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Assembly Bill1493

Passed in 2002, Assembly Bill 1493 (Pavley) directs the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to adopt regulations that require carmakers to reduce global warming emissions from new passenger cars and light trucks beginning in 2009.

The California Clean Cars Campaign is working to ensure that the ARB implements a strong vehicle global warming law. As specified in the original legislation, the law must ensure the maximum feasible and cost-effective reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by passenger vehicles. ARB staff is developing the regulation right now. The proposed regulation is scheduled for public review in summer 2004, an ARB vote in fall 2004, and a final legislative review in 2005.

Why California?
As the fifth-largest economy in the world and a longtime national leader in environmental solutions, California is critical to controlling and reducing global warming pollution. Passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks represent the largest sources of global warming pollution in the state, and are responsible for approximately 40 percent of California’s total global warming emissions.

In contrast with the federal government, which has failed to take decisive action on reducing global warming, California is leading the nation and in step with scientists around the world. The time to act is now.

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