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Are Land Cruisers Worth It? Are They Expensive? We Explained

Are Land Cruisers Worth It? Are They Expensive? We Explained

The Toyota Land Cruiser happens to be the ultimate off-road champ when you narrow down your options with luxury cars in mind. With Toyota deciding to discontinue this superb model in 2022, car enthusiasts would be wondering whether purchasing one of these luxury off-road cars would be worth it. Being one of the most powerful SUVs around, the model can accommodate several passengers. Currently, Land Cruisers are witnessing a skyrocketing demand, as the 2021 model has been the last official release of the vehicle.

Well, the sturdy vehicle is indeed coveted, and mesmerizes car enthusiasts with its amazing longevity. Surprisingly, used Land Cruisers come with a hefty price tag. This might stagger potential owners initially, and you would keep pondering why the prices are so high. So, let’s find out the reasons fueling the high demand for Land Cruisers.

Are Land Cruisers worth it?

Yes, Land Cruisers are definitely worth their price. At $85,565, the base model of the Toyota Land Cruiser is indeed expensive. However, these robust cars are virtually indestructible, which justifies their worth. Even used models are witnessing a spike in prices, particularly after the brand discontinued the model.

Toyota has come up with these powerful vehicles, probably visualizing tanks! These cars undergo minimal depreciation, and can readily handle any terrain you throw them on. Most importantly, they come under the luxury car category. Among all SUVs, the Toyota Land Cruiser happens to be one of the longest-lasting models. These cars can easily hit the 200,000-mile mark[1] and tend to outlast certain trucks as well.

 How reliable is a Land Cruiser?

The Toyota Land Cruiser easily outperforms other SUVs in terms of consistency and reliability. A survey in 2019 involving 15.8 million vehicles revealed how impressive this vehicle can be. On average, only 0.9% of all SUVs can last more than 200,000 miles. However, the Land Cruiser constitutes 15.7% of the vehicles to have reached this benchmark.

As per Consumer Reports, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 is extremely reliable. It enjoys a rating of 4/5. Other competing models like the Chevy Tahoe are yet to demonstrate such good performance.

This car performs far better than other models in the luxury category in terms of maintenance costs. As per RepairPal, the Toyota Land Cruiser involves an annual maintenance cost of around $843. This amount is much higher for the Mercedes-Benz GLS (1,293) and the Land Rover Range Rover ($1,258). Only the Infiniti QX80 ($718) and the Lexus LX ($832) involve lower maintenance expenses.

The brand manufactured this car to last for at least 25 years! This speaks tons about the high price and reliability of the Land Cruiser.

Are Land Cruisers going up in value?

Used Land Cruisers are witnessing a spike in their value. Currently, some of the brand-new crossovers come at the same price that you might have to shell out for a 15-year-old Land Cruiser. The high resale value largely stems from the reliability of these cars. The Land Cruiser is one of the robust vehicles that easily make their way to 200,000 miles. Even as these cars grow old, they won’t drain your pockets with high maintenance charges.

However, the Land Cruiser is not too expensive when you compare similar cars. The Range Rover comes at $92,000, while the QX80 has a price tag of $69,150. The Lexus LX is slightly more expensive than the Land Cruiser, at $86,830.

Considering the versatility and extend the lifeline of the vehicle, it’s natural for their value to rise after the manufacturer discontinued the model.

What is so great about Land Cruiser?

The luxury and comfort that the Land Cruiser bestows its drivers with make it a great vehicle. Compared to similar cars like Sequoia, Toyota has designed the Land Cruiser to do away with the clumsiness or clunky feeling. Most importantly, you can cruise through any terrain with your Land Cruiser.

The car is ideal for off-road ridings and road trips. The premium quality materials and technology that the manufacturer integrated this vehicle with make it worth purchasing. Most importantly, the average maintenance cost and long lifeline of the Toyota Land Cruiser make it a great buy.

Why Are Toyota Land Cruisers So Expensive?

Well, it’s time to justify the high price tag that Toyota Land Cruisers come with.

Massive power

If there’s something called ‘indestructible’ among cars, the title goes to Toyota Land Cruisers. Of course, the owners need to fork out a significant cost to enjoy this rugged lifeline. Along with 5.6 liters of displacement, this car has a V8 engine. This power is adequate to drive the car through any terrain.

The car also boasts 401 pound-feet of torque and 381 horsepower, which defines its unbeatable profile. You would find the responsive and hassle-free drive with the eight-speed transmission in the car.

Long lifeline

Toyota cars come with significantly long lifelines. The Land Cruiser can easily serve you for 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Some owners have reported these durable cars lasting even 400,000 miles. Considering that Toyota designed the car to last for 25 years, this high mileage is justifiable. The reliability and reputation naturally turned this car into a legend, where it can demand higher prices even for used vehicles.

The Land Cruiser is capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, thanks to its metal exterior. Even some of the used cars of this breed can deliver the same level of performance as the new ones.

Sophisticated materials and technology

Passengers and drivers can cherish a premium grade of luxury across all the trims of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Besides, the level of customization goes a long way in satisfying particular preferences. One can select the seats from tan or black colored leather. Besides, you would appreciate the leather finish of the steering wheel. The front seats and the steering wheel feature heating to tackle cold days. One would also love the ventilated front seats.

The 9-inch touch screen, along with a responsive navigation system, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and the JBL 14-speaker system constitutes the infotainment system. Along with these, the car has LED projector-beam headlights, fog lights, interior accent lights, and taillights.

Typical all-terrain vehicle

Toyota designed the Land Cruiser to tackle any terrain that the car finds itself in. The brand regularly tests the models on some of the most difficult terrains for cars across the world. So, if you are enthusiastic about off-road adventures, shelling out a few thousand more dollars makes sense.

Besides, the car has adequate space to accommodate all sorts of equipment and luggage. You can even load bikes on the roof of the car.

Luxury and comfort

Toyota has diplomatically balanced this equation, ensuring both comfort and luxury to the passengers. The vehicle can accommodate eight people in the three rows of seats. One can also fold the seats down when not in need to make room for other equipment. On folding down all the rear seats, the car generates 83 cubic feet of space.


Land Cruisers would generously fulfill your passion for off-road driving with its impressive performance and powerful features. However, a common misconception among car enthusiasts is that the Land Cruiser is solely a luxury SUV.

If off-roading isn’t your passion, these powerful cars aren’t for you. You have several lower-end options that could save you money while you drive the city roads. However, if the thirst for adventure keeps bugging you, purchasing a Toyota Land Cruiser would be definitely worth it.