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Are Audi Good In Snow? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Are Audi Good In Snow? [ Here’s The Truth ]

The winter performance of your car happens to be a key parameter when you think of purchasing one. Particularly, if you reside somewhere with severe winter conditions, it makes sense to consider the vehicle’s handling. The celebrated luxury brand, Audi, comes with several models to pick from. However, you need to explore features beyond their steadfast performance and elegant interiors. How do Audi cars perform when they hit treacherous roads?

In general, the winter performance significantly varies among different Audi models. The manufacturers have strategically blended some unique features like traction technology, transmission, and gearing options in some models to deliver better winter performance. So, let’s find out how reliable your Audi can be on slippery roads during the colder months.

Are Audi good in snow?

Certain Audi models perform exceptionally well in snow, provided you have proper winter tires. Currently, you can avail all these models with the AWD and Quattro systems. This bolsters the wheels with an enhanced grip, assuring excellent traction on snowy terrains.

Impressive performance comes from a combination of proper winter tires and traction. The way your car transfers its weight during acceleration defines its traction. Since all Audi models are not equal, this traction significantly varies among different models. For instance, the Audi Q7 SUV would outperform the Audi R8 Spyder in terms of performance and traction even though the latter is a sporty car.

Do Audis come with a Snow Mode?

There’s no dedicated ‘Snow Mode’ in Audi cars. However, drivers enjoy the liberty to pick from five distinct driving modes, such as Auto, Efficiency, Comfort, Dynamic, and Individual.

In this context, owners should note that there’s no need for snow chains in case the car has AWD and winter tires. When you drive in snowy conditions, make sure to have any one of these. In case the model doesn’t feature AWD, each tire might need some chains under adverse weather conditions. However, don’t overlook the regulations before you use these chains.

Some of the dedicated features that make Audi an excellent car to cruise through snowy paths are as follows.

  • Audi E-Tron: Audi has integrated the E-Tron system into some of its models to enhance traction technology. Each of the axles of these cars comes with an electric motor and receives information to control the car.
  • Quattro All-Wheel-Drive: Although the Quattro all-wheel-drive system has been around in Audis for decades, recent models come with advanced systems. In particular models, the type of mechanism depends on whether the manufacturers have mounted the engine transversely, and if the rear axle has the power biased towards it.
  • Low Gearing: Traveling breezily through off-roads requires low gearing, which some models like the Audi Q7 have. This car has a low-range system for gearing, that the manufacturers have designed particularly for off-road adventures including ice and snow.
  • Control and traction switch: Audi has come up with a dedicated switch to manage the control and traction in the car. In case one of the wheels slips when you keep the system engaged, it would automatically function to slow down the tire speed and regain traction.

How do you drive an Audi in the snow?

Experts recommend adopting extreme caution while driving in snow with your Audi, even when you have the sophisticated Quattro AWD technology. Make sure not to go for sudden maneuvers or brake more frequently than what you should do on dry roads. Drive cautiously and don’t pick a speed to keep the car from sliding.

Let the accelerator off in case you find the dashboard’s traction control light flashing. However, try not to press the brakes. When any of your wheels start sliding, this light might appear on the dash. So, you simply need to slow down the car gently and recover the traction.

Is the Audi Quattro good in snow?

Audi has perfectly designed the Quattro system to ensure better handling of its vehicles in the snow. This system comes with a 40-60 torque split in the front and rear. Given that the rear part of your vehicle undergoes acceleration faster, this mechanism banks on the natural way in which the vehicle transfers mass while starting to the rear axle. A combination of such sophisticated technicalities boils down to produce outstanding traction. Along with branded winter tires, you can seamlessly drive your Audi in snow and ice. No wonder, why the Audi has proven to be a viable alternative to some of the luxury SUVs for winter driving with better mileage.

Audi Models That Are Best In The Snow

  • As per, the Audi A4 AllRoad Quattro happens to be the best-performing model in snow. Along with the AWD system, the raised height of the car bestows the car with the ability to negotiate adverse road conditions. Besides, drivers can use the off-road mode (selectable) to negotiate ice and snow. Even Compare featured this car in its `Top Five’ Category’, citing that the model has excellent traction levels. To deal with slippery terrains, you simply need to integrate quality winter tires.
  • The Audi A5 Cabriolet 2021 is yet another excellent piece of engineering from Audi. As per, this is an all-season convertible car, integrated with the powerful AWD system.
  • The Audi E-Tron, on the other hand, is one of the leading electric cars to handle snow. This car comes with a Quattro AWD system (electrified), along with each axle having an electric motor.

Audi Models That Are worst In The Snow

Thanks to the Quattro AWD system in Audi, you would find most of the models ideal for navigating through the snow. However, you need branded winter tires, or all-season tires to optimize the performance of the car. The Quattro technology works wonders to propel the car through snowy terrains. However, you need reliable tires to ensure smooth turnings and timely stoppings.

So, there’s no ‘bad’ Audi car as such that would deliver poor performance in snow. You simply need to prioritize the latest technology and choose the tires carefully while making the purchase.


Audis can deliver great performance in the snow with safe handling. You need to get the car properly equipped. Thanks to the advanced Quattro technology, you can deliver power where the car needs it the most automatically. Go for the AWD upgrade in case you reside somewhere with icy roads or frequent snowfall. This can make the actual difference that eases up handling the car on slippery surfaces. So, if you love luxury vehicles, Audi would be the perfect buy to negotiate wintery roads.