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Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame? [ Know The Answer here ]

Can You Drive A Car With A Bent Frame? [ Know The Answer here ]

Can I drive my car with a bent frame? If you have this query in your mind and have looked up to an ample number of places seeking a straightforward answer, get it here!!

After a collision with anything like another car, any challenging subject (like wall, tree, etc.), there are chances that your car may suffer some impact(s) that may/will result in the bending of its frame.

Let’s be frank. Your car will suffer some damage in such cases even though it appears fair to the naked eyes.

Now, the questions that arise are that is it safe to drive with the same car further? How to know whether my car’s frame is bent or fine?

What are the dangers associated with driving a car with a bent frame? To get answers to these, read further. 

However, note that since a frame is there to protect the passengers inside, you’d not make any compromise.

Can you drive a car with a bent frame?

Whether you can drive your car with a bent frame or not depends upon several factors. The most important of them is the intensity of the collision and its impact on the frame.

If the frame is slightly damaged, you can drive your car. But keep in mind that you should drive slowly.

However, if the damage is severe and is visible to the naked eyes, it’s recommended not to take a risk by driving it ahead.

A car with a bent frame poses severe threats to the passengers sitting inside it. In a nutshell, notice the intensity of the damage caused to the car’s frame and then decide whether to drive or not.

Is it safe to drive a car with frame damage?

As said earlier, if the intensity of the frame damage isn’t high, you won’t feel any difference while driving, and you can continue driving it.

In another case, it’s better not to drive such a car as it’s not safe for you and the people around you. We discuss the general dangers a car with a bent frame poses below.

Why should you not drive a car with a bent frame?

Carmakers recommend not driving any car with a bent frame due to the following reasons.

1. Such a car won’t travel straight on the road.

You must know that a car’s frame is responsible for keeping the car in a straight motion on the road, i.e., a frame keeps the front and back of the car aligned, which likewise aids in keeping the steering base even.

Now, when the frame has suffered damage(s), it’s no longer in straight alignment. To notice it, look through your car’s rearview mirror.

You’ll notice that the back of the car will appear crooked. You’d need to pull harder the steering wheel to turn it to the other side of the road in such a case.

Thus, owing to its bent frame, your car will find it challenging to align itself straight on the road and pose a constant threat to the other vehicles moving on its side.

It’s worth knowing that cars with bent frames are solely responsible for most accidents by novice drivers in the United States.

2. Doors won’t close properly.

Another risk usually associated with bent car frames is that they don’t allow a smooth opening and closing of the doors (usually, front doors).

It’s because a frame forms the car’s baseline and any damage to it impacts the car’s hinges and locks.

In severe cases, the passengers may not even lock their doors, and such a thing is dangerous while the car is moving.

3. A car with a bent frame can not absorb another blow.

It is the most prominent reason for not driving a car with a bent frame.

If the car has already suffered an impact that has resulted in its frame’s bending, the same car, in most cases, won’t be able to absorb another blow. It will result in more severe accidents the next time.

So, the above three reasons justify why driving with a bent car frame is a risky act for both you and other vehicles driving nearby.

What are the signs of a bent vehicle frame?

The common signs of a bent vehicle frame include the following.

1. Visible damage to the frame

Look around the car and check out any crack(s), crease(s), and rust on the frame and around it. Additionally, check the car’s frame beneath the car, and it should have missing or damaged components, indicating damage to the frame. 

2. Poor alignment of the car

After meeting an accident, you’ll notice that the car isn’t driving in a straight line and is pulling in one direction, requiring extra correction while steering.

All this happens due to the car’s poor alignment due to the bent car frame. If that’s so, get it repaired at the earliest. 

3. Strange noise

Another typical indication of a bent car frame is the frequent occurrences of certain unusual sounds from the car’s front, rear, and sides.

The intensity of these strange noises can indicate the intensity of the damage caused to the frame. If the damage is minor, the sound may seem harmless.

However, in more severe and intolerable noises, getting some repairments is the best you can do. Otherwise, it can lead to more damages and higher repairing costs.

4. Uneven wear and tear of shockers and suspension

Shockers and suspension of the vehicle can suffer unusual wear and tear if the damaged frame starts putting more weight on one side of the vehicle.

It will cause the vehicle’s wheel to stay connected with the road and move forward stably. It, in turn, will cause another accident with any nearby subject(s).

5. Incorrect fitting of the parts

If your vehicle’s frame is not adequate and damaged instead, other parts of the vehicle may start falling out of their place, like the nuts, bolts, hinges, windows, doors, etc.

Hence, while checking out the vehicle for any frame damage, don’t forget to check the above parts and components’ fittings.

6. Poor wheel tracking

While driving, if you notice an irregularity on one or other side of the wheels, it’s due to a damaged frame.

Due to this, the front and rear wheels may not track each other as they used to do before. Hence, get your vehicle checked by professionals for straightening for proper wheel tracking. 

7. Uneven tire wear

Similar to the wear caused to the vehicle’s shock and suspension due to a bent car frame, similar wear is possible on the tires.

Due to the damaged frame, the vehicle’s weight will keep shifting to one side instead of getting distributed. So, the tires of the side with more weight will witness more wear than usual.


Frequently Asked Question:

A. What happens if the frame breaks while driving?

God forbid, but if your car’s frame breaks while driving, if possible, stop at the moment and prioritize getting it repaired.

It is because if such a thing happens, it’s dangerous for the passengers sitting inside.

Any car with a broken frame is hard to handle, stabilize, and collide anywhere if not appropriately handled. Further, if severe damage is there with the frame, the car may even stop. 


Auto collisions are common these days. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh driver or an experienced car enthusiast.

It’s a dreadful thing that can happen to anyone, anytime, and at any place. But you’ve to remember one thing.

First and foremost, take care of yourself and then look after your car’s condition. It’s a machine you can get repaired anywhere.

eAlso, as said earlier, even though your car may appear impact-less after a collision, look out for the above signs, and even if there’s a single issue, get it done at the earliest.