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Best Alternative To BMW X3: 11 Similar Cars To See In 2022

Best Alternative To BMW X3: 11 Similar Cars To See In 2022

People often get fascinated by hearing about the brand BMW but does it live up to those standards? Normally, a brilliant standard SUV has to survive without any glitches in harsh conditions and BMW X3 does that. A good full-size SUV also has to be very spacious and BMW X3 is extraordinarily spacious.

Despite all these advantages, BMW X3 lacks somewhere that can be very crucial for a buyer. Its resell value is very low and it gets depreciates at a very fast pace each year. And this is how there is utmost need to find the best alternative to BMW X3. Let’s see what the SUVs qualify for.

Best Alternative To BMW X3

A lot of factors determines the resell value of a car. For example – Since BMW X3 consumes a lot of petrol, its engine tends to get affected. This in return will lower the value of this valuable compact luxurious SUV.

So why not choose the SUV options that not only reflect good performance but are submitted at the top at the time of resale? Audi Q7, Volvo XC60, Acura RDX, Kia Niro, BMW X1 are some the vehicles that would fit more than well inside the alternative list of BMW X3. Below are all the USPs of former and more vehicles to make you more determined towards investing in them.

1. Audi Q7

Audi Q7 now comes with its unmatchable interior as well as exterior design. Styling is a big factor that contributes to “why thousands of Audi Q7 are sold each year”. These sold cars numbers might be decreasing but with a very minimal difference each year. Let’s see how Audi Q7 can do this.

You Will Not Complaint About Space – Audi Q7 and BMW X3, both have big cabins and inside them even bigger seats. Putting it precisely, there is ample space in the headroom, legroom, and shoulder room. Overall, there are three rows and even the rear one feels spacious because of careful build and broadened shoulder room.

Exteriors Are Beyond Amazing – Audi Q7 looks a little bit like a luxurious car even if it comes under sports category wheels. The grill looks like a grin which gives a very supreme look to this sedan. The headlights go well with the front of this midsize SUV.

2. Toyota Fortuner

According to motor and wheels “Toyota Fortuner is 80 percent reliable out of 100”. This statement seems correct because this vehicle has very good handling plus it is very comfortable to sit in. Now the question is – can it fit perfectly under the list of “Best alternative to BMW X3”

Brake And Wheels Are Amazing – Just like BMW X5, Toyota Fortuner has alloy wheels and similar radius tires. Since wheels are made from strong material and are big, your sporty car will be able to balance itself better. This wonderful midsize SUV also has ventilated disc in the braking system which reduces the speed at a comfortable pace. Eventually, the combination of both of these features is a blessing for both – Toyota Fortuner and BMW X3.

Loaded With Safety Concerning Features – The former and the latter SUVs have covered you on the safety concern.

Subsequently, these cars provide safety for themselves and more to the commuters. These exclusive SUVs have an Overspeed warning system, Tire pressuring robots, and multiple airbags. Apart from these features, there are other safety features to ensure you are safest inside the respected vehicles.

3. Volvo XC60

Volvo has recently improved its technology, the imprint of which can be seen on the Volvo XC60 the best. Consequently, it has many luxury components like high-quality leather seats and very soft surfaces. We are here to reveal more about the Volvo XC 60 and how it can be called a long-lost brother of the BMW X3.

Can’t Miss On The Cargo Space – Cargo space is one factor that people put on top while investing in a midsize SUV. Factually, in Volvo XC60 you would get a cargo space of approximately 62.7 inches. This cargo space is more than enough for an entire family’s standard luggage.

A Car With Good Mileage – Generally, SUVs consume a lot of fuel but Volvo XC60 and BMW X3 are fuel efficient and give brilliant mileage. The mpg of the Volvo XC60 stands at 24 and similarly, BMW X3 has a mileage of 23 MPG. This MPG is economical plus takes care of the environment with good intentions.

4. Acura RDX

Acura RDX comes in three different levels of trims. While the first serves the basic needs, the second is eager to fulfill tech-related requirements. The third one will get you some of the luxuries, the fourth will give you extra comfort and the fifth one is an advanced privileged one.

Warranty Is Same With Similar Price – Acura RDX is priced at $40,100 with the starting trim and BMW X3 is priced at $43,700. Yes, there is a tiny bit of price difference but the warranty appears to be identical which is – 4 years for both of these cars. This warranty falls just within the standard parameters so both these sports utility vehicles will be worth every penny.

All Wheel Drive Will Make It Apt For All Seasons – Both Acura RDX and BMW X3 come with standard all-wheel drive. Substantially, AWD is a kind of powertrain that keeps the car happy for all of its lifetimes by being evergreen. You can take a car in snowy, rainy, and even very dry regions with the help of AWD.

That’s how Acura RDX becomes a potential nominee for the best alternative to BMW X3.

5. Kia Niro

Kia is known to make high-end SUVs that are highly functional and Kia Niro is one of them. When you will step inside its cabin, you would feel an uncomplicated setup all around – in the front as well as the rear part.

Now the question arises “how much Kia Niro matches with BMW X3?

Exteriors Are Unlike Contemporaries – According to many car enthusiasts, “if Kia Niro is looked at from a distance, you can’t make much difference between it and BMW X3. The reasons are BMW X3 has a divided grill which matches with Kia Niro.

Along with the grill, the radiator is also shaped similarly which gives both these top-notch SUV’s an intelligent look.

The rear looks kind of similar to tail lights and the lights divide into two – one part is attached to the main body and another one to the cargo area door. Every corner of this utility car is detailed too.

6. Audi Q5

Audi Q5 is a jumbo SUV that can come shoulder on shoulder with a BMW X3. It looks like it has come straight out of a robotic fair as it looks supremely well made. On top of the exteriors, Audi Q5 has 99% of the time scored high points in handling and performance.

Interiors That Are Satisfactory To The Rim – Just like BMW X3, Audi Q5 is fully packed with comfort and technology. If we have to talk about the seats, they are made of excellent material. Also, the seats are given a special character by making them like comfy airplane ones.

Besides the seats, there is special attention to detail with wooden work on the doors and the dashboard. Overall, the passengers and driver would feel like they are driving a 5-star hotel upscaled with everyday technology.

Effortless Handling Speaks A Lot – You can always tell a vehicle is brilliant just by looking at the smooth handling. Subsequently, BMW X3 and Audi Q5, both are supreme crossovers that glide butter-like on the harshest of roads.

7. BMW X1

Nothing can be more captivating than seeing cars of the same company in front of each other. This SUV has 5 seats in total and comes with two types of powertrains. Apart from the other luxury features, BMW X1 has superbly energetic handling.

Tech Features That Are Undeniably Amazing – BMW X1 may be a little shorter than BMW X3 but it doesn’t compromise passengers’ safety and entertainment. There are 8.8 inches high tech screen, Apple Car play, and easy navigation. Certainly, the tech story doesn’t end here and extends to safety features.

With ABS, various strategically placed airbags, and blind spot-detecting robots, you won’t be able to miss the safety quotient. Moreover, BMW X1 is generally severely presented as the best alternative to BMW X3 because of its safety mechanisms.

8. Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar has truly up their game in terms of this compact premium SUV. It does justice to its price with the handsome interiors and exteriors as well. Special attention is given to the Jaguar branding that can be seen on the tires, steering, and body of this automobile. It’s time to discover the world of Jaguar F Pace closely.

Correct Price For The Overall Positives – Both BMW X3 and Jaguar F Pace are adamant about being recognized as wholesome SUVs. These cars seem like a dream in front of other SUVs as they reflect good performance, have amazing engines and magnificent exteriors, and whatnot.

On top of everything, the average trim level of BMW X3 will cost you $53,140 and the Jaguar F Pace medium trim is available at $46,995. Jaguar may be a few dollars lower than the BMW X3 but it cannot be undermined for good.

9. Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe is one of Hyundai’s most recognized and famous models. The reasons are that first the maintenance cost of Santa Fe is significantly standard around 500 dollars yearly. Also, Santa Fe has recently been a part of lots of upgradation.

Fuel Economy Is Great – Hyundai Santa Fe and Jaguar F-Pace are both these midsize SUV’s use for less fuel to travel farthest. These vehicles cover approximately 100 km in 2.8 gallons of fuel. Likewise, the gallon capacity of the tank is pretty good to let you travel for the longest time. We bet your car won’t show a red sign for the stretched distance.

Thus, you can enjoy a long drive if you are interested in Hyundai Santa Fe and BMW X3.

10. Mercedes Benz GLC

The detailing is the biggest USP of Mercedes Benz GLC. When you would first witness the interiors, we are sure your eyes won’t get away from the supremely done wood and leather particulars. But can it become an excellent alternative to the BMW X3?

Ample Space To Give You Rest – The first similarity between Mercedes Benz GLC and BMW X3 is their roomy cabins. Often, people are in pursuit of good space (for minimal things and themselves) while they are eliminating their prospective car options.

Mercedes Benz GLC presents itself with approximately 40 inches of headroom in the rear and the front. The legroom ranges from 38 inches to 41 inches. BMW X3 has a similar space when referred to as headroom and legroom.

11. Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan is one of the few Germany-based luxury SUVs people talk about. Well, the reasons are many to love it but from where we have researched “it can be customized a lot”. And this is the advantage that weighs more. Let’s look deeply into its creation.

Brilliant Engine That Goes Well With Transmission – Porsche Macan runs through a turbocharged engine which is pretty awesome, to begin with. Truly speaking, the basic form of this engine is V6 in which 6 cylinders are placed in a zig-zag manner to push more force.

Also, this wonderful automobile has an automatic transmission that works smoothly in changing the power generated into circulatory force.

Automatic Technology – You know what would be as good as having a powerful engine? Automatic technology cuts down a lot of patience.

Just like BMW X3, Porsche Macan has an Automatic climate changer, automatic steering setting, and automatic window controllers. This would keep you from doing adjustments consistently.


Even if you are interested in BMWX3, buying it would be a total failure. Why? Because as we said earlier it will depreciate a lot within the course of one year.

Above are all the options you can choose according to your choices. You can choose cars according to drivetrain, comfort, entertainment, and safety.

So don’t wait and buy one of these precious SUVs before they grace somebody else’s garage.