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Acura Vs Honda Reliability : [ See The Differences Here ]

Acura Vs Honda Reliability : [ See The Differences Here ]

Japanese manufacturer Honda ventured into the luxury sedan segment with Acura during the 1980s. Though from the same manufacturer, these two cars are easily compared and contrasted against each other.

Although the same company manufactures both vehicles, the two cars have different features. The Honda is more popular as a functional vehicle, whereas the Acura is a luxury Sedan.

Here we are going to unravel the qualities that set one Honda apart from its Luxury cousin Acura. Stylistically, Acura appeals to the wealthier population in the USA. Honda is a genuinely efficient family car.

On the other hand, Acura is a notch higher than Honda as it belongs to the luxury sedan category. A sedan will always fetch more value regarding the look, stylistically designed exterior, and seat comfort.

Though Acura is a luxury car, it is always contrasted against a non-luxurious Honda.

To make it clear to the car shopper, we will delve deeper into Acura vs. Honda’s differences to help you purchase the right vehicle for your personal or professional needs.

Is Acura more reliable than Honda?

When it comes to reliability, both cars are considered more or less reliable in terms of safety, mileage, and fuel efficiency.

But still, that does not end the conflict among car enthusiasts as to which car is much more reliable. To complete the competition, we have tried to look deeper into the reliability features of both vehicles closely.

Honda has always been perceived as a dependable mode of private transportation. Honda has a wide range of variety to choose from and has a larger cargo space than Acura.

Yet, due to the lack of power seats, it falls behind in terms of the comfort and luxury offered by Acura.

Since it has plenty of models to choose from, the consumers get a chance to choose according to their requirements.

It has got variants such as pickup trucks, hatchbacks, crossover, etc.

Honda manufactured many hybrid cars too for a specific group of clients, mainly in the USA. Acura does not differ too much from the wide range of vehicles manufactured by Honda.

Still, due to its sophisticated interiors and power seats among the rest of the features, it triumphs over Honda in comfort.

Yet if we compare the repair costs or the expenses over maintenance, Honda is undoubtedly a winner.

It costs a lot less to repair or maintain the Honda cars than repairing a luxury Sedan. Naturally, luxury cars have a higher maintenance cost.

Overall, Honda will always be considered much more reliable than the Luxurious Acura.

Acura Vs. Honda: A brief comparison between the two:

Acura and Honda share the same manufacturer. Acura is just a modified version of one of the most sought-after carmakers, Honda.

Though Honda itself manufactured it, the stark comparison always comes to the fore when purchasing the car of your preference.

Of course, a luxury Sedan always has a higher performance index. Yet, almost always, these two cars are in comparison with each other.

And it becomes necessary for the car shopper to know the exact details before making one’s mind splurging on a particular vehicle.

Parameters  Honda Acura
Interiors The material quality, passenger comfort, cargo space is way better.


Have power seats. The seats are covered with expensive leather.
exterior Less glamourous than a luxury car, it still sports elegance and glass. Wonderfully designed exterior, it looks really luxurious and elite class
performance Being an affordable car, its overall performance is really impressive. Needs a bit of improvement at the level of performance.
Reliability Hondas are truly reliable with their low maintenance cost and miles on odometers at this price segment. At par with Honda in terms of reliability.
Safety Rear parking sensors, a backup camera to guide the driver make Honda truly safe. The automatic high beam headlight assists and traffic jam assists, surround-view parking camera are the features that make Acura a notch higher in terms of safety concerns.
price Price starts at around $16,200. Considered cheaper with semi-premium features. Even the cheapest Acura starts at around $26,000. This car falls under the category of luxury sedans.


engine One of the most popular line up, Honda Accord uses a 1.5 L engine. Acura TLX, one of the most sought-after luxury sedans possesses a 2.4 L engine.
acceleration A slightly less powerful car with less Horse Power enabled V6 engine comes Takes more time to accelerate. The powerful engine accelerates in no time.
Mileage Delivers better mileage at an average of  18 to 20 mpg in the city landscape and up to 27 mpg on the highways. Pretty decent fuel economy from a low priced car  Being a high-priced car, it does not deliver a great mileage at around 19 to 27 mpg on average.  Not a fuel economy vehicle.
Cargo space Relatively more spacious compared to other vehicles under this price segment  The cargo space is small for its luxurious outlook.
Seat comfort  Less comfortable compared to a Sedan Leather-made seats truly define comfort and style together.
Steering and riding Promises soft and bump-absorbing ride with a good grip over steering Steering is light and provides really smooth ride. All-wheel drive cars are also available under this brand name.

Some prefer a car with luxurious features, whereas sure car fanatics prefer fuel-efficient cars with excellent mileage.

However, choices differ. With these above-mentioned distinguishing features, the car purchasing business is expected to be a little hassle-free.

It takes months to decide on the perfect vehicle for your individual needs. It’s complicated to get confused with all the features and characteristics that a car has to offer.

Still with a brief study on each of the parameters would be fruitful if your eyes are all set on perfection in every sphere of life.

Commuting in style and luxury has been a dream of many car enthusiasts. Yet your economy might not allow you to go according to your goals.

Still, the vehicles under the Honda brand name promised class and safety at an affordable cost with little investment.

For luxury car fanatics, Acura will take care of all their luxurious needs, starting from an excellent infotainment system to the sound system inside the car you constantly desired.

Acura Vs. Honda: Which bone is cheaper?

Honda has always been the brand for low-income groups. Its affordably made it instantly famous among those who dream of a relaxed mode of commuting without investing too much in a car that can be used for regular transportation.

Being affordable at a relatively low cost does not make it less popular.

You get a high-performing car with almost all the features but at a reasonable price. On the other hand, Acura is a luxury sedan that is too pricey for its features.

We may consider the example of Honda Fit and Acura RLX. Both the cars suffer from transmission noise, yet Acura comes at a much higher cost.

You must be aware of the retail price suggested by the manufacturer for a better bargain. This way, you have to strike a great deal while choosing to buy your preferred vehicle.

Considering a value for money car Honda will surely triumph over Acura as it saves the money spent on fuel. Acura, too, is not a big fuel consumer either.

Yet being a luxury car, it’s pretty normal to deliver low mileage. If fuel efficiency is what you are looking for, the Honda would always be a better choice.

Acura Vs. Honda: Which one is more durable?

Although Honda triumphs in almost all the other parameters, when it comes to durability, Acura takes the lead. But there is a point to remember in this case.

Acura will only last long if it is under thorough regular maintenance. Otherwise, both Honda and Acura are great on the odometer.

Since the manufacturer is the same, you may expect durability from both cars. According to the car users, Acura is just a more fantastic version of Honda.

The resell value of Acura is worthy compared to the resell value of other luxury cars. Even years after using the brakes, clutches and the interior still bore the same stamp of originality and freshness.

With most parts being interchangeable, Acura is excellent even if you don’t belong to the group that does not prefer to replace their vehicle frequently.

When Honda came into the automobile market, it made its mark with its reliable characteristics. Having posh and durability in the head, the Japanese car manufacturer rolled out its Luxury cousin under the brand name Acura.

It carries the same manufacturing brilliance like that of its parent company.

Just a bit of glamour, a way more sophistication in the interior, the stylistically developed exterior, and you get your similar Acura, a luxurious version of Honda.

Acura Vs. Honda: Which one is more expensive to maintain?

It costs a lot to maintain a luxury car. Since these cars come up with many delicate features that call for more attention, the maintenance cost automatically rises.

Honda is a perfectly affordable car for your much-desired family trips. A cheap naturally has a low maintenance cost. A Honda costs around $400 for annual maintenance.

In comparison, an Acura’s maintenance cost is above $500. Yes, of course, the maintenance costs vary depending upon the model you own.

Hence, from the above discussion, it is crystal clear that an Acura is relatively more expensive to maintain than the cars manufactured by Honda.

If you own a luxury car, you will not mind spending these extra bucks on its maintenance. If your pocket is not too heavy, you may always choose a car with low maintenance costs.

When it comes to vehicles at the low price segment, there is no match to the wide range of vehicles under the brand name of Honda.

Honda Pilot is a strong choice, and it is highly recommended for its near-premium features under this price segment. With the brand value of Honda, you are never going to be disappointed.

Does Acura use Honda engines?

Since both the cars are manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda, there are chances that these two vehicles will bear the same parts.

With a bit of modification, both cars carry almost the same engine. As most of the auto parts can be purchased from the Honda store, it is a general assumption that Acura uses Honda’s features and a modified version.

In some new Acura models, you need to visit the specified Acura Store to get a replacement. It’s normal for a car to use the same parts or engine from its parent manufacturer.


While most car enthusiasts around the globe feel that both car brands are the same, there lie specific significant differences between the two brands regards features.

Acura is more stylistically designed with a stunning look that turns the head if we consider the exterior. A luxury sedan fanatic will barely bother about the purchasing cost of the vehicle or the maintenance.

With 900,000 miles on the odometer, there is hardly anyone who will question the performance of this Luxury car.

In sharp contrast to Acura, Honda is a family vehicle that fits the family man who wants to afford luxury at a reasonable rate.

With its plethora of variants, Honda is sure to make you consider it as your ultimate mode of daily commuting.

If you go by the sales figures, you will understand the reason behind its popularity. But that must not be the only parameter you might consider before purchasing your dream car.

Lastly, both the cars stand tall in their segments, with Honda being slightly ahead of the competition because of its near-premium features and easy affordability.