefore, it also serves as an alternative for the Cadillac XT4.

The X3 iDrive comes with twin turbochargers, and the car has a powerful 4-cylinder engine. The torque and horsepower are 258-pound feet and 248-hp, respectively. The car has an eight-speed transmission for all four wheels.

For a brand like BMW, you cannot expect the fuel economy to be too high. Therefore, the owners need to be happy with 28 mpg on highways and 21 mpg on city roads. Coming to the acceleration, the X3 iDrive performs pretty well, zooming to the 60-mph speed in 6.4 seconds.

Once you fold the rear seats down in this five-seater car, you can use the spacious area for cargo. The towing capacity of the BMW X3 iDrive is around 4,400 pounds, which is one of the best on this list.

4. Chevrolet Traverse

In terms of luxury, the Chevrolet Traverse might not meet the class of the Cadillac XT4. However, it’s worth considering this car as an alternative for the XT4, thanks to its roomy interiors and high towing capacity. At 5,000 pounds, the hauling capacity of the Traverse looks quite overwhelming.

What attracts car enthusiasts the most is the base model price of the Chevrolet Traverse. This is actually not a pure luxury car, so the price is lower than that of the Cadillac XT4 by $7,000. At the same time, the brand offers a significant degree of customization. You can go for the Chevrolet Traverse LT Leather model for $39,900. This model is more capable than the Cadillac XT4, and comes around the same price.

The torque and horsepower of the Traverse are 266-pound feet and 310-hp, respectively. However, the fuel mileage is not as good as the XT4. On highways and cities, the car can make 27 mpg and 18 mpg, respectively.

With the V-6 engine, the Traverse needs around 6.9 seconds to cruise to a speed of 60 miles an hour. Moreover, the Traverse is larger than most other SUVs on our list. The car can seat seven to eight people, thanks to the provision of a third row in the vehicle.

Altogether, it’s a good competitor of the Cadillac XT4, if you decide to compromise the luxury.

5. Mercedes Benz GLB 250

Well, if you love luxury cars, it’s worth taking a look at the GLB 250 from Mercedes Benz. It is a direct competitor of the Cadillac XT4. The features, price, and size of this car are also similar to the XT4. Most importantly, the base price is around $38,600, which places it in line with the Cadillac car.

The GLB 250 accelerates faster than the XT4. It is capable of hitting the 60-mph mark in only 6.9 seconds. This car with a 4-cylinder engine produces 221 horsepower to power its drives.

With the GLB 250, you have a dual-clutch automatic transmission (eight-speed). This transfers the power from the engine to the front wheels.

However, some of the models have AWD. Most importantly, Mercedes hasn’t compromised the fuel economy when it developed its GLB 250. In highways and cities, the car can clock 32 mpg and 24 mpg, respectively.

Besides faring equal in comparison to the XT4 in terms of fuel economy, the Mercedes car has double its towing capacity. At 4,400 pounds, it looks impressive and can serve the purpose for most owners.

Apart from the five standard seats in the GLB 250, you have the provision of an optional third row. Eventually, seven passengers can comfortably seat themselves in this car.

Although this Mercedes car looks similar to the XT4, the slope in the rear window is not as steep as the latter. Therefore, with this additional space, the passenger sitting in the back seat can enjoy adequate headroom. Moreover, it makes sufficient space for cargo.

6. Chevrolet Blazer

This is the second Chevrolet car to find its place on this list. When you compare the sizes, the Chevrolet Blazer looks similar to the Cadillac XT4. In terms of power, both cars fare almost the same. Besides, you can get the base model at $38,235, which justifies further similarity between the two models.

The standard car produces sufficient torque (258-pound feet) and horsepower (228-hp). A nine-speed automatic transmission carries this power to the wheels. The acceleration of the Blazer looks decent, and it can hit the 60-mph mark in seven seconds.

However, if you want to tow larger loads, Chevrolet offers you more customization options. It would be logical to go with the DOHC V6 engine (3.6-liter), capable of producing 270-pound feet of torque and 308 horsepower. This variant of the Chevrolet Blazer can tow around 4,500 pounds.

The AWD feature in the Chevrolet Blazer comes as an option. The combined gas mileage of the Blazer comes to 22 mpg, which looks quite ordinary.

However, when you use the 4-cylinder engine, it slightly improves to 25 mpg (29 mpg on highways and 22 mpg in cities). Apart from seating five people, the Chevrolet Blazer can carry a sizable load.

7. Ford Edge SEL

At the outset, we would tell you that the Ford Edge SEL isn’t a luxury SUV. Still, you might find a suitable substitute for your Cadillac XT4 in this car in terms of features, performance, and price. This 250-hp car has a four-cylinder engine (2.0-liter). At $38,445, the price seems to be similar to the Cadillac XT4.

In terms of mileage, the Ford car performs moderately. On the highways and cities, the gas mileage is about 28 mpg and 21 mpg. In terms of speed and acceleration, the Ford Edge SEL fares better than the Cadillac XT4. It needs around 7 seconds to reach the speed of 60-mph.

You won’t enjoy the privilege of a third row for additional passenger space in this five-seater car. The towing capacity looks impressive, at 3,500 pounds.

Moreover, it can accommodate additional cargo, taking the overall towing capacity to 5,000 pounds. This power gives it an edge over the Cadillac XT4, as well as some of the other cars on this list.

8. Lincoln Corsair

The Lincoln Corsair might be a new entity in the competition, but it fares well when you compare it to the Cadillac XT4. The brand launched this car in 2020, and it offers a hybrid drive system and three sources of power.

The base model produces 250-hp to empower the car through the front wheels. The automatic transmission is an eight-speed in the Lincoln Corsair.

Coming to acceleration, the Corsair fares almost the same as the Cadillac XT4. On highways and cities, the mileage of this car is 29 mpg and 22 mpg, respectively. Therefore, the Corsair looks similar to the Cadillac XT4 when you consider acceleration, speed, and mileage.

This is also an affordable car, as the base price is around $36,370. With $5,000 extra, you can get the AWD model. There is no scope of accommodating more than five people in this car, as it doesn’t have the third row.

At 2,000 pounds, the towing capacity of the Lincoln Corsair looks mediocre. In case you want the AWD model, go for the Corsair Grand Touring.

End Note

Apart from the eight models we have listed as the closest competitors of the Cadillac XT4, you also have a few more cars to scan through. These include the Land Rover Discovery Sport, the Subaru Ascent, and the Lexus NX 250.

Now that you have quite a long list of competitors, it would be logical for you to prioritize your criteria. Based on the desired parameters, you can eliminate the models that you don’t want to go for.

Further research on the selected models will help you choose the right car. We have researched the best models that look similar to the Cadillac XT4. Therefore, you can now use your discretion and settle for the one that corresponds with your needs.