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Are FVP Batteries Any Good In 2022? [ Reliability & Advantages ]

Are FVP Batteries Any Good In 2022? [ Reliability & Advantages ]

Being an automobile owner, it’s natural to be inquisitive about the reliability of car batteries. While scanning the top batteries, you would come across the FVP batteries. These batteries have been in the automobile market since 2005, and car owners love these reliable products.

The quality of FVP products is the same as some of the national brands when you evaluate their performance. FVP batteries are suitable for trucks, cars, and other specialty vehicles. Currently, the brand caters to several demands like garden and industrial components, watercraft, and RVs.

Now, you might be willing to know who produces these batteries, and what their pros and cons are. In this article, we have also discussed whether or not they are free from maintenance.

Are FVP batteries any good?

Yes, FVP batteries have proven to be reliable. Although FVP came into the automobile industry just in 2005, it has established a decent reputation for itself in a short time. Unparalleled service, excellent quality of batteries, and reasonable pricing make them ideal for automobile owners.

FVP batteries match the OE quality and come at a reasonable price. Besides, these batteries are of the same grade that other reputed brands offer. This explains why customers love FVP batteries. Apart from batteries, FVP supplies filters and radiators for trucks, cars, and other automobiles.

FVP has come up with a remarkable collection of batteries. Currently, they cater to a wide range of applications and vehicles like boats, RVs, garden equipment, automobiles, yard applications, and commercial applications.

The batteries optimize energy density and enjoy a better lifespan by preventing material shredding and plate degradation. The enhanced plate designs ensure that there would be no common failures in the operational mechanisms.

The automobile owners generously appreciate the long battery cycles. Most importantly, with FVP batteries, you would find a perfect sync between the performance and structural design.

Customers also love FVP because they offer dedicated after-sales support through customer care. They address the demands of their customers and thereby retain their existing clients. The customer support desk at FVP instantly responds to the demands, inquiries, and complaints and addresses the respective issues.


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Who Makes FVP Batteries?

Currently, two branded manufacturers make FVP batteries. Firstly, you have AtlasBX Co. Inc from South Korea. Although the company started operating in 1944 as AtlasBX, it changed its name to AtlasBX Co. Inc much later, in 2004.

Hankook Tire acquired the company in 1977 but it continued to operate as a separate entity. In May 2017, they launched an office in Nashville in the US. Currently, the brand sells its products across 130 countries. It is quickly emerging as a global battery market leader globally.

Exide, an MNC from India, also manufactures FVP batteries. This company has been in the production and storage business for a pretty long time.

It happens to be the fourth-largest manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in the world, and the largest in India. Exide has got its factories outside the country as well, in Sri Lanka.

The dealership network of Exide spans as many as 46 countries across the world. Besides, it runs four recycling facilities for lead-acid batteries. While two of these are in the US, the other two are in Portugal and Spain.

What kind of battery is a FVP?

As we mentioned earlier, FVP manufactures different types of batteries to address separate needs. So, you can expect golf cart batteries, automotive batteries, commercial batteries, kitchen batteries, and marine batteries from the firm.

Some of these batteries include:

  • Automotive Platinum AGM battery
  • Automotive Platinum battery
  • Automotive VoltEdge battery
  • Lawn & Garden VoltEdge battery
  • Heavy Duty VoltEdge battery
  • Power Sport AGM Platinum battery
  • SLA VoltEdge battery
  • Power Sport AGM VoltEdge battery
  • Marine and RV VoltEdge battery
  • Golf Cart VoltEdge battery

Are FVP batteries maintenance free?

The FVP Platinum battery comes with a warranty for three years from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can make the purchase with confidence.

Therefore, the brand assures that the initial three years would not require the automobile owner to shell out anything for craftsmanship or materials.

However, the warranty would be applicable only if you purchase and install the batteries in vans, automobiles, light trucks, and SUVs in the US.

This warrant would also cover different failures by the manufacturer in workmanship and materials when you regularly use the battery. Besides, the warranty does not have the provision for any other damage.


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Where Are FVP batteries Made?

Two different manufacturers in South Korea and India manufacture FVP batteries. However, the manufacturing plants are located across the world.

For instance, Exide, the Indian MNC which manufactures FVP batteries in India and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, the South Korean company, AtlasBX, has their manufacturing units in JeonJu and Daejeon in South Korea. Other locations where they manufacture these batteries include Dubai, Seoul, and Daejeon.

Pros of FVP batteries

  • The reliability and strength of FVP batteries are reliable
  • The FVP VoltEdge batteries in automobiles demonstrate an impressive strength
  • The batteries are highly resistant to corrosion that increases their lifeline
  • There wouldn’t be any degradation in the plates or material flaking
  • The high-volume plates extend the battery life cycle

What is the price range of FVP batteries?

Most of the FVP batteries come from the South Korean company, ATLASBX. Currently, the company has its headquarters in Nashville. Since 2017, they have been operating in different US goods.

However, Exide also contributes to the manufacturing process. Most of these batteries come from India. In the automotive battery industry, FVP continues to be a reputed name.

Considering the value of these batteries, automobile owners frequently vouch for them. Now, you must note that FVP batteries come in different categories. You can get these batteries between $50 and $200.

What features do FVP batteries offer?

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) provides the best starting, cycling, and deep cycling efficiency. Contemporary vehicles like light trucks and passenger cars use the AGM batteries of FVP. Besides, the brand manufactures garden and lawn batteries for rotor tractors and other recreational vehicles.

FVP batteries deliver optimal performance under extreme situations. On the other hand, the brand manufactures marine batteries that are capable of withstanding extreme pressure and vibration.

They can work well in challenging situations. Also, you have golf cart batteries from FVP, that are popular due to their longevity and impressive runtime. Among all the golf cart battery manufacturers, FVP happens to be one of the best.


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Over the last decade and a half, FVP batteries have gained extensive popularity. However, you need to be careful about the information regarding the manufacturers of these automobile batteries. Now that you know who manufactures these batteries and how reliable they are, you can confidently get them for your car or truck.

It’s quite challenging to find viable alternatives for these batteries. Considering the sheer variety of batteries that FVP provides, not many manufacturers are able to produce the same. Moreover, FVP strategically balances quality and affordability to ease up the purchase for automobile owners. Reliable and powerful, FVP batteries would continue to gain popularity among automobile enthusiasts.