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Are Anti Rattle Clips Necessary? [Here’s The Answer]

Are Anti Rattle Clips Necessary? [Here’s The Answer]

Car owners habitually make different types of adjustments in the suspension system to add to their comfort. Some of these tweaks make the car more efficient.

Among all the settings, you need to adjust the ride height. However, making such an adjustment doesn’t come without any unwanted effects. You would not like the rattling noises that the car would make.

With anti-rattle clips, you can prevent the rattling noise. Anti-rattle clips come relatively cheap, and you can seamlessly install them in your car.

What are anti rattle clips?

Anti-rattle clips are car accessories that you need to install under the vehicle’s brake pads. The function of these clips is to minimize vibration and noise. Therefore, you won’t have noisy brake pads bothering you during your rides.

Branded manufacturers produce anti-rattle clips from different materials. These include resin, rubber, plastic, and other materials. Anti-rattle clips go a long way in mitigating vibration and noise in the brake system of your vehicle.

Are anti rattle clips necessary?

If you want a silent operation of the brake pads in your car, you would need anti rattle clips. These are small clips that keep the brake pads firmly secured to their respective places.

Therefore, with the clips attached, your brake pads wouldn’t be moving around. It won’t produce irritating noises when it rattles inside the caliper.

In case you are not using the anti-rattle clips in your brake pads, the system would produce noises when you drive at low speeds. Sometimes, this might even lead to damage to the brake pad.

In case you hear a rattling noise from the back end of the vehicle, you need to inspect the car for broken anti-rattle clips for brake pads. Sometimes, the brake pads become loose and produce such noise.

Anti-rattle clips are safe for cars as they are conductive. The plastic in these components is non-corrosive. So, it doesn’t mess up the performance of the brakes. However, if the clips are too long, you need to trim them so that they fit the system seamlessly.

Pros of Having Anti-Rattle Clips

Experts recommend using anti-rattle clips on all the brake pads in your car. With these clips installed, the wheels won’t get out of proper alignment.

In case the wheels get misaligned, they would come in friction with the fender of the car when the brake pad vibrates. When you have these anti rattle clips in place, you can rest assured that the wheels would be safe and secure even when you ride through dents or holes on the roads.

So, here are the perks of having anti-rattle clips in your car.

  • The braking system of your car would operate silently
  • Branded anti rattle clips ensure the proper functioning of the brake system
  • These components significantly mitigate vibration as they hold pressure against the pads
  • You can install branded anti rattle clips without modifying your existing system
  • The braking performance and safety of your car get a boost
  • It prevents the brake pad come in friction with the rotors, thereby mitigating the wearing of the pad

Can you drive without anti-rattle?

Although you can drive without anti-rattle clips on your brake pads, automobile experts recommend not to do so. The clips keep the braking system in proper functional conditions.

However, you might not be willing to use these accessories for some reason. In these cases, you can resort to a simple trick. The function of the clip is to fix the hub to the caliper.

However, it can have a reverse impact at times, resulting in the rattling of the car. So, you may consider using a zip tie as a hack. Attach this to the hub and the caliper using the clips in your car. Besides, some drivers also use zip ties to attach the hub to the wires of the battery.

What happens if you don’t use the clips on brake pads?

Now that you know what the anti-rattle clips do, it’s time to evaluate what can happen if you decide not to use these accessories on your brake pads.

Technically, you don’t need these accessories, so it’s not mandatory to have them in your car. However, without anti-rattle clips, you would experience excessive noise in the brake pads. Besides, as we explained, the brake pads would wear away too fast. This would require you to incur more replacement costs in the long run.

Can I reuse anti-rattle clips?

Yes, it is possible to reuse anti-rattle clips on your brake pads. However, when you use old clips on brake pads that are relatively new, they tend to wear away faster. This happens when you replace the brake pads, but don’t bother to get new anti-rattle clips for your car.

How can you install anti-rattle clips on the brake pads of your car?

The function of anti-rattle clips is to keep the brake pad from producing noise by rattling. Particularly, when you have slightly worn-out pads, they tend to produce noise.

  • Firstly, you need to make the bolts of the brake pads loose. Then bring these components out.
  • After you loosen the clips, place the pad on the caliper.
  • Now you need to get the clips aligned with the holes and push them into these holes.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten the clips.
  • For the other brake pads, repeat the same process.


From the discussion, automobile owners should conclude that anti-rattle clips are necessary for their cars, although they aren’t essential. Most importantly, when you use these components on your brake pads, make sure that they seamlessly fit into the system.

With the right installation, you can significantly minimize the vibration and noise of the brake system. This would give you much more comfortable and smoother rides, which you would indeed appreciate.