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235 Vs 245 Tires : [ Can I Replace With Each Other?]

235 Vs 245 Tires : [ Can I Replace With Each Other?]

Coming to the choice of tires for your car or truck, you need to be very specific. These accessories prove to be essential components of your vehicle. Therefore, you need to make an intelligent call when it comes to choosing one. You may be using 235 tires for a long time. So, would it be wise to get 245 tires as a replacement?

You might also be wondering whether 245 tires are better than 235 tires. We have discussed the differences in this topic for your convenience.

 235 vs 245 tires: Differences

235 tires245 tires
Aspect Ratio: 60Aspect Ratio: 60
Revs/Mile: 740Revs/Mile: 730
Sidewall height: 4.63”Sidewall height: 4.8”
Circum: 85.6″Circum: 86.8″
Wheel: 18″ x 6.5-8.5″Wheel: 18″ x 7-8.5″
Overall Diameter: 27″Overall Diameter: 27.65″
Rim Width: 9.3″Rim Width: 9.6″
Section width: 9.25″Section width: 9.65″
Rim width range: 6.50-8.50”Rim width range: 7.00-8.50″
Rim Diameter: 18″Rim Diameter: 18″

Well, there’s no major difference between these two types of tires. You will find a difference of ⅜ inches between 235 and 245 tires. However, this little difference can give a better driving experience if you have 245 tires. As you can make out by the numbers, 245 tires are slightly larger than 235 tires.

However, replacing your 235 tires with 245 tires can give you several advantages. Rather than being larger than 235 tires, 245 tires are much more comprehensive in terms of features.

This is how the two tires differ from one another.

  • The rim diameters in both these tires are equal.
  • The rim width and rim width range in 245 tires are slightly greater than in 235 tires.
  • Likewise, 245 tires come with a larger section width.
  • The overall diameter in 245 tires is a little more than 235 tires.
  • The wheel dimensions and circumference are both higher in 245 tires.
  • However, both these tires have the same aspect ratio of 60.
  • The revolutions per mile is just 10 times lower in 245 tires than 235 tires. While the former needs 730 revolutions, the latter needs 740 revolutions.
  • The side wall in 245 tires is slightly higher than 235 tires.


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Can I replace 235 tires with 245?

Yes, it would be an intelligible move to integrate your vehicle with 245 tires instead of 235. In terms of width, 245 tires measure 9.6 inches, while 235 tires measure 9.3 inches. 245 tires are taller by 0.65 inches. While 245 tires are 27.65 inches tall, 235 tires measure 27 inches in height.

Evidently, 245 tires are larger in dimension than 235 tires. So, you can seamlessly modify or replace these tires. It would be wise to get across to a certified mechanic or reach out to a tire shop. You can easily replace one type of tire with another.

Pros of having 245 tires over 235

In terms of dimensions, 245 tires are slightly larger than 235 tires. This demonstrates why 245 tires perform better than 235 tires. You would enjoy a better performance when you replace the tires.

Better handling of the road

As a driver, you would like your car to handle the road conditions better. Since 245 tires are slightly larger, you would find a noticeable difference in the road handling of the vehicle.

The wheel diameter increases in 245 tires, which enhances the ability to corner the car and boosts its stability. You would realize this particularly when you drive your car faster.

Personalizing your vehicle

When you replace your 245 tires with 235 tires, you can infuse a more appealing look to your car. Besides, it would help you spice up the style of your vehicle. This explains why car owners opt for 245 tires instead of the 235 ones.

Better grip on road surface

Compared to 235 tires, the 245 counterparts can help the car get better grip on the road surfaces. So, when you replace your 235 tires with 245 ones, you would have more control over the vehicle.

Safe braking

Regardless of the model you own, you would want to ensure safe braking for your car. Changing the 235 wheels and integrating your vehicle with 245 wheels ensure that you can brake safely.

Better control of your car

Many car owners replace 235 tires with 245 tires to benefit from better control over their vehicles. Once you replace the tires, you would be able to balance the vehicle in the right way. Besides, the driver and passengers would be more secure in the car while it travels.

To sum up, we have compiled all the benefits of getting 245 tires in place of 235 tires.

  • With wider wheels, the drive quality improves
  • The rides are smoother
  • The braking power of your car gets a boost
  • There’s no vibration during driving
  • The steering becomes more responsive
  • Ideal for adheres weather conditions
  • The car looks visually appealing with larger wheels
  • You get more balance and control over the car
  • Your vehicle gets better road-handling capabilities

What should you consider before replacing 235 tires with 245 tires?

Before you consider replacing 235 tires with 245 tires, you need to take certain precautions.

  • Make sure that the diameter of the support tires is equal
  • Inspect the tread depth of the tires
  • Make sure that the rim width and diameter of the new tire are perfect
  • Have a look at the rolling distance of the tires
  • Inspect the tires for possible cases of recalls

What do the numbers of the side walls of vehicles indicate?

Among different parts in automobiles, the tires happen to be one of the most misunderstood accessories. This explains why many drivers fail to understand the accurate pressure for their tires.

Even when the tires wear out, they won’t get to know about it. Besides, drivers tend to misunderstand tire formats and the schedule at which they need to get the tires rotated. Evidently, you need to understand a lot of things about tires.

With the change in the size of tires, you would notice these numbers changing. Each number group stands for a particular dimension. For instance, 245 tires imply that the width of the tire from one sidewall to another is 245 millimeters.

Again, the 235 grouping refers to the sidewall height from the wheel tread. This is relative to the tire’s width. The manufacturer of the tires shows this measurement in the form of a percentage.

On examining the tire’s sidewall, you would come across some details. These include the size of the tire and the name of the brand. Although the tire might have some formats, car owners can find them easily.

When should you alter your tire size?

As a car enthusiast, you might decide to alter the size of the car tires under certain conditions. For instance, you might want your car to have larger ribs. In these situations, you need to get a different tire size.

This would cater to your requirement for larger rims. Besides, you might want to alter the car’s tire if you are unable to find the recommended size that the manufacturers specified.

You might even want to swap the tire sizes to be on the affordable end. Regardless of your intention behind changing the size of your car’s tires, make sure to follow the checklist that we have already provided.


Well, now you know how 235 tires differ from 245 tires. They provide a superior driving experience to car owners. However, both these tires have several elements in common between them. This enables car owners to interchange these tires from time to time.

In case you want to replace your 235 tires with 245 tires, you would need the assistance of a trained mechanic. The professionals will help you seamlessly replace the tire with an accurate calculation.

This ensures that the new set of tires would perfectly fit your car. This is why automobile owners reach out to experienced mechanics when they decide to interchange the tires.