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Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Fix A Misfire? [ Answered ]

Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Fix A Misfire? [ Answered ]

Have you noticed a decrease in your car’s gas mileage lately? Or does your car not accelerate as quickly as it should? If the answer to both these questions is a yes, you should consider treating your engine with a fuel injector cleaner to improve its performance.

If you observe a misfire in your vehicle and suspect that its cause is a clogged fuel injector, you may ask yourself if the cleaner will fix the misfire or not. A clogged fuel injector can lead to a misfire. But can you clean it with the help of an injector cleaner and make the misfire go? Let us find out!

Can a fuel injector cleaner fix a misfire?

Yes, a fuel injector cleaner can fix a misfire in your vehicle. A fuel injector is helpful if an unbalanced air-to-fuel ratio leads to a misfire in your engine due to clogged fuel injectors.

It will restore the fuel-to-air ratio by deep cleansing. Besides a misfire, clogged fuel injectors can lead to poor engine performance. The fuel-to-air ratio gets unbalanced with the clogging of injectors.

It means your vehicle combustion chamber has more air than fuel, resulting in a misfire. You should clean the fuel injectors if your car misfires, has increased fuel combustion, or has a loss in acceleration or power.

How long does it take for a fuel injector cleaner to work?

You will begin noticing the results of a fuel injector cleaner within 100 to 300 miles after usage. Although the cleaner will start working soon after you put it inside the vehicle’s tank, it will take some time to make an observable change. So, be patient with that. The noticeable results are better acceleration, higher gas mileage, and smoother idling.

The speed at which a fuel injector works depends on two factors:

Type of fuel injector

Fuel injector cleaner is a dissolving agent that breaks down debris & sludge in injectors and chambers. There are dozens of cleaners available. The speed will depend on the strength of the cleaner.

Condition of the fuel system

A new vehicle will react to an injector cleaner rapidly. An old engine will have chief build-ups in the fuel tank, and hence the cleaner will take more time to do its job.

How do I know if my fuel injectors are clogged?

The signs of a clogged fuel injector are:

  • Misfiring engine

The vehicle’s fuel injectors are clogged if the engine is sputtering while accelerating. The reason behind sputtering is that it gets less fuel than it needs. The tiny fuel that enters fires the engine in spurts.

  • Reduced fuel economy 

A clogged or leaking fuel injector is the cause of poor gas economy. The amount of fuel sprayed in the combustion chamber is an engine efficiency indicator. You will burn more fuel if the engine does not work efficiently.

  • Rough idling 

Your vehicle will idle roughly due to clogged fuel injectors. If you hear any strange sounds while driving, check the injector.

  • Dead engine

If your car is not starting, there is probably no fuel in the combustion chamber because the injectors are fully clogged. You will notice it gets tough to start your vehicle every single time.

  • Sporadic RPM needle 

A faulty fuel injector causes a sporadic needle on your car’s tachometer. If the fuel enters the cylinders only in spurts, your RPMs can go up & down. It will also cause the tachometer needle to dance.


A misfire is due to a clogged fuel injector in your vehicle. An injector cleaner is a dissolving agent that breaks down the debris and thus cleans the injector and combustion chamber. It can fix a misfire.