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11 Best Brazilian Car Brands Of 2022 : [ Updated ]

11 Best Brazilian Car Brands Of 2022 : [ Updated ]

The car market is one of the most prosperous sectors in Brazil. Due to this, the average car price here is very high in comparison to other markets.

Brazil is one of the countries that produce productive and quality cars. Besides cars, Brazilian companies also produce trucks and SUVs. Moreover, most large global innovative companies are made in Brazil and are sold all over the world.

Here, in this article, we have briefly described the top 11 Brazilian car brands to give you a review of the cars and decide which to buy.

1. Troller

Troller Veiculos Especiais is a subsidiary and an off-road vehicle manufacturer. The Car brand was founded in 1995 in Horizonte, Ceara by Charlie Guth De Grange, and has been owned by Ford Motor Company since 2007.

The two most selling models of Troller are:

→Troller Pantanal (2006-2008)

→Troller T4 3.2

Troller is best known for its go-anywhere 4*4- the troller T4, fantastic colors, and new, darker exterior plastics. The car has a 3.2-liter, 5-cylinder turbo diesel engine putting out 197hp and 470 Nm of torque. It has a six-speed manual gearbox and a switchable 4WD system having both low and high-range models, with flared wheel arches. The other features of the Troller car are that it has a sky roof and adjustable crossbars.

2. Agrale

Agrale or Agrisa is a Brazil vehicle manufacturing company that was established in 1962. The company is based in Caxias Do Sul in the Rio Grande Do Sul.

The company manufactures various tractors, cars, commercial and military vehicles, and buses. Previously Agrale was also famous for manufacturing scooters and motorcycles. The brand is now a part of the Francisco Stedile Group.

According to research, 5000 buses were manufactured by the Agrale brand. The total gross weight of The cars manufactured by Agrale is about 4,300 kg and they can carry loads up to 1,390 kg. The cars of Agrale have an MWM turbocharged four-cylinder diesel with 132 horsepower and an independent 4*4 suspension.

The operational range of the car is 1,000 kilometers with a maximum speed of 128 kilometers per hour or 80mph, moreover, it has a double-cabin interior space which provides space for 5 persons including the driver. The brand is mainly famous for manufacturing military vehicles for defense forces.

3. Fabrica Nacional De Motores

Fàbrica Nacional de Motores was a Brazilian vehicle manufacturer active from 1942 to 1988. The FNM was born by state initiative to develop Brazil into an industrialized economy.

Its businesses were situated in Duque de Caxias, a city close to Rio de Janeiro. Aircraft engines produced under license from Curtiss-Wright were among its initial offerings.

Post World War II, the FNM was compelled to diversify its output. In 1949, it made a deal with Isotta Fraschini, an Italian truck manufacturer, to manufacture trucks.

After Isotta Fraschini declared bankruptcy in 1952, the FNM dictated a new contract with Alfa Romeo, under which the FNM acquired the right to produce trucks for the house of Biscione.

4. Marcopolo

Marcopolo S.A., based in Caxias do Sul, Brazil is a worldwide corporation that manufactures bus bodies. It is the largest organization in Latin America and the third-largest on the planet, accounting for about half of the country’s production.

It operates 10 factories globally, and its buses can be found in more than 100 nations. It has factories on the continents of America, Africa, and Asia.

5. Companhia Industrial Santa Matilde

The mission of Companhia Industrial Santa Matilde, which was established in 1916, was to investigate the manganese ore in the vicinity of Conselheiro Lafaiete (MG), where it was eventually built as an industrial facility. Already in 1926, a business with national capital entered the railway sector, starting with the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

It also started producing wagons and railroad carriages in 1946, in the immediate post-war period, in its second facility in Três Rios (RJ), where it would go on to become one of the major suppliers in the nation.

6. Puma

The Puma is another popular brand that caters to the horde of SUV-hungry buyers, but the business now only intends to sell it in Europe.

The incoming Puma might still fill the small-car gap in the Ford lineup now that the Blue Oval has all but stopped manufacturing automobiles in the United States, although the company has not confirmed such a strategy.

The Puma mimics the look of the 2020 Ford Escape while sharing its underpinnings with the brand-new Ford Fiesta, which is only sold abroad. Although it is not as tall as the subcompact 2019 Ford EcoSport, it has a longer total length.

7. Farus

Beginning in1979, Industria de Veiculos Esportivos LTDA produced the mid-engined Farus in Brazil. The Farus corporation was established in 1979 and is based in Belo Horizonte, a city in southern Brazil. Since Alfio Russo and his son Giuseppe built the cars, the company’s name is a combination of Familia Russo.

The larger Farus Quadro followed their original mid-engined ML and TS automobiles, which were also a part of an unsuccessful attempt to be sold in the United States. The company closed its doors in 1990 as a result of the Plano Collor market liberalization after changing its name to TECVAN.

8. Calegari Design

Between the first and second decade of the twenty-first century, André Felipe Calegari built a workshop in So Paulo (SP). With a focus on automotive themes and a specialty in modeling decorative and advertising components in fiberglass reinforced plastic, the company’s progression into the design and preparation of whole automobiles as well as bodywork was only inevitable.

The fact that Calegari Design also creates replicas with its unique style and design set it apart from other replica makers.

Each vehicle has a tubular chassis that is custom-made for it, with a unique design and construction, correct suspension, brakes, and a sports steering system, with the majority of the components being made in-house at the factory.

9. Edra

Motor Edra develops automotive parts to compete in the market by providing approaches to structural design, design, tooling development, and final production of autos and their parts.

A prototype for street lanes with the body made of RTM components for the Edra GT and Formula Brascar and other projects has already been developed.

Dedication, innovation, and high quality are the company’s guiding principles.

Automotive Edra is known for its proficiency in vehicle development and the caliber of its products. As a result, the company develops solutions specifically for the transportation and logistics industries, two of the major productive sectors.

10. Fibracar

Fibracar has been producing automobiles since 1959 and is well-known in Brazil. What others dream about is their slogan.

Every year, this manufacturer turns out around 20,000 vehicles. Are you seeking some local stores where you may get Brazilian automakers? Then one of your thrilling best possibilities is Fibracar.

In addition, they provide vehicles for consumers nearby thanks to a strong product line and a reputable brand with years of experience.

Although it may not be well known outside of Brazil, Fibracar is a good option if you’re seeking any kind of vehicle.

11. Gurgel

Last but not least, let’s discuss Gurgel. The brand is known for its jeeps. Most of the jeeps produced by the brand ate compact ones and are equipped with VW 1600 mechanics on a unique chassis with a fiberglass shell.

Due to its small weight and the ability to lock one of its rear wheels when necessary, although not being a 44, it possessed excellent off-road maneuverability.

The X-12 TR (Stiff Roof) variant of this type stands out because it has a rigid door, a glass seal, and a fiberglass roof that is integrated into the body.

The engineer Joo Augusto Conrado do Amaral Gurgel created the idealized vehicles in 1969. Since then, they have undergone an evolution, and in 1975, a new Gurgel Motores plant was opened in the city of Rio Claro.


With our extensive study of nearly all of the current automobile brands in the world, we have given you a comprehensive list of Brazilian automakers.

You can see from the list that nearly all of the brands mentioned already have factories set up in Brazil. Since the automobile companies receive very alluring incentives for establishing local operations, the Brazilian government enjoys excellent relations with multinational automakers.