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Can You Jumpstart A Tesla? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Can You Jumpstart A Tesla? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Tesla is on a goal to demonstrate that electric vehicles could be more fun, faster, and better to use than their gasoline-powered opponents. They aim to come up with clean energy and clean transport to the forefront of cars, producing not just environmentally friendly automobiles but also producing their storage products and cleaner energy generation.

One question people often ask about Tesla is, can this vehicle be jump started? The answer is yes. Tesla car’s 12v auxiliary battery can be jumpstarted.

The 12v battery of this car is placed under the front cover and energizes the automobile’s electronics. However, it is impossible to jump-start Tesla’s primary driving battery. You can energize the main battery of Tesla only by charging it. Here is how you can jumpstart a Tesla.

Can you jumpstart a Tesla?

Yes, it is possible to jumpstart a Tesla car. Because a Tesla car is manufactured with a 12V battery placed under the hood like other vehicles, remember that it is no big deal as with an ordinary vehicle because there is no need to jump the starter engine for the motor.

You only need to supply sufficient energy back to your battery to get it operating again. The process for jumpstarting a Tesla car is not different from most other vehicles. However, it is slightly based on the Tesla Model you own.

When your vehicle’s battery is dead and requires a recharge, you will need to jumpstart it.

Tesla’s 12V battery comprises lithium-ion, and the automobile won’t begin if it’s running low. The difficult part of jumpstarting your Tesla is finding the battery position. You can also jumpstart it the exact way as a typical gasoline vehicle.

This tiny 12 V battery could require a jumpstart as it has not been in utilization for a long time or has a defect in the charging point. The battery requires a sufficient charge to turn on the vehicle’s electrical system.

How do you jumpstart a Tesla Model S?

There are various methods for jumpstarting and accessing the 12V battery in electric cars or Tesla.

It was not easy to unlock the Frunk and find the 12V battery on older Tesla Model Ss. So, if your Tesla model is not newer, it’s better to call roadside help.

You can find two frunk release wires on the previous Model S kept behind the plastic in the wheel springs. Then after going inside, you have to eliminate a lot of plastic to find the battery.

Can you get out of a Tesla if the battery dies?

Electric cars have a different issue that gas-powered automobiles do not have. You may wonder what occurs if your Tesla battery dies on the roadside. Operating the Tesla’s battery empty is more difficult than running out of fuel.

However, there’s enough signal and range created that you can pull over without any worry and call for assistance. Just avoid counting on any kilometers beyond zero under common circumstances.


Tesla has stormed the electric vehicle market with the best and most incredible automobiles. Nonetheless, there is a time of adjustment when people shift from gasoline-powered cars to electric automobiles.

You need to be careful about the battery level on the car and ensure that it has sufficient charge to drive safely where you are going in case you can’t find any charging station to charge your vehicle during your journey. Fortunately, you can jumpstart a Tesla 12v battery in an easy procedure. Hopefully, this blog has been helpful to you.