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Car Hood Won’t Close All The Way : [ Here’s Why & Solution ]

Car Hood Won’t Close All The Way : [ Here’s Why & Solution ]

Does your automobile hood not shut perfectly? The most probable and common reason why your vehicle hood won’t shut is hood latch corrosion. Notwithstanding, an item might also be prohibiting the hood from shutting properly.

This can be very difficult to handle, particularly if it occurs right after cleaning or driving your vehicle. It can save you money and time if you know how to repair a car hood. Go through the blog to know why the car hood won’t close all the way and how you can fix it.

Why won’t the car hood close all the way?

The hood connection of every automobile encompasses the safety catch, release lever, hood lock, and secondary parts like a pull handle and hood striker.

One of the common reasons why your car hood won’t close all the way is hood latch breakdown. Breakdown leads to the hood pull release grip to fasten in the empty position. Here are other reasons explained why your car hood won’t close all the way.

1. Old Hood Latch

You can find a latch set in automobile hoods. It enables the design hook to connect to the hood in the place where the engine is situated. Nonetheless, just like other parts of a vehicle, the latch is the reason for the physical damage or corroding.

Once the lock is influenced, it’d not be easy for the vehicle hood to connect to the latch in the engine cove. Therefore the hood won’t shut well when you attempt to shut the hood.

2. Inadequacy of Lubrication

If lubrication is inadequate in the hood lock machine, it won’t be easy for the lock to set properly. Nonetheless, this is an unusual reason for the problem being talked about. So, you should lubricate the latch machine.

3. Something Blocked The Latch Mechanism

If something is in the way of the latch tool, then the hood won’t shut properly. So, check the latch mechanism to know if there’s any obstruction there.

4. Faulty Cable or Latch Handle

There can be a problem with the hood latch handle, or the cable can be deteriorated because of stress and pressure. When any of these scenarios occur, the hood will likely not shut.

How do you fix a hood that doesn’t close?

Here is how you can fix a car hood that doesn’t shut. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can easily fix it within a short period. Also, you will just need a screwdriver to repair it.

1. Remove hood lock trim.

First of all, you need to take out the hood lock trim. You can take it out just by pulling up on it. Then you have to keep the trim in position with plastic hooks. After removing the trim, you’ll find three latches; take them out too.

2. Unscrew the latches

In the next step, you will have to loosen the bolts that connect the hood to the vehicle. You will find three bolts there placed under a covering made of rubber.

You can effortlessly remove them. All you need to do is utilize a socket wrench to undo them. After removing them, you can hold the hood up from your automobile.

3. Check metal rod

After accessing the hood lock, examine it properly. Check if the metal rod can move freely and ensure there is no debris or dirt obstructing its motion. If you see any interruption in the metal rod movement, clean it with detergent to eliminate debris. You can also wash it with water.

4. Check hood cables

If you don’t see any problem in metal rod movement, then the issue is with your hood cable. Sometimes the hood cable cracks and requires replacement. You can buy the hood cables at your regional auto components store for about $15 to $20.

After connecting the new cable, make sure to inspect if the hood shuts. If you notice that it still has issues with its function, try fixing the cable tension. After doing this, your hood latch should function properly.


Years of hitting the hood against the latch machine in the engine cove can destroy a part in the lock assembly. So, if you face any difficulty in closing your car hood, it’s basically because of a problem with the hood lock itself or any parts that make up the latch mechanism.