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Car Names That Start With L : Here’s The Full List For 2022

Car Names That Start With L : Here’s The Full List For 2022

Are you looking for car models starting with the letter L and couldn’t arrive at any particular one?

If yes, I assure you of getting the best model among the below reviewed five variants. So, let’s start with my personal choice Toyota Land Cruiser.

Car models that start with the letter L

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Though the 2022 edition of the Toyota Land Cruiser hasn’t got any significant changes, it still made it to the top 10 large SUVs.

A preferred off-roader, 2022 model, promises to take your drive experience to a whole new level.

Starting with a base price of $87,030, this 5-8 seater SUV’s top model now comes in two color options: classic silver and magnetic grey.

By spending around $2,190 extra, you can book the Heritage Edition of the Land Cruiser with more exclusive features on offer like the 14-speaker JBL music system and an around-view camera system for easy navigation.

Other standard features in the Land Cruiser include the 9-inch touchscreen control panel, fine leather interiors, ventilated seats, and much more.

What additions you get in the Heritage Edition package include a rooftop rack for luggage, 18-inch BBS wheels, and a unique grille. 

Most importantly, you get the 3rd-row option in the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022.

The car comes equipped with a powerful and responsive 5.7L V8 engine that generates 381bhp and 401 lb-ft torque.

You get an 8-speed automatic transmission for a smooth drive. The steering will feel light while driving, but you’ll experience some body roll at sharp turns.

That’s common with these bulky SUVs. You can tow around 8100 pounds with the Land Cruiser 2022.

The car’s massive dimensions take a toll on its mileage, and that’s why you get just 13mph on city roads and 17mpg on highways.

Be it the front row, middle, or the last row; all three offer beautiful and suitable visibility.


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2. Nissan Leaf

If you have heard of the top electric vehicles from brands like Audi, Jaguar, or Tesla, you should add one more brand Nissan, to this. Why? Nissan Leaf 2022 is the most affordable yet luxury electric car with a tag of under $32,570.

Yes, I agree that no other model or brand can match the above three brands; Leaf has tried its best.

However, Leaf’s standard battery has a capacity of 40-kWh, and it allows a driving distance of merely 149 miles.

In the higher model, the company has provided an extended battery worth 62-kWh that offers a driving distance of 226 miles.

It again leads to a higher cost. Out of the all available Leaf-like S, S Plus, SV, SV Plus, and SL Plus models, we’d recommend you go for the S Plus one. 

Leaf S Plus has numerous up-rank features like automatic climate control, push-button start, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, etc.

You can either use a 120/240-Volt outlet for the charging purpose with an appropriate 6-7 hours for complete charging.

Coming to the interior, the S and SV model has lots of black plastic. To compensate for this, the company has provided well-textured structures and premium finishing.

There is a wide analog speedometer on the dashboard with a 7-inch touchscreen displaying multiple information. 

3. Lexus LX

Lexus LX starts with a base price of $88,450. Whether you’d use LX for daylight off-roading or for attending any late-night party, LX is suitable for both of these purposes.

With the 2022 model, you can purchase an additional sports package to give your car 21-inch wheels, better exterior styling, and other body colors.

Another package is the inspiration series #2 package that lends your LX 21-inches black wheels, black badging, etc.

What’s more, the already multi-functional infotainment system is now compatible with Alexa.

Keeping the preferences of people in mind, the company has launched both two rows and 3-rows options. However, go with the latter one as who’d ignore extra seating? 

Another add-on is the Luxury Package, which includes a leather interior, lights on the exterior mirrors, and heated and ventilated seats for the first two rows.

Its 5.7L V8 engine produces 383bhp, and this enables the car to rocket off from 0-60mph within 7.2 seconds. It is a bit slow as compared to its counterparts.

However, it’s still manageable. Still, such a slow speed calls for lots of arms work in turns.

If you doubt about your LX’s towing power, it’s not much and only 7000-pound. The mileage isn’t a good one, but you can reap around 18mpg on highways and 15mpg combined.


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4. Lexus LS

For LS, you can say that a car model has launched the brand. Yes, that’s true. The company has added certain flagship features to the LS and has given it a new character.

Be it’s an active noise cancellation system or the new headlamps with the first-ever 12.3-inches touchscreen display.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to the earlier no-touch screen. There are two turbocharged V6 engines in the car.

If you purchase the expensive Luxury package, you get additional add-ons like front seats with massager, four-zone climate control, rear-powered sunshades, etc.

Summing up all the available Luxury package features, the overall car cost will increase by $17000, but it’s worth every penny.

Coming to the interior of the LS, you’d see remarkably patterned fabrics and leatherwork all around the cabin.

The car is well-designed for four adults. However, if you want to fit in a kid, opt for the rear bucket seat.

Otherwise, you may not get the luxury feel. As LS comprises fixed rear seats, the luggage capacity is limited.

There lies a wide 12.3-inches touchscreen through which you can control the various features of LS. Guess what? The system can now work as per your voice commands. 

5. Lexus LFA

$379,585 is what you’ll have to pay for owning the Lexus LFA. You’d feel that if you’ve spent this much on a car, why not go with the Ferrari or any other luxury sports car brand.

But LFA is nothing less than any Ferrari sportscar. Equipped with racecar technology and a massive V10 engine that produces 553bhp, the car zooms within no time.

The Lexus LFA’s weight distribution is 48% in the front and 52% in the rear.

Though the car may appear bulky to many, it has lightweight carbon fiber. By measurements, only 35% of the total car is aluminum. So, it’s incredibly light in weight. 

The drag coefficient is merely 0.31, and it’s because of the exquisite airflow management and rear diffuser.

Its three F1-style exhausts emit fiery sounds while running at top speeds. Although the V10 engine is present behind the front axle, you will feel its presence ahead of you at turns.

One major con associated with the Lexus LFA is its inability to handle mid-road bumps.

The steering feels so soft on even roads but in the case of bumpy and cracked roads, be ready for more arm work to handle the steering.


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Besides these top five latest car models starting with the letter L, you have many such models with their pros and cons. However, these five are the most sought-after models in the current market.