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Best AWD Cars To Buy In 2022 : [14 Models To See]

Best AWD Cars To Buy In 2022 : [14 Models To See]

Climate plays a big role in determining a car or a vehicle. Certainly, people want to invest in a car that molds according to snow, muddy, or very dry surfaces. What if we tell you that there is a drivetrain that glides through every pavement like it’s no big deal? Yes, AWD means all-wheel drive, and this powertrain is ahead of other powertrains.

Today, we will tell you about the best AWD cars to buy and how AWD works for them efficiently.

Best AWD Cars To Buy

Have a look at below AWD based automobiles and choose one for yourself that you find most deserving. Mind you, AWD works wonders for these cars.

1. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is a compact SUV, and its selling price starts from $25,895. Happily saying, Subaru Forester is permanently attached to All Wheel Drive and doesn’t become temporary according to torque needs.

Reliability In Terms Of Resale –No SUV is good until and unless its resale value is high, and for Subaru resale price is greater than compared to peers. The performance highly determines the resale value it is bringing to the table.

Ultimately, Subaru Forester comes in 6 trim levels. Subaru Forester Wilderness stands out among these trims when people want to give weightage to AWD.

Safety Features Are Enough To Rely On Forester –First of all, Subaru Forester has a degree camera setup so that your SUV may form all direction shield. Second, it has lane detection mechanism and driver assistant to keep one safe on the tracks.

2. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV with an amazing exterior and a great performance. Moreover, it gives good acceleration and all credit goes to AWD. Let’s see why Honda CR-V comes in best AWD Cars To Buy.

Fuel Efficiency Is The USP –Honda CR-V may lose a lot of fuel in keeping the traction strong, but still it saves a lot as compared to other calibre SUV’s. Frankly putting it, you are getting a combined 30 MPG and it doesn’t make the tire vulnerable.

Get The Expected Space –There is no point of owning a SUV if it has nothing to do with good space. Honda CRV provides plenty of space for you and your luggage as well.

3. Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza can last up to 2,50,000 miles and is a mixture of hatchback-sedan. This sedan also has brilliant ground clearance along with the good lasting average. Let’s look into the prospect of this car and find out more.

A Transmission That Other Mechanisms Crave For –Subaru Impreza has a CVT Transmission, which changes it form with the change in gears. Also, CVT-based transmission is comparably lighter than normal transmission. This automatically makes handling easy.

An Engine Which Is Common In All Subaru –There is one advantage that cannot be seen in some other vehicles which is the 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine. Nonetheless, this engine is present in all vehicles of Subaru and cultivates 152 HP. In this way Subaru Impreza becomes a tough competition among other cars under “Best AWD Cars To Buy”.

4. Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue is a compact SUV that you certainly should not miss! This vehicle doesn’t only look out of this world but also has some unimaginable features like standard ProPilot Assist. Nissan Rogue’s world only gets better after the former feature.

Safety Features That Aid Engine And You–Nissan Rogue comes in 4 trim levels. If you don’t want overcrowded features but want that essence of owning a SUV then you can go for SL Trim.

SL Trim has vast range of safety features like forward collision system, an intelligent dashboard screen an all-rounder camera, and several automatic lights. Automatically, this will help the car to be restricted while there are any chances of collision.

All this above system will put less pressure on AWD and thus on engine.

5. Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage is priced at $27,290 with AWD inside it. More than anything that matters, every Kia Sportage has that essence of extra power with its turbo charged engine. Let’s see what the advantages of owning a Kia Sportage with AWD are.

Tech Friendliness Will Make Your Experience Great –Kia Sportage has modes in AWD. You can use the AWD lock option when your car is not racy. Similarly, there is enriched system that signals a car to move back to AWD Auto when your SUV is taking that Cheetah speed. There is automatic gear box too that changes to make less pressure on tires.

Acceleration Is Great –This compact SUV has the most heightened speed of 130 mph. This speed is great considering the tinny tiny fuel it is consuming. Majorly, Kia Sportage delves more towards reliability with its operative acceleration.

6. Lexus NX

Lexus NX is the most sold SUV’s of the Nexus family and want to know why? Its exteriors look just ravishing and you would feel like you are looking at a much luxurious car. Also, this SUV has the AWD with permanent nature.

A Makeover since 2015 has Completely Changed NX – Lexus NX was not a very functional crossover SUV when it came in 2015. Now it has been restyled and it has impacted its interiors, exteriors and internal functioning. Precisely, there is a HD screen which automatically let you set nearly 80% of this car controls. In this way, your driving will become totally hassle free.

Fuel Economy Is There In The Hybrid –Generally, in hybrid SUV’s you see a little plunge in the fuel economy but that’s not the story of Lexus NX. Lexus NX 350 trim level works well by making the All-wheel powertrain super flexible.

7. Ford Explorer

The one most wanted motive that Ford Explorer fulfils is the usage in all climates and conditions. It has two types of powertrains or drivetrains that take their chances of coming forward and deal with the road conditions.

A Lot Of Exclusive Options –Ford Explorer has many driving and “to comfort” options. To start with comfort, it has flexible moonroof to give you taste of the outside environment the best. Secondly, it has been structured in a way that leaves a lot of room inside. Third, it has seven driving modes under the terrain management system.

Brilliant Transmission In 100% Favour –This exclusive SUV comes with 10 speed transmission, which helps smooth skipping speeds.

8. Kia Telluride

Kia has upped their game in the production of SUV like Kia Telluride. Consequently, this vehicle has won many awards in the national as well as international competitions. All thanks to its safety and performance factors that has led to its victory.

MPG Is Great –The standard MPG of an AWD based vehicle is normally around 20 MPG. Kia Telluride is providing 24 MPG to save that fuel more and more. Also, its speed is fantastic which is just opposite to what a person can expect from such heavy built. This is the first step of Kia Telluride towards included in the best AWD cars to buy.

Also, all wheel drive in Kia Telluride comes with a lock mode. This automatic car will start that mode when it senses that you want to go in one direction. In lock mode, all the wheels move in coordination with each other.

9. Subaru Ascent

Along with standard AWD, Ascent is handsomely made. You won’t be able to keep your eyes away from the grill, headlights, bumper, wheels etc. Let’s dig deeper into the brief virtual pamphlet of this big SUV.

Handling Feels Just Like It Moves –Subaru Ascent rides very smoothly no matter whether the surface is off-road or on-road based. Just like its effortless moveability, its handling is effortless. When you would take this car to continuously variable roads (flat and rocky), the steering won’t feel tight.

Just The Right Ground Clearance –Subaru Ascent has good ground clearance because of bulky wheels. Thus, your vehicle will not damage at the base. This in return would favour AWD a lot.

10. Toyota Venza

Out of all the advantages that are attached to Toyota Venza, the standard all-wheel drive stands at the top. Also, the powertrain is hybrid so the battery charges itself and also this powertrain keeps switching its targeted energy source.

AWD System That Is Effective – The hybrid powertrain that is infused in this mid-size SUV gives more torque to rear wheels and parts. Ideally, when the torque is higher the speed decreases. In this situation, the front wheels will be directly positively affected. Thus, you get a better traction even on the most-snowy roads.

Nothing Like Those Details –Toyota Venza is the epitome of exclusivity because of its exteriors. It has a jumbo grill and chrome details and these components make a lot of difference in its overall appearance.

11. Toyota RAV4 Prime

This luxurious SUV comes in only two trim levels which tells all about its premium features. Correspondingly, this automobile is all electric and the power is pulled from electricity as well as gas.

Good Warranty Add To Its Charm –Toyota RAV4 Prime can be driven for 3 years without the concern for possible damage.This guarantee is just awesome considering the low price of Toyota RAV 4 Prime.

In this time frame you also get covered on engine and the other components that make the car move forward.

Although many parts come under the hood of warranty, one have to take extra care for exterior features as they are not part of warranty scheme.

12. Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona has proven to be the smartest car in the market because of wireless charging capability, colourful intricating display and upgraded infotainment components. It’s time to look further into this subcompact SUV.

2 in 1 wheel drive – Hyundai Kona is all drivetrain capable which means at on road times, it gives the charge of moving to front wheels. This is opposite while taking a rocky road as all the wheels become active then. Primarily, the good thing about this AWD is it gets switched on whenever there is anuneven 2-3 inches of road upward extension.

And that’s how Hyundai Kona becomes a good near fetched car under best AWD cars to buy.

13. Mazda CX-9

Car and driver (the best cars reviewers there are) have given Mazda CX-9 the reliability rate of 8.5 out of 10. If this is not enough then we want to give you a glimpse of its spaciousness – this compact SUV has 3 compact spacious rows.

An Automatic Car That Doesn’t Let Down–Mazda CX-9 has many automated features that can make you believe on the high reliability of this vehicle. Subsequently, this SUV has seat adjustable effortless buttons, High-definition radio system and newly generated navigation system.

Sleek Interiors And Many Colour Options – Since you sit inside the car and not outside the interiors has to be relaxing to use and soothing to eyes. This AWD based car comes in many colours inside options and uses very soft plastic to cover each corner.

14. Honda Pilot

Just like its name Honda Pilot is reliable to be taken to the toughest terrains. It is one of the most-high performing car because the AWD in it sends the right signals to the engine. The engine in return moves forward the tires with the appropriate force.

Many Trim Options To Fulfill All Your Wants –Honda Pilot comes in 7 trim levels. All these trim levels are very efficient and not comparable to each other. People may expect a wide gap in the feature options but they all have minor differences. These differences do justice to changing prices.

Out of all options, Black Edition trim provide you more comfort, fuel efficiency and brilliant power.

Kia Sorento

AWD is the future and it is here to stay for forever (because it eliminates any chances of another technology come to rise). And who knows better than Kia Sorento who is AWD based.

Good Torque Capabilities Make It Wanted –Kia Sorento provides 191 horsepower and very carefully bounce from one speed to another. This makes the torquing smooth and not shocking at the upward or downward regions.

And that’s how Kia Sorento becomes a brilliant AWD car.


Certainly, you can’t take a risk with FWD if you want the factor of safety in your favour.

Above are all the AWD imbedded car options that make use of AWD perfectly. Also, these cars keep in mind the other parts as well and how to gel them with AWD.

You can choose an all-wheel drive car without hesitation as 99% percent of the cars of this nature are competent.