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Average Lifespan Of A Harley Davidson : How Long Do They Last? [ Answered ]

Average Lifespan Of A Harley Davidson : How Long Do They Last? [ Answered ]

For bike enthusiasts, the iconic name ‘Harley Davidson’ has become synonymous with elegance and style. These roaring motorcycles appeal to bike-lovers with their powerful engine and sophisticated looks. However, any potential buyer would like to be well-informed about the lifeline of these bikes. Before you finalize your purchase decision, it’s natural to have realistic expectations, right? So, we have discussed the average lifespan of Harley Davidson bikes in this article. Besides, you will come across certain valuable tips that would help you prolong the life of these bikes.

What’s The average lifespan of a Harley Davidson?

With responsible riding and proper maintenance, you can expect your Harley Davidson bike to last more than 75,000 miles.

Besides, you will come across several models from this brand still plying the US roads with more than 100K miles on the odometer. Considering the average bike mileage to be around 4K miles, you can expect your motorcycle to serve you for at least 25 years.

Averaging the lifespan, these motorcycles would last for 75K to 100K miles. However, with hefty rebuilds, owners have even made more miles on these powerful bikes.

The lifespan of a Harley Davidson bike depends on how aggressively or conservatively you ride the motorcycle. Also, you need to care for your bike, storing it indoors and covering it to secure the body from the elements of weather. Other factors determining the durability of these robust motorcycles include the frequency at which you ride them and the climate in which it plies the roads. To make them last at least 100K miles, make sure to follow up on regular maintenance schedules and get the repairs done instantly when needed.

How reliable is a Harley Davidson?

As per a research that Consumer Reports released in 2015, Harley found its position in the sixth place in terms of reliability among all motorcycle brands. Besides, the study revealed that 75% of the owners of these bikes would purchase the model again, if they got the opportunity. This speaks tons about the reliability of the brand, as well as its customer loyalty.

For used bike buyers, the 50K mark should indicate high mileage for the Harley Davidson models. In case the previous owner has been responsible enough to follow up on the maintenance schedules, the vehicle should be in perfect functional conditions after the 50,000-mile mark.

Is 30000 a lot of miles on a Harley?

No, the Harley Davidson is a large bike. So, 30,000 miles would not be a lot on these motorcycles.

Bike enthusiasts should be knowing that small bikes can run 20K to 30K miles safely. On the other hand, large bikes can go for 50K to 70K miles. The type of motorcycle, therefore, determines their longevity to a certain extent. Since Harley Davidson is a large bike, it can easily make its way to the 30,000-mile mark.

Ways to get more life out of your Harley Davidson

Well, as a bike lover, you would like to make the most of your Harley Davidson. While neglecting the basics can shorten the life of these bikes to just ten years, proper maintenance ensures that they would serve you for two to three decades. The following guidelines will help you increase the lifespan of your Harley Davidson.

Cover your bike or store it indoors

When your bike remains idle, make sure to arrange proper garage space indoors to keep it safe from weather elements and dust. Get a cover for the Harley Davidson, which would keep away the elements.

At times, you might unknowingly be damaging your bike. For instance, many automobile owners share their car garage to keep their bikes. In case you warm up the car before taking it outdoors, make sure to keep your bike away from it. The fuel vapors that the car generates would condense on the Harley Davidson’s body, leading to premature rusting.

Don’t overlook the bike cover when you place the motorcycle outdoors.

Ensure timely maintenance

Even though regular maintenance seems to be obvious, most owners happen to skip them intentionally or unintentionally at least once. This ultimately takes a toll on the lifespan of your bike. Follow the brand’s recommendations diligently and use quality fluids and oil in the vehicle. Simply check the owner’s manual to get an idea of the recommended schedule. Besides, the official website of the brand has all these details chalked out for the convenience of the owners. When you furnish relevant details like your VIN, you will get the necessary details. Adhering to the same, you can keep your Harley Davidson in proper functional conditions over the years.

Prevent rust from affecting the motorcycle

Well, many Harley Davidson owners think that washing these bikes regularly keeps dirt and grime away. In reality, cleaning your bike has other benefits as well. The water eliminates harmful particulates and chemicals that can cause the bike to wear down due to the accumulation of rust.

Moreover, Harley Davidson owners need to adopt the right approach while washing their bikes. With the wrong way, you can end up damaging the parts. Get professional support to know the right procedure if you are not sure how to proceed with this task.

Refrain from riding aggressively

It’s difficult to control your adrenaline rush with a sporty bike like the Harley Davidson. After all, zooming through the streets and slamming the throttle might make your ride quite enjoyable. However, the manufacturer hasn’t designed the bike for rash driving. With defensive driving habits and smooth acceleration, you can prolong the life of your Harley Davidson. Make gentle braking a habit, and adopt restrictive stances while driving to make the breaks, tires, and the engine last longer.

How Long Does The Engine Last?

The engine of your Harley Davidson can last for more than 150K miles if you ensure timely maintenance for the motorcycle. Although the brand doesn’t guarantee this, the engines happen to be one of the most dependable products of the manufacturer. Although some users complained of the smaller accessories of the bike in the past, there has been no such issue with the engine.

However, you need to keep the vehicle safe from accidents and ride responsibly. Besides embracing sensible riding habits, keep the engine protected from acidic chemicals. Also, don’t store the bike under the sun for prolonged hours.

How Long do the Brakes Last?

Compared to other motorcycle brands, Harley Davidson brakes tend to last slightly longer. You need to get them replaced between 18K and 30K miles. To ensure a long life from the brakes, avoid frequent braking and maintain a consistent speed on the road.

Remember, corrosive external conditions and aggressive riding can lead to a substantial loss in the lifespan of the brake pads. So, it would be prudent to inspect the Harley Davidson brakes every 2.5K miles to ensure their functionalism.

 How Long do the Tires Last?

Since no rigid thumb rule exists to determine the life of Harley Davidson tires, you need to consider the factors that affect their durability. Particularly, the climate, your riding style, and habits affect tires’ health. While the front tires can last up to 20K miles, the rear ones can serve you for 10K miles on average.

Considering better mileage from your Harley Davidson, make sure to change these tires every five years. However, if you are willing to make the most of these tires, you might end up compromising the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

You can expect Harley Davidson batteries to last around a couple of years before they need a replacement. The type of battery, your riding habits, and the climate significantly affect the battery life.

  • To ensure maximum service from these batteries, make sure to take these measures:
  • The battery should remain fastened tightly to do away with any chance of vibration. It can cause loose connections around the battery, leading to internal damage following a short circuit.
  • Don’t go for short rides, as quick rides don’t allow the battery to receive the full charge.
  • Airborne chemicals can take a toll on the battery by corroding it away. So, try to keep the bike away from extreme temperatures.
  • Keep rust from affecting the battery by preventing corrosion. Use a baking soda solution and apply the same using a toothbrush to the terminals. This ensures that the terminals would remain clean, preventing rust from accumulating in these places.


Keep the steering head bearings, wheel bearings, suspension linkages, cables, controls, and swingarm well-lubricated to enhance performance. The air filter also needs regular cleaning. In case it gets damaged or loose, grit and dirt can affect the engine. Lastly, don’t let these sporty bikes sit idle for too long. Remember, the motorcycle wants its fluids to keep moving, so make sure to ride the bike often. With all these measures, along with sensible riding habits, you can expect the magic ‘100K miles’ landmark on your Harley Davidson’s odometer.