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Are U Turns Legal In Kentucky? [ Know All The Details ]

Are U Turns Legal In Kentucky? [ Know All The Details ]

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to Kentucky. In Kentucky, u-turns are permitted as long as you adhere to a few basic rules:

  • While turning to the left side, stay in the left-most lane.
  • Avoid oncoming traffic
  • If a sign states it is forbidden, avoid making a U-turn.
  • If you make an unlawful U-turn, you risk receiving a fine between $20 and $100 and three license points.

A road journey requires peace of mind, which is priceless. Therefore, include towing and labor coverage in your automobile insurance plan.

Are u-turns legal in Kentucky?

U-turns are permitted in some circumstances but forbidden in others. You may legally make a U-turn in the following circumstances: over a double yellow line if it’s necessary for your safety and there are no signs prohibiting it. When a driver makes a turn that is thought to be unsafe, that is considered to be making an unlawful turn.

These include, among other things, making a U-turn on a busy road, cutting off other drivers, turning left into oncoming traffic without giving enough room, and moving into a lane too quickly.

Unless a sign forbids red turns on red lights, drivers may turn right when the traffic light is red. However, the car must come to a complete stop and yield to all pedestrians and oncoming traffic before making a right turn. When the red traffic light, drivers may turn left if they merge onto another one-way street from a one-way street.

The driver of a car turning left on a red must stop completely and then yield to pedestrians and other vehicles, much like when making a right turn on a red.

A motorbike may, under certain conditions, proceed through a red light if there is no oncoming traffic and the light hasn’t changed for at least 120 seconds. This is because traffic signal sensors cannot be triggered by a motorcycle.

What is a prohibited u-turn considered?

This sign instructs oncoming traffic to go straight or turn left. Right turns are not permitted. Your safety could be in danger if you violate these signs, and you could face the consequences as well. According to this notice, the left lane should ensure smooth traffic flow.

You can see this sign at some of the busiest intersections on roads. At these locations, a U-turn could cause serious collisions or gridlock. The driver should not disregard this sign to prevent a fine and any unfavorable events.


Accidents that happen from drivers running red lights are typically their fault. However, you must first establish that the other driver’s refusal to stop for a red light was the direct cause of your injuries before you may be awarded damages.

This will require evidence, and our skilled Kentucky automobile accident attorneys can assist you in assembling the proof you need to present a compelling case.