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Best UAE Car Brands In 2022 : [ Updated List ]

Best UAE Car Brands In 2022 : [ Updated List ]

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not have a substantial automotive manufacturing sector, except for a handful of manufacturers that build components for trucks and buses and armored vehicle plants.

However, over the next several years, the automotive sector in the UAE is projected to be driven chiefly by the country’s robust economic growth, household spending, and relatively simple access to vehicle financing.

With the UAE’s population expected to rise, the auto industry has bright prospects for expansion. Between 2016 and 2025, the number of people in the United Arab Emirates is projected to increase to around 10.8 million, according to the World Economic Outlook published by the International Monetary Fund.

Here are the 13 UAE car brands that will rock the market in the coming years.

Best UAE Car Brands In 2022


When it comes to producing high-performance luxury sports cars, W Motors was the first Middle Eastern company to do so when it was established in Lebanon in 2012.

The company’s founders are from the Emirati nation. Ralph R. Debbas is the CEO of the corporation. The Dubai-based firm specializes in automotive engineering, vehicle development, and production.

W Motors’ automotive consulting services are provided by the company’s Special Project Operations division. W Motors, in addition to creating its line of automobiles, designed and built the ICONIQ Seven, an all-electric multi-purpose vehicle, for its sister firm ICONIQ Motors of China.

2. Al Damani

Dr. Majida Al Azazi initially established Al Damani. M Glory Holding, in its entirety, now owns the company. The manufacturing of electric vehicles is Al Damani’s primary business.

Dr. Majida Al Azazi initially established the company. The DMV 300 will serve as Al Damani’s entry-level model, and the company will release several other new models shortly.

A local production line for electric vehicles is about to get underway, and the parent company of Al Damani, which has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is getting ready to introduce it.

Dr. Majida is the one who is responsible for many of the concepts that were used in the process of creating the Electric Vehicle Manufacturing city.

3. Jannarelly

Anthony Jannarelly and Frederic Juillot started Jannarelly Automotive in 2016 to build their dream automobile and devote it to the satisfaction of other people who share their passion for cars.

Jannarelly Automotive is a manufacturer of retro-futuristic sports cars that was established at the beginning of 2016. Their primary goal is to maintain the fundamentals of automotive emotions, which are as follows:

  • Designs that adhere to traditional standards of proportion
  • Completely raw and authentic driving experiences
  • A high degree of individualization and authentic interactions with the clients.

Only 499 units will be built, and each of their automobiles is hand-made and manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements. There are three distinct iterations of the Design-1, including the Aero, Roadster, and Sport models.

4. Devel Motors

The Devel Sixteen is a prototype supercar developed by Devel Motors in the United Arab Emirates with the assistance of engineers from the United States of America and Italy. The company focuses on creating concept-based hypercars with a coupe body style that features a mid-engine four-wheel-drive system.

5. Ajlani Motors

Car designer and creative director Bashar Ajlani, who also serves as CEO and creator of the company, has been honored with many accolades for the work he has done in the past. Bashar decided to pursue his lifelong dream of establishing his supercar brand out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after completing an internship with W Motors and winning the first-place Masters’ Scholarship held by Pininfarina in automotive design.

After five years of dedicated work, the Ajlani Drakuma concept car made its debut at the Dubai International Motor Show in November 2019, and the production of a street-legal version of the vehicle began in Dubai.

6. Motofac Special Vehicles LLC

Motofac Special Vehicles LLC was started and is run by industry leaders. It started doing business in the GCC with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UAE emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The Motofac brand has more than a decade of armoring experience, along with technological innovation and excellence, which has made it one of the most trusted armored vehicle manufacturers in the region.

Motofac has a long history of expertise and innovation that goes beyond retrofitting armored vehicles. They can also convert vehicles to meet specific needs, such as Mobile Offices, Presidential Limousines, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV), Cash Transport Vehicles, Ambulances, and more.

7. Harrow Security Vehicles

Harrow Security Vehicles is a manufacturer in Dubai that makes armored vehicles. The company is based in Dubai Investment Parks and sells top-grade armored cars to people who won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Harrow Security Vehicles focus on designing mobile military units, bulletproof cars, armor-plated sedans, all-terrain SUVs, heavy-duty trucks, cash-in-transit units, and ambulances. The design and documentation follow strict military industry standards and considers client-specific needs.

8. TAG Middle East FZE

The Armored Group (TAG) provides the highest quality bulletproof armor for any car, truck, or military vehicle. TAG aims to create, design, construct, or adapt tactical cars to suit any location or terrain. In addition, they are experts in many distinct types of vehicles: Personal Protection Vehicles (PPV), Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), Military Vehicles, and Cash-in-Transit (CIT) vehicles.

All vehicles produced by The Armored Group, LLC comply with or exceed all US Department of Transportation Safety Standards (FMVSS). Their armored car company uses only the most cutting-edge technology in all of their vehicles and services, and they only utilize the highest quality parts.

All their vehicles are put through rigorous ballistics testing to guarantee they are safe and can withstand the harshest conditions. With the help of the independent ballistic testing laboratories at Beschussamt in Ulm, Germany, they could earn this accreditation.

TAG was highlighted on the World’s Greatest TV Show for the quality of its design and production. TAG is widely recognized as the premier armored vehicle manufacturer worldwide by numerous corporations, government organizations, and financial institutions that rely on armored cash-in-transit vehicles of the highest quality.

9. VX motors

VX Motors manufactures a wide variety of luxurious up-fitted vans, pickups, and SUVs for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle Eastern markets. By fusing cutting-edge design with meticulous craftsmanship, they give new meaning to the term “innovation.”

When you purchase a vehicle from VX Motors, you have entered a realm of boundless opportunities where no task is too large or too small. VX Motors’ crew has over 20 years of experience, and they always deliver high-end vehicles with a refined aesthetic.

The VXP (Premier), VXE (Executive), and VXR (Ultimate) are the three primary offerings from VX Motors (Royal). Each idea pushes the envelope farther in terms of comfort and style, demonstrating a future of the automobile with tremendous value.

What you decide is how you play the game. Imagine what you can create with My-VX. From the first idea through its final realization, they are here to help. Small custom up-fits, off-road alternatives, toilet seats, showers, wash basins, and ramps for the disabled are all within their capabilities.

VX Motors offers the optimal combination of adaptability and originality, enhanced by careful craftsmanship.

10. Elibriea

On January 28, 2016, during the Qatar Motor Show, a concept vehicle called Elibriea made its debut. A mass-produced version of the lightning-fast and aerodynamic supercar was available by the end of the year.

Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, age 27, is responsible for the product’s conception and development. The stealth-jet supercar has a sophisticated look, a lightweight body, and solid engineering.

The Equvallas sports coupe is a lightweight, environmentally friendly concept vehicle developed by Elibriea Automotive. According to Elibreia’s website, the Equvallas will be constructed in production form without sacrificing performance.

To attain this goal, a sports automobile with increased agility and net thrust per unit mass might be developed by using the most advanced carbon fiber composite technology in the design of not only the body panels or monocoque but also the central components of the drivetrain.

11. Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles L.L.C

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) builds high-tech, one-of-a-kind automobiles for government and private clients. The Minerva series of specialized off-road trucks, the company’s armored SUVs, buses, military light trucks, and armored personnel carriers are designed for civilian and military use.

The wide range of MSPV’s offerings allows the company to meet virtually any requirement.

MSPV offers its customers a rare combination of expertise thanks to its constantly increasing network of production facilities and its automotive engineering unit, which has years of experience in the concept and design of passenger vehicles and light trucks.

With its specialized prototyping facilities and a core management and design team that has collected invaluable know-how working for some of the most prestigious and best established coach-building and armtheiring firms, MSPV can meet a customer’s requirements with the lowest lead time.

12. Zarooq Motors

The United Arab Emirates and Monaco are home to Zarooq Motors, the world’s first automaker dedicated solely to producing luxury vehicles. Limited edition and painstakingly handcrafted supercars with exceptional off-road performance are the company’s specialty.

Richard Branson of the United Kingdom, Bruno and Laetitia Laffite of France, and Mohammed Al-Qadi of the United Arab Emirates are the company’s founding fathers.

SandRacer is their first production model, and they’ve already announced plans to construct a sand track in Dubai.

The goal of Zarooq Motors (named after Arabia’s fastest snake) is to make high-performance vehicles available worldwide. They set out to create a new class of ultra-exclusive luxury supercars, drawing inspiration from their desert upbringing in the United Arab Emirates and honing their skills with European engineering and artistry.

Over the past 18 months, Zarooq Motors has meticulously honed the SandRacer 500 GT’s body to make it look even more aggressive, with a redesigned front, unique rear diffusers, and eye-catching exhausts.

Therefore, Zarooq Motors was able to give the car a more aggressive and sporty look (one can easily remove the diffusers if you go for heavy off-road, by the way). Compared to its previously announced specifications, the vehicle’s performance, engine, style, and accessories have all been upgraded.

13. Sandstorm

Sandstorm Automotive was established to disrupt the local automobile industry while simultaneously supporting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) strategic aim of creating a globally competitive automotive manufacturing sector based on innovation and responsible growth.

Their company’s mentality is reflected in their cars, which were created to evoke the history, speed, and resilience of the Arabian gazelle, a native animal of the United Arab Emirates.

Their vehicles are tailor-made to withstand the extreme conditions found in the Middle East, and they provide unmatched performance and value in their respective classes.


The extent to which brand perception is vital to UAE nationals is breathtaking and the reason for the upliftment of this automobile industry. However, many automobile brands are more influential than others due to their reputation.

Many other essential elements, such as the perceived quality, the lifestyle of the consumers, customer preferences and taste, etc., are linked to a company’s or a product’s brand in the modern world.

Due to the production of super-luxurious supercars and armored vehicles that take comfort and safety to the next level, the car market of UAE is deemed to surpass the predetermined limits.