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Are Roxors Street Legal? Here’s The Answer For 50 States

If you are passionate about off-road riding, you know how appealing Roxors can be!

This four-wheeled UTV from Mahindra comes with a strong steel body, which, together with its design, delivers excellent rugged capabilities. Quite essentially, Mahindra has designed the Roxor as an off-road vehicle meant to tackle difficult terrains with ease. However, one might want to drive a Roxor on public roads at some point of time.

In case you are wondering if you can take your Roxor on a drive through public roads, the simplest answer is no. Driving a Roxor on public roads is illegal in most states in the USA. However, there are some exceptions that could allow you to get your Roxor street-legal.

Are Roxors street legal?

As per the Federal laws, you cannot drive Roxor or other off-road vehicles on public roads. This is because such off-road vehicles do not meet the safety and emission standards necessary in order to be street legal. The state laws regarding Roxors vary, mandating the registration requirements, speed limits, age requirements, etc.

There are certain exceptions or variations in the laws across different states, which might allow you to get around the restriction. You would have to check out the laws individually and see if you can get your Roxor street legal.

Roxor fails to meet several of the standards that a vehicle requires in order to qualify itself as street legal. The safety standards are a big hurdle for Roxor, as it lacks certain basic safety features like rearview mirrors, turn signals, horns, etc. In addition to the safety issues, another major drawback that has held back the Roxor from becoming street legal is its high emissions. Regulations on off-road vehicles aim to minimize their environmental impact by limiting their use.

Does any states have specific rules regarding Roxors?

While some states implement the federal law as it is and ban UTVs from public roads entirely, most have their own regulations. The only rule common among all the states is that driving it while under the influence is illegal. Hence, depending on which state you are in, the street legality of your Roxor would vary. Below are the regulations in all fifty states that determine where you can drive your Roxor:


If you are in Alabama, it might be bad news for you. Alabama’s regulations regarding UTVs are the strictest, barring them from public roads completely. In fact, you cannot even register a Roxor in this state.


Like in the case of Alabama, you can’t register your Roxor with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Alaska either as the laws here deem UTVs as unsafe for public use. Here, you may drive an off-road vehicle on public roads while crossing a bridge or a road. While crossing a road, your Roxor must be at a right angle with it. On a bridge, you must stick to the right-hand edge and make sure that the vehicle doesn’t interfere with other traffic. You can also drive it on public roads if dangerous weather conditions cause the highways to close down.


Your Roxor can potentially be street legal in Arizona. Unlike the two states mentioned previously, you can register your UTV in Arizona, which you should. Upon registration, you may also obtain a license plate, title, and decal. To make your Roxor street legal in Arizona, you would have to make certain modifications to it to meet the safety and equipment requirements. This implies that you would have to add a horn, headlights, rearview mirrors, brake lights, muffler, fuel tank cap, and rear reflectors.


It is mandatory to register off-road vehicles in Arkansas, although you don’t have to renew the registration. The vehicle does not need any special equipment or pass safety inspections. Here you may drive a Roxor on public roadways in case you have a serious walking handicap, while crossing a road, or when moving from a field to another during a hunt.


In California, Roxors are street legal as long as the driver wears a helmet and carries a driving license, and the vehicle meets certain safety and equipment requirements. You may also cross roads perpendicularly and use the Roxor on highway sections that are three miles or shorter in length.


You may drive a Roxor only on roads designated for off-highway vehicle use in Colorado. You would also have to get the vehicle registered.


You must register your Roxor in Connecticut and can use it on public roads only while crossing a road perpendicularly.


Delaware does not allow UTVs on public roads and highways, and the driver and the passengers must wear helmets. The laws here also require you to register the vehicle.


Florida is relatively lenient, allowing off-road vehicles on unpaved roads that have a speed limit lower than 35 mph. Owners need not get their Roxors registered here, a title is mandatory.


The local governing bodies in Georgia get to decide whether they would allow off-road vehicles. As the rules vary from one city to another, you need to check out your local regulations.


You may drive your Roxor in Hawaii if you are using it as farm equipment or on a two-lane road with a 35 mph or lower speed limit. If an area has a population lower than 500,000, you may also use the Roxor to move between properties zoned for agriculture. However, Hawaii allows driving UTVs on roadways only during daytime and requires you to wear a helmet.


You may drive your Roxor on all public roads except highways in Idaho. However, you would need a driving license, have to register the vehicle, and need to modify it to meet the safety and equipment requirements.


In Illinois, it is illegal to drive a UTV on any public road or highway, unless you are crossing one perpendicularly.


UTVs are not street legal in Indiana. However, you may cross roads or highways perpendicularly while driving your Roxor.


The regulations here vary from one county to another and you would have to check with your local authorities. However, you need to register your UTV regardless of the county you are in.


You would have to register your Roxor in Kansas. The state permits owners to use these vehicles to meet agricultural purposes, or passing through a highway. If you are crossing a highway with your Roxor for agricultural purposes, the posted speed limit shouldn’t be more than 65 mph.


This state usually does not allow UTVs on public roads. However, you may drive one to cross a highway perpendicularly or when using it for agricultural purposes. You would have to get the vehicle titled, but a registration isn’t necessary.


In addition to registration and title, your Roxor would also require insurance in Louisiana. Here you may drive your UTV on public roads while crossing areas with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. You can drive your Roxor on the shoulders of the road half an hour before sunset and half an hour after sunrise. If you are using the UTV for agricultural purposes, you may drive it on the shoulders of roads and highways up to a radius of five miles from your farm.


Maine doesn’t allow Roxors on public roads and highways, except during emergencies in poor weather conditions that only an off-road vehicle can withstand. You would have to register your Roxor and renew the registration every year.


You may drive around your Roxor in Maryland but would have to title it and register it annually. However, Maryland doesn’t allow UTVs on park trails except during construction or maintenance.


In Massachusetts, you may off-road with your Roxor as much as you want, but it is illegal to drive one on public roads. Also, owners need to get their Roxors registered.


In case you live in Michigan, you would be glad to know that you can drive your Roxor here on public roads and highways, as long as they meet the safety requirements. Registering off-road vehicles, however, is necessary.


You cannot drive a Roxor on public roads and highways in Minnesota, unless you obtain permission from the local government first. In case you do take the Roxor out on the road, you must stick to the shoulder.


Mississippi does not allow UTVs on the streets, even if you modify them to meet the safety and equipment requirements. Hence, here you may drive a Roxor only off-road and on private properties with the permission of the property owner.


You may drive your Roxor on a highway in Missouri, only during the day and for agricultural purposes.  However, the norms might vary among states, which requires you to verify it with your local government. Also, you cannot exceed 20 mph while driving a UTV in Missouri.


The regulations vary from city to city, but generally you can drive your Roxor on public roads and highways in Montana if it meets public safety requirements. To know the legality of your UTV, have a look at the norms established by the local government.


Nebraska allows UTVs on public roads only during the day, and only outside the city limits unless you are using them for agricultural purposes or have a special permit. While driving a Roxor on public roads in Nebraska, you cannot exceed the speed of 30 mph.


UTVs are not street legal in Nevada and must stay off-road. However, you could try your luck with the local authorities and try to obtain a special permit. They do make exceptions in some cases.

New Hampshire

You may drive a UTV only off-road in New Hampshire, without any exceptions. However, the state does have plenty of riding trails designated for UTVs and ATVs where you could drive your Roxor for recreational purposes.

New Jersey

No type of UTV is street legal in New Jersey. So, you won’t be able to drive your Roxors in this state.

New Mexico

In some parts of New Mexico, you may drive a Roxor on paved roads. You would have to check with the local ordinances to learn about the regulations in your area.

New York

Unless the local authorities designate any exceptions, in New York you can’t drive a Roxor on public roads or highways. However, you may cross them perpendicularly.

North Carolina

Here too, you may drive a Roxor on a public road or highway only while crossing one. One also needs to wear a helmet and eye protection.

North Dakota

Although North Dakota allows off-road vehicles near public roads, you can’t exactly drive on public roads and highways. For instance, you may operate your Roxor on the outer slope of a highway or the bottom of the ditch.


Although the local regulations in Ohio vary from one city to another, in most places you may drive a UTV on public roads or highways only while crossing them.


In Oklahoma, it is legal to drive a utility vehicle on public roads only when the roads lie in a state park or in an unincorporated area that has a speed limit of 25 mph or lower. However, may still cross highways or public roads while driving a UTV.


Oregon is a great off-roading destination due to its ample off-road trails, but UTVs are not street legal on public roads.


You may drive a Roxor on public roads or highways in Pennsylvania only with permission from the department of transportation or during emergencies.

Rhode Island

Like several other states, Rhode Island allows UTVs only when crossing a highway perpendicularly.

South Carolina

The rules and regulations regarding the street legality of UTVs in South Carolina are unclear. You might want to consult a lawyer or the transportation department.

South Dakota

South Dakota doesn’t allow UTVs on public roads and highways except when crossing perpendicularly. You may get around this restriction by registering your Roxor as a motorcycle if it does meet the relevant safety and equipment requirements.


In Tennessee, off-road vehicles that meet the safety and equipment requirements are street legal on some public roads. However, you cannot drive one on a highway.


If you are using the Roxor for agricultural purposes in Texas, you may drive it on public roads. Otherwise, you can only cross roads or highways.


The authorities in Utah are relatively flexible and would allow you to register your UTV and use it as a street-legal vehicle if it meets the safety requirements.


Besides a few exceptions, Vermont does not consider UTVs as street legal and wouldn’t allow driving one on a public road or highway.


In case you have a special situation and absolutely need permission to drive a UTV on public roads, you may appeal to the authorities here. In general, however, you can’t drive one on any public road or highway.


Your Roxor would be street legal on the non-highway public roads in Washington, but it must not exceed a speed limit of 25mph.

West Virginia

You may drive a utility vehicle only on single-lane or two-lane roads that do not have a centerline. You would also have to follow a speed limit of 25 mph.


In Wisconsin, the use of UTVs on public roads is extremely restricted unless you register the vehicle for agricultural purposes.


You can drive your Roxor on public roads in Wyoming, but you have to register it, title it, and make it street legal through modifications.


The information above should give you a comprehensive idea of the regulations regarding the use of utility vehicles on public roads in different states. However, it is always advisable to check with the local authorities to be sure, as it can help you avoid potential hassles.