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Car Names That Start With N : Complete List For 2022

Car Names That Start With N : Complete List For 2022

What are the popular and latest car models starting with the letter N? If you have this query running through your mind, get its answer here only.

In today’s article, I will explain the top five tech-loaded and latest car models starting with the letter N. So, let’s start.

Car Names That Start With N

The following are my five top picks.

1. Lincoln Navigator

Coming under a price range of $76,185 to $101,325, the Lincoln Navigator 2022 model has everything to get to your notice.

It’s the 2nd largest luxury line SUB in the range. With almost every exclusive feature, superior interior, spacious cabin, and a whopping towing capacity of over 8,700 pounds, you can do anything in style with the Navigator 2022 redesign.

Its closest counterparts include the Mercedes Benz and Land Rover. Coming to the new Navigator’s driving experience, the mass weight and large size provide a stress-free driving experience.

It boasts a highly responsive V6 engine that rockets off from 0-60kmph in just 6.1 seconds.

With low-effort steering and checked body roll for tight turns, you won’t find difficulty driving the car, even on packed roads. 

The car’s spectacular design disallows any road noise or wind noise to enter the cabin, but on continuous mountainous areas, you may experience some body movement. But that’s pretty normal with such cars.

You get tons of seat adjustments in the front row with both seat heaters and coolers.

There is lots of space for around 6-7 people to fit it comfortably in terms of the interior.

Its retractable step rails make it easy to enter or exit the car in a breeze with the aid of the suitably placed grab handles.

There are adjustable pedals and tilt & telescopic steering for all movements for the driver’s ease. Besides, the car comes with several other controls. 


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2. Ariel Motors Nomad R

Ariel Motors’ Nomad is entirely different from the other cars that I’ve reviewed so far, or I’ll review next.

Ariel Motors delivers the best car meant for both on and off-road.

Their latest and adversest model is Nomad, a bonker and dust-raising off-road vehicle based on their first-ever model Atom.

Fun fact: the company will manufacture just 5 Nomad Rs, so assure that you come up in those five by the end of this article.

The first thing that makes Nomad R different from Ariel’s other models is it’s Honda sourced 2L supercharged engine instead of the old-school 2.4L engine.

What this supercharged engine does is that it produces 335bhp of horsepower and 243 lb-ft torque. The Nomad R can rocket off from 0-60mph in merely 2.9 seconds.

There is a six-speed gearbox fitted with dog rings and auto blip mode for downshifts. The Nomad R can reach up to a maximum speed of 121mph because of all this.

Since the car is built explicitly for blazing off-roading, the company went for a whole new drivetrain set up, and that’s the Bilstein MDS mono-tube dampers.

You get superior braking power thanks to the Alcon brakes. Considering all these, Ariel Motors Nomad R comes under a price range of £64,500 to £81,000. 

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3. Toyota Noah Hybrid

If you’ll find someone to describe Toyota’s Noah in one sentence, it’s an all-around modern-day beast.

And why won’t it? Noah Hybrid carries a unique boxy shape towards the rear end as it’s another multi-purpose vehicle from the manufacturers.

This boxy body enables more interior space for both passengers and luggage. But don’t leave your interest in the car knowing that it features a boxy look.

Toyota has made that boxy look appears much more stylish, to be precise.

The rear end carries two upright tail lights hugging the tinted rear windows for a perfect flair and character. Noah’s ultra-wide rear window allows better visibility than the other MPVs in the market. 

Giving Noah a van-like look, you get sliding middle doors in the car. There is a 1.8L I4 engine that produces 134bhp of horsepower and 142 nm of torque.

However, an electric motor provides the remaining zest to the car to give you a pleasurable driving experience.

The car weighs around 1610 kgs and can fit seven adults with ease. With this, the car can still cover around 22-23 km in a single liter of petrol, and that’s a good achievement for the makers.

With a turning radius of 5,500nm, you won’t find it challenging to ride Noah on the tight city roads. Though there is a little body roll, it’s familiar with the cars of this segment.

For braking, the front wheels have ventilated discs, while solid ones are there for rear ones.

Toyota Noah Hybrid features a keyless entry and exit with powered sliding doors for easy access in tight door-to-door parking. In a nutshell, these features will give you an idea of the prowess of the car. 


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4. Nissan Navara

Better known as the Nissan Navara pickup, the Japanese carmakers have unveiled another sporty and off-roading model that’s safe, durable, comfortable, and loaded.

Suitable for both work and family travel trips, Navara comes with its patented intelligent mobility features and other safety-first techs.

To mention, you get Nissan’s intelligent forward-collision warning system. The system monitors the car and warns you if there’s even the slightest collision chance.

If you’re someone who regularly drives on busy city roads, you’ll find Navara’s emergency braking system of great use as it immediately activates the brakes to avoid collisions. 

Next comes an intelligent around-view monitor that scrutinizes the subjects around the vehicle for quick parking and reversing.

While driving on the 4×4 mode, the off-road monitor can scrutinize the visible obstacles at low speed.

Increased noise isolation and better vibration curtailing structure give you a comfortable and quiet ride.

Other notable features of the new Navara include an integrated step to access the high bumper with ease, enhanced payload capacity, and a robust rear axle.

Not to forget Navara’s bold and stylish exterior like never before.

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5. Dodge Neon

One of the most noticeable things between the standard Dodge Neon and its athletic 2022 model is the bonnet.

But that’s not the ONLY thing! There are many more additions to the latest version, somewhat absent in Neon’s standard model.

The base version of the sedan carries a 1.4-1.6L engine that produces 100bhp and 90lb-ft torque.

There are both a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox. With a top speed of 153mph, the car can also cover up to 0-62mph in under 7.4 seconds. 

Coming to the exterior, the Neon features Dodge’s signature steel grill, halogen lights, and decently sized steel wheels, 15-inch and 16-inch.

The top model gets the 17-inch wheel option. One thing hurting in the car is the absence of aerodynamics.

Not a sexy car to say, but Neon is another city-made sedan under $20,000. Under this budget, don’t look for luxurious interiors.

You’ll only have company-styled cloth seats and carbon fiber components.

In the base model, you’ll only have the Uconnect stereo, and the top model gets the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Safety-wise, Neon gets multiple airbags in both front and rear seats. Also, there is ABS, EBD, traction control, etc.

There is cruise control for the driver’s assistance, parking assist, hill climb assist, and much more. Hence, it’s fair to say that Dodge has never compromised on the all-around safety of its vehicles. 


These are my top five picks and experience for the cars, starting with the letter N. Which one is your favorite?