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Cars Similar to Cadillac CT6: 11 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar to Cadillac CT6: 11 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cadillac is luxurious from top to bottom as car enthusiasts define it. This luxury sedan could have given the customers a true sense of achievement through its high-powering engine, diligent looks, and comfy interiors. But wonder why we are saying “could have”? Because Cadillac CT6 is now hard to get your hands on.

General Motors have now discontinued producing the models of CT6. This may be a disaster for many but trust us – it is a blessing for you. We will today introduce you to the most luxurious sedans in the market that is not much hyped up but fit into the category of “cars similar to Cadillac CT6”.

Cars Similar To Cadillac CT6

General Motors have been planning to bring Cadillac CT6 with a more refined form and name but it is still far in the future. Here are some of the sedans that are the pride of the sedan section and are worthy of your pennies – Tesla Model S, BMW 7 Series, Lincoln Continental, Volvo S90, Genesis G80, Genesis G90 Cadillac CTS, Mercedes Benz E Class, Audi 8, Lexus LS, Audi A6, and Tesla Model S.

All these premium vehicles have some components of Cadillac CT6 as well as their personality infused. According to many people, luxury should be extremely handsome, marvelously big, should have adequate tech features and comfort.

Let’s dive into each of these cars’ prospect and learn more about them.

1. BMW 7 Series

Isn’t the name of this sedan enough to set the expectations high already? Yes, BMW 7 Series lives up to the expectations of having a good-looking exterior and high-functioning interior.

There is no possibility that you will be disappointed with BMW 7 Series. Let’s look into its nature and find out how it beholds greatness just like Cadillac CT6.

Comfort At Its Best – BMW 7 Series and Cadillac CT6 are called deluxe because everything inside the car is comfortable. Everything is there to make the driving experience cheerful, from the seats to the materials used.

Stepping inside the BMW 7 Series, you would feel nothing less than home as you get very broad legroom and headroom. Your comfort would not be compromised with that 41.2 inches of legroom in the front and 43 inches of legroom in the back.

Good Residual Value In The End – If you are someone who might change his/her mind and may think of reselling then Cadillac CT6 and BMW 7 Series are “it”. As time will pass, the value of both the form and the latter would decrease but not drastically.

The depreciation would also be minimal and after 5-6 years, both these vehicles will give you half of the value of the purchased price – “at the time of sell back”.

2. Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental is a little underrated in the market and the reason is not known. Frankly, we have many reasons to flash Lincoln Continental. One of the reasons that people should invest in this car is its highly distinctive exteriors. Having said that, it has big doors that acquire most of the side of the cars. Let’s further discover this sedan.

Making Your Journey Easy With Technology – Lincoln Continental is the high end which is just opposite to its accessibility in terms of tech features. The tech features like a 30-degree seat adjuster, responsive infotainment system, and exposure audio system are just the cherry on top.

Apart from these, this luxury sedan has multiple airbags, a collision warning system, and 3600 degrees camera. There is even full driver’s assistance with an adjustable steering wheel and effective rearview mirror.

3. Volvo S90

Volvo S90 comes in three different modifications (trims) and each model has an age of up to 20 years. This period is not bad considering the power generated by this luxury sedan. Also, the passengers sitting inside the vehicle would not get affected by the noisy turns as cabins are fully noise-proof.

It’s time to get into the world of Volvo S90 and check whether it flexibly adjusts in “cars similar to Cadillac CT6”.

Will Make You Remember It Forever Through Its Ease – Volvo S90 may look rough-tough from the outside but is very flexible from the inside.

Firstly, the seats are made up of comfortable material and on top of that, they are ventilated. You just have to use the power button in front of each seat to adjust the modes. The seats can be adjusted to the lowest degree both in front and rear, leading to a better posture to drive.

The above seat functioning is also similar to Cadillac CT6 where you will be in a comfortable zone.

Colors That Matter – Gone are the times when black, white, and grey use to be the only elegant colors in sedans. Now, Companies like Volvo are risking it all and producing sedans in colors that no one can say “no” to.

Precisely, Volvo S90 is available in 7 different shades including metallic, neutrals, and bright colors. Even the interiors have no touch of boringness as they also come in 4 colors. And this is how Volvo S90 gets included in “cars similar to Cadillac CT6”.

4. Genesis G80

Hyundai has planned and produced very few cars under the name Genesis and G80 is one of them. This luxury flagship sedan has a turbocharged engine that is enough to uplift its power. But the question arises – What features of Cadillac CT6 are also inside the accumulation of Genesis G80?

Outstanding exteriors – Both Genesis G80 and Cadillac CT6 have exteriors that shout only one word “extravagance”. Now, it is understandable that when you are paying around $50,000, you are in for everything extra deluxe. But you are getting value above that price with a hexagon grill, sporty headlights, and a suitably shaped bumper.

Heavy-Duty Drivetrain that Works Splendidly – Genesis G80 and Cadillac CT6, both have rear-wheel drive. Now, it is a notion that luxurious cars irrespective of their nature have RWD but in reality, RWD serves more than its exclusive value.

Firstly, RWD is uncomplex so it does not dominate the other parts of the vehicle. Secondly, RWD provides better power, especially through the sedan’s structure.

5. Genesis G90

One of the many perks of having a Genesis model is having many years of maintenance under your kitty. Laterally, you are also getting a lot of tech services to remain stress-free from the account of your Genesis G90 vehicle. That was it for its maintenance, it’s time to know G90’s nature.

Relaxed Handling With The Help Of Steering – The turning ratio of Genesis G90 and Cadillac CT6 has only a 1-foot difference. The Genesis G90 can be turned with 19.6 feet of radius and Cadillac CT6 can take a curve with 21.4 feet of radius. This radius is ideal for a luxury sedan. Ultimately, your steering is helping you to take various degrees of turn with maximum rotation.

Standard Fuel Economy – A premium sedan generates more power compared to other categories. To do so may consume a lot of fuel but it is vice versa with Genesis G90. Frankly, Genesis G90 contributes 25 MPG to the revenue. This MPG is great considering the energy this automobile is producing.

6. Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS is a midsize luxury sedan that depends on no introduction. This luxurious number can be identified at a distance from anyone because of its very edgy looks. From the top to the bottom, the exteriors look very symmetrical.

Infotainment System Is The USP – Many people invest in luxury sedans because they want entertainment covered too. Cadillac CTS and Cadillac CT6, both these premium sedan options have many features embedded just at a balanced distance from the seats.

There is a quick navigation system, a highly intelligent car voice control robot, and on-the-go connectivity features. All these alert features do not only make the journey enjoyable but snugly too.

Exteriors Have Been Superbly Designed – The exteriors, mainly the front part of Cadillac CTS look very classic. There are exaggerated headlights and a hexagon grill. Even the tires are classic looking. Overall, all the exterior parts contribute to good assembling.

7. Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes E Class is an amalgamation of powerful, classy, stylish, groundbreaking, smooth, and much more. Ultimately, this flagship luxury sedan leaves very less room for criticism, and below are the reasons why!

Features That Are Meant For Only Comfort – Both Benz E Class and CT6 offer features that would be far beyond anything you have ever experienced. Both these fantastically designed sedans have a hard Moonroof, Blind Monitoring System, climate-changing seats, and a greatly infused infotainment system.

Moreover, there are nuances of leather and soft plastic all over the dashboard, armrest, and on seats. This detailing deserves a different award for all the extra comfort it provides to the passengers as well as the driver.

8. Audi A8

One of the biggest advantages that the Audi A8 brings with itself is it is very toughly built. In a way, you can say that this high-end vehicle is bulletproof and set an example for the other sedans too. Does it match Cadillac CT6 or vice versa?

Interiors Are To Die For – Audi A8 is not just any other Audi, it comes with super stylish interiors. Right, when you will enter inside the cabin of this exclusive car, you would feel the charm of it – Every part feels like you are sitting inside expensive assimilation. The seats are made from good fine quality material and every part has a uniform color.

Choose The Right Colour – Technically, the seats come in two colors and you can always select one keeping in mind the exteriors. You can see the same interior state in Cadillac CT6.

9. Lexus LS

A lot of reviews were taken from car enthusiasts and they all find Lexus LS to be a reliable car. One of many reasons that contribute to its reliability is it catches good race with no pressure on the related parts. Also, Lexus LS has been the most popular choice of people among other Lexus models.

Best Mileage That You Can Get – In the year 2021 nearly 4000 LS were sold in America. All thanks to the mileage this luxurious sports car provides. With the highest speed, Lexus LS goes up to 27 MPG and with lower speeds, it travels to 18 MPG. Directly, this mileage is saving a lot of fuel for you thus making you the happiest.

Transmission That Speaks For Itself – Both Lexus LS and Cadillac CT6 come with all-wheel drive. Now AWD is a blessing for vehicles like sedans because it prevents a sedan to lose its balance on slippery surfaces like mud or snow. AWD concentrates on all the vehicles and the vehicles decide their movement individually.

10. Audi A6

Audi A6 is one such luxurious number that comes with many gold features. Audi A6 keeps on advancing its technology from time to time and this midsize sedan has taken the best of this technology. Let’s see whether it is similar to Cadillac CT6 or not.

A Car That Glides With Smoothness – Audi A6 and Cadillac CT6 is the type of vehicles that do not feel bulky while driving. Both these similar sedans have brake rotors that work in synchronization with brake pads to stop the car smoothly. This kind of mechanism in the braking system would keep the brakes smooth for the longest period. Thus, you will get a ride that is not difficult in any way.

Ride Made Greater With Tough Tires – Audi A6 and Cadillac CT6 both have aluminum-based wheels and their size is around 19 by 8.5 inches. Also, your spare wheel will not come in use soon because of robust 1st hand tires.

11. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is a luxury electric car that will save a lot of your money. Firstly, it is one of the few cars that has a rechargeable battery which you can charge anywhere you want. Second, this premium automobile is jampacked with uncomplicated features.

Colour Options That You Can’t Say No To – Luxury cars like Tesla Model S and Cadillac CT6 are designed keeping in mind color psychology. Many people want their luxury sedan to be of dark color hence both the former and the latter are available in black, grey, metallics, brown, and Dark Red. And this is not it – you get profligate color options on the insides too.

Every Room Has Phenomenal Space – Tesla Model S is very spacious under which you are getting the broad-spaced head room, leg room, and cargo room as well. Tesla Model will also give you the essence of Cadillac CT6 as it fits at the right corner of “cars similar to Cadillac CT6”.


A luxury car will never let you complain! But if you are looking for cars similar to Cadillac CT6, select one from the above sedan options.

All these luxurious sedans are a good example of a “complete” vehicle. These options have good exteriors, perform splendidly, have high reselling value, and what not! So, next time when you have made up your mind to get a car that has the correct reflection of CT6, don’t forget to check out these high-end sedans in depth.