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Are Continental Tires Good? [ Here’s The Answer With Pros And Cons ] 2022 Update

Are Continental Tires Good? [ Here’s The Answer With Pros And Cons ] 2022 Update

Headquartered in Hanover, Germany, Continental is one of the popular tire brands, arguably next to brands like Michelin and Goodyear.

With the brand manufacturing almost 12% of the tires manufactured annually from the past few years, it’s globally the 4th biggest tire manufacturing company.

These stats speak for the dominance of Continental in the global market. Still, are Continental tires good is a common question in the minds of new owners.

If you also seek an answer to this, today’s article will help you a lot. So, let’s discuss the brand in detail in the following sections.

Are continental tires good?

To comment on whether Continental tires are good or not, we’ll analyze a few parameters like their performance, grip on the roads, and price (the most important!).

Since tires constitute 25-30% of your vehicle’s overall maintenance cost, let’s begin with the cost of the Continental tires.

If there is a major con of the world’s 4th biggest tire manufacturers, it’s their expensive pricing.

A single Continental tire can cost you anything between $70-$420, considering many factors with the average cost of around $126 per tire.

If we compare any average tire of other brands with Continental, the above price is almost double!

However, their high cost is well in line with what goes into the precise manufacturing of every tire at Continental.

For example, their tires have incredible durability, traction control, best-in-class rubber, and much more.

Another thing is that each tire has to mandatorily undergo an extensive test to confirm its keeping with the requirements of the vehicles ranging from cars to trucks.

Continental tires face a harsh beating from its competitors like Goodyear and Michelin. Compared to both these brands, the tires from Continental lag in terms of road grip, ride quality, and quietness. The pricing of the tires from Goodyear & Michelin is also on a lower side than Continental.

However, Continental is way better in performance than Bridgestone.

All these performance comparisons came out when similar tires from opposite brands faced each other in a thorough test!

On this note, it’s fair to say that Continental tires are picking up the pace and filling the potholes they had earlier.

In 2022, they are a prime choice of the all-season drivers, are highly successful in wet and dry conditions, etc.

Does Continental make good tires?

Yes, they make good tires for plenty of vehicles ranging from cars to monster trucks. They are a leading tire manufacturer globally with a greater presence in Europe.

Be it their extraordinary durability that promises you at least 80,000-90,000 miles per tire or superior grip on all types of terrains; Continental tires are simply the best in business.

Further, if you’re an all-weather driver, you can trust the brand for all-weather tires like Continental TrueContact Tour, Continental Extremecontact DWS 06, etc. Another advantage associated with these tires is their mileage under all driving conditions.

Talking about their costs, they might appear a bit more expensive than their competitors. However, every penny spent on Continental tires is worth it.

Who makes the Continental Tire?

Being drivers’ first choice for their vehicles, it’s a common question in nearly everyone’s mind – who makes the Continental tires?

Continental AG or just Continental or Conti is the body behind the manufacturing of these long-lasting tires.

It’s a multinational automotive parts manufacturing company dealing in the A-Z of parts for many automobiles like cars, bikes, trucks, cycles, etc.

Interestingly, the brand started as a rubber manufacturing company in its early years, and it wasn’t until the 1900s it entered the tire business. At that time, it came across its reputed competitors with a notable customer base in all corners of the globe.

Thus, it had to adapt to the industry to survive among the best quickly. However, Continental got used to all the challenges it faced and became the first brand to launch grooved tires.

Since then, the brand hasn’t looked back and has cracked into the top 5 best tire manufacturing brands.

Why Are Continental Tires So Expensive?

It’s a fact that Continental tires are more expensive in comparison to their counterparts. But their cost is fully logical, taking into account the entire manufacturing process.

To begin with, Continental puts a huge sum of money into the research of tire materials as they settle for nothing less than the best quality rubber.

Their team constitutes experienced engineers who take responsibility for every tire’s proprietary tread patterns to ensure the highest degree of durability and performance under all conditions.

Lastly, every tire manufactured mandatorily undergoes extensive testing conditions like roads and weather conditions at Conti’s private centers, unlike some brands.

All these results in tires whose quality stays a notch higher than what you pay! Additionally, since these tires will surely last longer than inexpensive tires, you ultimately save more money than spending initially.

Pros of Continental tires

There are several pros of Continental tires. For example, one of the best aspects of Continental tires is the amount of time and resources the company put into coming up with tires that’ll last for, say, over 10-years.

Such a quality is evident from the fact that every tire exiting the manufacturing center undergoes rigorous levels of testing.

Another cool thing is their traction on all types of roads in all seasons. It is possible due to their engineered thread patterns and grooves of varying depth.

While the winter tires have deeper grooves, the grooves are less deep than the Conti tires designed for summers.

Lastly, Continental provides you with tires for all sorts of vehicles like cars, trucks, bicycles, tractors, and motorcycles.

Cons of Continental tires [ complaints ]

Continental tires’ two most common complaints are their steep price which everyone can’t afford, and their unavailability in some countries.

Complaints about performance are also common. However, the brand is working hard to overcome this issue as well.

Are Continental tires better than Goodyear?

If Continental is a German tire manufacturing company, Goodyear is a leading name from the United States.

Both are famous for manufacturing several other automotive parts apart from just tires and fares very well in all aspects.

Be it cost, performance, durability, or even ride quality; it’s difficult to comment on which one is better and which one isn’t.

However, based upon the results and ratings provided by various automobile experts and their customers, it came to the light that Goodyear is a better brand than Continental in aspects like:

  • Value for money,
  • Tire life,
  • Wet weather handling,
  • Dry weather handling,
  • Stoppage ability, etc.

Still, no ratings or reviews are better than your personal experience with the products. Hence, never portray Continental and Goodyear as good brands until and unless tested by you.


When it comes to the tires of any vehicle, you must wonder which one brand to consider.

With numerous tire manufacturing brands available in the market, some of which are Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Continental, your decision-making process has become a lot more time-consuming.

However, it’s fairly easy to differentiate between these brands through the review guides available for your reference.

This article is one such guide to help you decide upon Germany’s prime tire manufacturing brand, Continental. Compared to other brands, Continental fairs pretty well in almost all aspects; however, high pricing is a point of bother for many.